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[Academy RP] Operation Red Sun

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10:21PM, March 22nd 2023 - Outskirts of City of Sylattio, Kingdom of Austameria.

"Hands in the air Adrim! It's over!" shouted Special Agent Visco Muscatici and exclaims "You have nowhere to run Adrim. Your days are over!".


2:34PM, March 20th 2023 - Kingdom of Austameria, Soltranto, Security and Intelligence Service Agency (SISA) Headquarters.

"I remember many stories my grandfather used to tell me of the days when our nation plunged into chaos. Nation stripped of its identity, the economy ruined and the people treated like cattle... The glorious days of the People's Republic of Austameria, huh... Many perpetrators of the civil war are still on the run, hiding within our own backyards or ran away to nations so that they will never have to face the reality. To face the consequences of their actions against their own people. Murder, rape and torture inflicted by them scarred many Austamerians to this day. I always believed it would be impossible to arrest those bastards for what they've done... After all, most committed suicide or ran away." Visco thinks to himself as he sits by his desk, smoking on his cigarette as he goes through classified documents on the runaway Communist Generals, Colonels and many other officials who were behind the sickening actions of brutality against their own people during the civil war.

To some, it feels like many years have passed since the civil war ended, but to some those days never stopped. The numbers of deaths, tortures or rapes committed by the previous Communist regime is still largely unknown as most data was erased during the heights of the civil war. No more than ten minutes passed, the loud room where Visco was situated in would go silent. It was almost eerie how one text message could change the whole atmosphere in split second.

*wrrrt... wrrrtt* - The mobile phone vibrated on one of the Agents desk as they were cracking jokes with their colleagues. Slowly picking up the phone nonchalantly, it's almost as he knew it would be one of the obvious spam messages "Buy 1 Pizza Get 1 Free!". What appeared on Agents phone was more than just that... It was an offer SISA could never refuse. It was a picture. A picture that would heal wounds of many Austamerians. It was Adrim Sylanche posing with few of known low ranking Communist loyalists. One of many PRA's Colonels wanted for crimes against Austamerians during the civil war.

"What the fu-..!" exclaimed the shocked Agent, jumping off his chair in shock as he reads the message from the "Informant A". "You wanted something big... You got it... Now you pay me back what was promised. My daughter and a free passage out of the country." was the text written by the Informant A below the picture of Adrim.

The colleagues around the agent who just received the tipoff started to look confused, unsure what the man just saw. "A-..Adrim?! I thought.. I thought he committed suicide..", the Agent spoke out confused. The Agent's mind raced as he looked at the photo. This was a big break in the case, and he knew they had to act fast.

"We f*cking got him?!" shouted the Agent. "It's Adrim! How the f*ck is he alive?!" He exclaimed as other agents started to rush towards the agent, confused but yet rushed with adrenaline. Other agent responded "I thought he ran away north?!" Which has shown how little information did SISA have on Sylanche. All they knew and had was one simple picture of the perpetrator which they confirmed its hundred percent the same person.


Upon hearing the news, Special Agent Visco jumped off his chair, throwing his cigarette into the nearly full ashtray on his desk. He rushed towards the agent who received the tipoff. "Show it to me!" he said, grabbing the phone off the agents hand.

Visco didn't quite know what to feel at the moment his eyes made contact with a picture of Adrim, but one thing was certain. They could not waste no minute staring at the boogieman. They needed him right now, no matter the cost.


"Alright, listen up ladies!" shouted out the team leader as he slammed the desk with a heavy folder. "We need to confirm the location of Adrim Sylanche and make sure this isn't some kind of trap," he said.

"I'll get on it right away," replied Visco. He began scouring through surveillance footage and using his contacts to gather more information on the possible whereabouts of Adrim Sylanche.

After a few hours of investigation, they were able to confirm the location of Adrim Sylanche on the outskirts of the city of Sylattio. They also discovered that he was using a false identity, which made it difficult to track him down.


The team leader of the investigation team that Visco is apart of quickly called for a meeting with the head of SISA, Director Michallo Utociri, and other key intelligence officers to discuss the new development. As they gathered in the conference room, Visco presented the photo and message from Informant A.

"This is it, Director. This is our chance to bring one of the most wanted war criminals to justice," Visco said, his voice filled with determination.

Director Utociri nodded in agreement, "We need to act fast before he disappears again. Gather all the necessary intel and prepare for a raid. We cannot let him slip through our fingers."

*Loud clapping* - "You heard the Director! You have ten minutes to prepare all the gear! Operation Red Sun is in effect! Meet you in the loading bay! Move out!" shouted out the team leader... It was finally the time. The time many people have been waiting for. It was time to bag the criminal and close one of many dark secrets of the Austamerian civil war.


03:30AM March 22nd 2023 - Outskirts of City of Sylattio, Kingdom of Austameria.

Finally, on the night of March 23nd at 03:30AM, the team made their move. They had located Adrim's hideout on the outskirts of the city of Sylattio and had surrounded the area. Special Agent Visco Muscatici, along with his team, approached the hideout cautiously, weapons at the ready.


It was a clear night with a cool breeze, the perfect conditions for a tactical operation. Special Agent Visco and his team had arrived near the target house in the outskirts of the City of Sylattio. They had received intel that Adrim Sylanche, one of the most wanted civil war criminals, was hiding there with a few communist loyalists.

The team moved in slowly and quietly, their hearts pounding in their chests. They had trained for this moment for months, but the reality of the situation was still nerve-wracking. They knew that Adrim was a dangerous man who had committed heinous crimes against his own people, and they had to be careful.

As they approached the house, they spotted a patrol walking around the perimeter. The team quickly took cover behind some bushes and observed their movements. After a few minutes, they saw an opportunity and moved in, taking down the patrol with silent precision.

Once they had eliminated the threat, the team approached the house. They knew that the loyalists inside would be on high alert, so they planned to breach and clear the house with flash bangs.

"Three, two, one, breach!" shouted the team leader, and Visco kicked open the door, his weapon at the ready.

The team moved in quickly, shouting commands and taking down the bewildered loyalists. They searched the house, clearing each room methodically until they found Adrim hiding in a closet.

Adrim would not give up easily as he attempted to run away, jumping through one of the windows ,but the team was ready for him. They chased him into the woods, where he tripped and fell, landing on his face.


"Hands in the air Adrim! It's over!" shouted Visco, as he aimed his gun at the fugitive.


It was a huge win for the agency and for the people of Austameria who had suffered so much during the civil war. The team could finally bring one of the perpetrators of the war crimes to justice.

Visco couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction as he watched Adrim Sylanche being led away in handcuffs. It was a reminder that justice may be slow, but it will eventually catch up to those who commit atrocities.


(Based on one of my newspaper articles for Kingdom of Austameria)

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