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[Academy of RP] The Rebellion of the Doomed

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Hookah "Merry fly agaric", 18:12, congress of the opposition coalition "Free Kuran"

Abkhtal-Radan quickly began to lose all the signs of the once great capital and began to turn into an ordinary province. The smell of smoked fish, sweet potatoes and date paste became a companion of the local base. Behind the base there was a small budget hookah bar, where every small representative of the middle class could feel like a nobleman. The remnants of the city opposition gathered there, about 20 people. Communist Akhtu Rishat, never a nomad, his speech... He has curly hair and a cocoa-colored face. A slightly rough timbre and an exotic dialect against his religious background. He took a deep breath of hookah smoke and started talking:

- The Farmers' Association will hold a strike on March 28, the day of remembrance of the victims of the Civil War.

the gloomy Democrat sat at a distance, his gray head spoke of his great experience. Once, in the days of "democracy", in the days of "bipolarity", he was a deputy of the State Council, oh, how long ago it was. He intercepted the speech

- Strike in a police state... Are you crazy?

- and how else did you want to make a revolution? this can only be done on the bayonets of the proletariat.
The young Democrat said:

- We have a rare chance to calmly show that we are here. It is necessary to warn all our people on the Internet through fake accounts about the time and place of the rally.

- Wait, our role in politics is modest, it remains only to write letters, what kind of revolution?

- People's Liberation. It's time to overthrow the Sultan and his puppet master. The proletariat of the whole city will rise only after they hear about the peasants' strike.

Here the young Democrat took a hookah pipe, looked at the audience with a sharp look and began his speech:

- Every day we look more and more like emigrants in our country. We talk a lot and very beautifully about the prospects of the revolution and the restoration of the republican system, but we will not lift a finger to go in this direction. Aren't you ashamed to be in the country to be able to benefit, instead of smoking hookahs and talking about the future under Republicans? Who wants to create a republic?
everyone answered "yes" incredulously, and soon the speech continued

- Who is ready to do something for this republic?
suddenly the excuses of the group began, one part shouted that nothing could be done, the second that "letters are also a struggle," the Democrat interrupted

- The letters in no way bring the collapse of the sultan closer, but on the contrary, strengthen his power. The Sultan and his puppeteer want us to limit ourselves to letters that officials like to wipe themselves with. NOT A SULTAN, NOT A SPIRITUAL MENTOR, BUT A REPUBLIC
An inconspicuous young man, who is a member of the young guard of the Kuran Republican Party, rose from the corner of the table and put his hands on his shoulder to calm him down. a colleague, and whispered.

- So, friend, you're already drunk, sit down. After all, they can pass the ban
The gray-haired man looked philosophically at the counter, then said in a whisper:
- Did the guy get his way? now the gendarmerie will arrive and turn over everything here in search of alcohol and put us in jail for 30 days... Okay, let's go

The headquarters of the regional committee of the Committee for the salvation of the religion of the Sultan and the country, 21:29, an urgent meeting of the asset

everyone in the conference room was sitting in neat white shirts and dark blue jackets and ties, and the double-headed eagle of Kuranis was visible on his shoulder. Ten people were sitting at a semicircular table and one in the center, wearing shoulder straps on the collar with 3 large stars. And at the entrance there was the same modest oppositionist who sat in the corner at a recent rally, then at the end of the rally stood up for the young Democrat. The room was filled with silence and a look at him, and only the senior officer in the center of the table interrupted her:
- I have studied your report, much remains unclear. Knowing the psychological portraits of each participant of this meeting, which of them will go to such audacity?
- The old Arikh, despite his connections in the circles of the systemic party, will not expose himself, he is a little cautious to the point of cowardice. Fomar and Leron are nationalists, these two will obviously be followed by a Republican and a communist, but they are not serious people. A much more serious force is the patriotic poet and writer Abzul Rakhmanov, who may well call people to a rally.
- This is not good, he is a public person. Continue to monitor the organization of the rally and strike, help, but report on all actions...
As soon as the oppositionist left the hall with a cheerful smile, the senior officer calmly said just a few words
- It's time to conduct a cleaning protocol

