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The Seshej Per-Remet (Scribal Office of the Foreigners)

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Foriegn_scribe001.pngThe Seshej Per-Remet

This is the official portal for communication with the government of Per-Aten.

Head of State: Neswet Bedjtew Ankenaten XXVII, Pharaoh of Per-Aten
Head of the Seshej Per-Remet: Hem-Sesh Per-Remet Meritites 
Official Diplomats:

Atenic Embassies:
Foreign Embassies:
All nations are welcomed to begin productive discussions with the Atenic government; Alharu should be free of Europan interference; Evangelization of the Atenic Faith


"All lands must be spoken with to create a Glubal Ma'at" - Hem-Sesh Per-Remet Meritites

Edited by Neswetej Per Aten (see edit history)
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