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Austamerian sanction against Florentia - 2010

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11th of June 2010



The Royal Austamerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces the enforcement of trade sanctions against the Confederate States of Florentia due to their inhumane and barbaric practices of slavery. The decision to impose sanctions was taken by His Majesty King Sorgo.


The trade sanctions will remain in place until slavery is abolished in Florentia. The ban on export of Austamerian Timber, Coal, Iron, and Food to Florentia will be strictly prohibited, and companies who break the sanctions will be heavily fined. Moreover, we have banned the import of any Florentian goods.

The Government of Austameria has followed up with their demands, which were presented by the Permanent Representative for the Kingdom of Austameria, Vatto Pettrocituni, at the Assembled Nations. We have emphasized the importance of abolishing slavery practices in Florentia and the need for the glubal community to act against this abhorrent practice.


We call upon all other nations around the wurld to join us in our efforts to combat slavery. We believe that slavery has no place in the modern wurld, and it is time for all nations to take a stand against this cruel and inhumane practice.

We hope that Florentia will take immediate steps to abolish slavery and create a society that values the freedom and dignity of all human beings. Until then, Austameria will continue to impose these trade sanctions against Florentia.



Count Marko Pecoticic

Minister of Foreign Affairs


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