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Austamerian Chamber of Commerce - Business Registry

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The Austamerian Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that aims to promote businesses and industries in the Kingdom of Austameria wurldwide. The organization serves as a platform for businesses to connect, network, and collaborate with each other. The chamber provides a range of services and support to its members, including business development programs, market research, networking events, and promotion of business to glubal partners.


Austamerian Business Registry:


PopCo - Pide of Austameria. Food, snack, and beverage corporation. Well known for its sweet pine leaf tea, pine honey, pine brandy and pine nuts. Using only the finest Austamerian pines!

Aurigen Pharmaceuticalo - Manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceuticals, also known for dietary supplements and natural health products using the Austamerian pine bark extract. Pine sap is also used for many products.

Cucino Austameci - Food manufacturing company, well known by Austamerian housewives for its Pine bark flour and goat cheese.

Bistoni Austameci - A well known Austamerian cuisine restaurant chain.

Sociato minera pu Mountastocio (SMM) - Mountastocio Mining Company is one of the oldest and prominent mining company created and based in the Mountainous city of Mountastocio. Specializes in the mining of iron and coal that is found in Austamerian mountains of Mountastocio. SMM also specializes in selling mining equipment.

Falco - Retail chain, selling household goods such as mattresses, furniture, and interior décor. Many of the wooden furniture's sold by Falco is made out of the finest Austamerian pine and crafted by skilled artisans.

Buask - State owned timber trade and exporters.

Fondero Pestonte Austameci (FPA) - Heavy Foundry Austameria is a engineering and electrical equipment corporation. FPA's products also include: automotive components, forklift trucks, aerospace (both civilian and military), power systems and air conditioners. Heavy Foundry Austameria is also one of the biggest defense contractor for the Royal Austamerian Military.

AustaBank - Largest commercial banking corporation in Austameria.

Austameci Regito pu Ellectricia - Austamerian Royal Electricity Board is a state owned company providing electric power throughout the whole Austameria, recently pushing towards renewable energy sources.

Tiara Digitate  - Tiara Digital is one of the largest software development company of Austameria, works in partnership with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of Education and the Heavy Foundry Austameria.


More businesses to be uploaded.

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Austamerian Chamber of Commerce - Catalogue



Fondero Pestonte Austameci:


Poggio E15 - Electric Forklift designed and manufactured in Austameria:



Nominal load at COG 2 t

Standard tires - SE 2x/2

Total width - 1120 mm

Construction height - 2040 mm

Centre of gravity - 500 mm

Drive system  - D

Voltage - 48 V

Traction motor - 2x4.5 kW

Hoist motor - 11.5 kW

Weight - 3.29 t

Battery weight - 1.025 t

Turning radius - 1.985 m

Lifting height - 4.5 m

Travel speed with / without load - 17 km/h

Hoisting with / without load - 0.4/0.55 m/s

Lowering with load - 0.55 m/s

(OOC: Specifications based on IRL Jungheinrich EFG 320)


Paserain 330 - Commuter Airliner


General characteristics

Crew: three (two pilots + flight attendant)

Capacity: 30 to 33 passengers, Max payload 3,266 kg (7,200 lb)

Length: 21.11 m (69 ft 3 in)

Wingspan: 20.98 m (68 ft 10 in)

Height: 7.24 m (23 ft 9 in)

Wing area: 40.0 m2 (431 sq ft)

Empty weight: 9,420 kg (20,768 lb)

Max takeoff weight: 15,660 kg (34,524 lb)

Powerplant: 2 × FPA Tubrofan engines , 26.9 kN (6,000 lbf) thrust each



Maximum speed: 750 km/h (470 mph, 400 kn)

Range: 2,740 km (1,700 mi, 1,480 nmi) with optional long range fuel tank

Service ceiling: 11,000 m (35,000 ft)


(OOC: Specifications based on wikipedia. Jet based on Fairchild Dornier 328JET)


More companies and products to be listed in due time.

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