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NPC request: Ómaksa and Madalakoti

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Map and Flag of Ómaska (Red dot: Capital)
The Republic of Ómaksa-

Colonization began in 1798. Òmaska (called Omska under Garindina) served as a vital naval base and trade port under the Garindinan Empire. With many traders moving operations to Omska, the Port Town grew into one of the largest Cities in the Empire. Attacked by Gotneska in the Garindina-Gotneksan War, the Gotneskans used the captured Garindinan colony to attack Garindina. Omska was annexed by Gotneska following the Treaty of Parsa. Omska would later go through a change of name giving its name it has today, Ómaska. Ómaska was offered independence on June 22, 1938, following mad protests against the Gotneskan rule. After independence, the people of Ómaska established a Parliamentary Republic and declared neutrality. Today, Òmaska makes most of its money from banking and trade.

Capital: Òmaska City

33% Götni
32% Garindinan 
19% X
16% Máellái

Official Languages-

Population - 0 (1,420,112)
Economy - 4 (113,300 GDP per capita)
Size- 0 (2,590 km² [around this])

I plan of using this NPC for trade, future rp’s and writing the history of Garindina.

@Gotneska because Ómaska participate in your history and approval needs to be stated here




Flag and Map of Madalakoti (black circle: capitol)

The Republic of Madalakoti


Colonization began in the mid-1700s with a war caused by the local empire (1750-1757 approx.)

It serves as a trading hub with other Alharun nations in the area. Its use in the Gotneska-Garindinan War (October 1867–July 1868) would be mostly as a naval base. It serves as a trading hub with other Alharun nations in the area. Calls for independence don't happen until the destabilization of the Garindinan Empire starts (1866) and the people rebel in a three-year war that ultimately leads to a nation's allying with Gotneska three months later (1872-1875). Kalevi served three terms and ten years. The Second President was Martin Korhonen, who was elected in 1890 and started expansion onto the Alharun Mainland. It wasn't complete until the end of his term and the election of the third president. Väinö Heikkinen was now president. 


The year was now 1895, and Parliament was introduced by Välinö so no one man would hold all the power of government. Välino ended up serving four terms and dying in the middle of his fourth on the seventh of January, 1908. His Vice President, Aadam Aasmäe, was made President the next day. Vällino's presidency started a debate on whether or not there should be limits on the number of terms one can have. It was ultimately decided that presidents can only serve up to three terms. 

Today, Madalakoti has great relations with Garindina with a predominantly manufacturing based economy. Madalakoti is a minor player on the wurld stage.




57% Koti (Finnish)

20% X

15% X

7% Roqoo

3% Garindinan 


Official language(s)-




Population - 1 (13,014,102)

Size- 1

Economy - 2 (15,500 GDP per capita)

I plan on using this NPC for future RP’s, trade and writing the history of Garindina. I will also use this NPC to branch the history of Garindina to other continents of Eurth as to not have Garindina only being in one region of the wurld (historically).

@Roqoo because your near Madalakoti and and approval for this needs to be stated here

@Xio, the Cartographer of the Wurld Map of Eurth

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I'm happy to approve Ómaska as an NPC under your ownership, however I will have to decline Madalakoti due to its location, as I would much prefer for a new member or a pre-existing member to expand onto that island rather than give it to an NPC. I would just like to ask about Ómaska if its meant to be a city state or just a very small country? Also @Gotneska's consent will be needed for Ómaska.

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