Tulip Square, near the Governor's Palace, 13:20, opposition rally

20 minutes after the scheduled time of the rally, about 250 people gathered on the square. At this point, as if they knew about the plans in advance, the protesters were surrounded by police in heavy protective gear. However, as the organizer noted, they had no combat weapons with them. The officer had a loudspeaker on his chest. Despite this, the presence of such a large number of policemen caused alarm, recalling the shootings of rallies a decade ago, no one wanted a repeat of the event, especially the opposition, which still cannot recover from reputational damage and the physical liquidation of all party assets of organizations. The situation was clearly tense. Suddenly, the officer snatched out a loudspeaker and began his speech: "Dear subjects of the Sultan, tourists and other persons not specified by me. We ask you to observe order and not to use things in your speeches that offend or discredit the Sultan, his retinue or the spiritual foundations of the nation. Otherwise, we will be forced to apply preventive measures in the form of a 3-month spiritual and physical re-education." a stone was thrown at the officer's head, but the stone did not reach.The police immediately attacked one in the pack, beat him with batons, stamped on him, and then threw his barely breathing body like a sack of potatoes into a police armored car. Soon everything was fine again. Everyone began to climb up the stairs in front of the entrance to make a speech. It was started by a young Democrat, one of the initiators of today's struggle.   
- Citizens... No, I didn't misspoke, we are all, first of all, citizens. We have all gathered today to honor the memory of those who died in an unjust, fratricidal civil war. We have come to remind the enemy with a minute of silence that nothing is forgotten, so let's just be silent... Gentlemen gendarmes, join the general chorus of silence. - For a minute, the square was enveloped in complete silence, which could be heard two blocks from the square near the market where the Finns were trading. Suddenly, the silence was interrupted by the same young Democrat - But we must not forget in the name of what these sacrifices were made. Not so that evil stupid oligarchs divide the country like a pie, not so that farmers who now come here directly on agricultural machinery, producing products, starve to death. And in order to build a fairer society. So let's help the Vizier's office do this? from Saturday and Sunday we will come here regularly until there are hundreds of thousands of us who will make us treat us with respect.
The communist also made a speech about the rise of the class struggle in the Kuran and that the armed proletariat is about to arrive and save the people of the Kuran. Soon the crowd began chanting slogans "No poverty, yes enlightenment", "Wealth to the people", "Sultan, pay attention to us", "Oligarchs in the ghetto". However, none of the workers showed up until late in the evening, and the crowd, without waiting, began to go home. It was the defeat of the opposition. As it turned out later, a column of tractors was detained by the military and sent back, and people were placed in a special detention center before the trial.

Governor's Palace, 13:20, Governor's Office

The entire palace building was teeming with heavily armed commandos with grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and heavy machine guns — in case the protesters decided to storm. In the governor's office sat himself, a solid man in a jacket and shirt with gray temples, a man-governor, who was rushing from one part of the room to another in a panic, constantly looking out the window, the radio operator of the committee and the officer himself. There was a lull in this place, and only the governor clearly did not fit into the overall picture:
- You see, they are already at the gate, where the gendarmerie is looking, why don't you disperse this gathering of traitors to the sultan and the Kuranis in general? Or are you with them? Is the last civil war not enough for you?
The officer calmly looked at the monitor of his laptop, said to himself:
- Do you doubt the Sultan's chosen retinue?
The governor turned even paler and fell to the floor, clutching his temples with his hand:
- Nn-no, I don't know what came over me, I'm sorry
- That's right, don't interrupt, it's easier to remove you than me, the sultan chose us, not the people. 
- But they can go on the assault
- Count how many people gathered there?
- Several thousand
- Fear has big eyes, there are no more than 200 of them, no one will drive them to slaughter, knowing that everything is fortified here even better than at any military base. Contact our agent in their ranks, find out his opinion on how long the protesters will last, whether they will block the road forever... - he said, turning sharply to the radio operator, to which he only nodded silently.
After a while the radio operator answered:
- Well, according to him, after the communist's speech, people slowly began to disperse, so they have enough enthusiasm for a couple of hours and only opposition supporters will remain on the square. They may be detained on the spot
- Don't you dare... While the case is pending before the Sultan's salvation and Religion committee, the security committee can't even sneeze without my command, okay?
- that's right... so what to do with the leaders going to the rallies?
- Let them go home...
- But how can they...
- Who are you by rank, radio operator?
- Junior Commander
- Senior Sergeant, listen, you don't dare reproach me when I'm talking to you, do you understand?
"That's right, but I'm just a junior commander.
"So, Sergeant, is there something else you don't understand?"
- Sorry, got it.

Headquarters of the regional committee for the salvation of the religion of the Sultan and the country, 1:24, director's office

The senior officer walked around the office with a manic smile, receiving reports by phone
: The Director of the Abhu group decided not to disturb, weapons were found during the search.
- Well done, you figured out very quickly what happened to Abzal Rakhmanov?
- He also cleaned himself, tomorrow his sister will come to him and see that he died of a heart attack in his own bed. At the moment, the group "Flor-3" is leading the main instigator, he is trying to leave the city. What do you want me to do?
-It's time to arrange a fatal accident, it's time to put a fat cross on radicalism

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