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[Map Application] - Neswetej Per-Aten

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Nation on Eurth: Per-Aten
National Flag: national_flag_4_by_studentofthrawn_dftbt
Capital Name: Akhetaten

Capital Location: Just north of the fork in the southern portion of the river
Starter Stats: Pop = 1 | GDP = 2 | Land = 1 | Total = 4
Culture: Ketek, Soluk, Indense
Climate & Geography: A Strong northbound river, Southbound prevailing winds. Delta on the river.

History: A group of Ketek religious pilgrims left their homeland to find a prophesized 'House of Aten' or 'Per-Aten'. In the 1st century CE Ketek pilgrims founded a settlement near the delta of the H'pi river which these pilgrims named Akhetaten or 'The Horizon of Aten', in their language. This area is occupied by the Indense at the time. they are integrated into Atenic society quickly and form the majority of the nautical caste. In the early 16th century a portion of the Soluk Empire conquered the lower kingdom, and by the end of the century the Soluk had integrated and Per-Aten was once again free. in the 1750s @Iverica invaded and conquered northern Per-Aten only being pushed out in 1815. More modern history is still WIP.
Vision Statment: 

Front Desk:

Desired Location:  Large river system to the east of Verde on Northern Alharu

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Seeing how this map application has been in the works for several months now, and we've spoken extensively on your location prior to graduation, I feel as though it would be disingenuous to go through the whole "oh here's 3 locations to choose from".


Ill use this for your location once @Ivericagives the final thumbs up.

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