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The Reformation

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A meeting had been called in the Federal Assembly, the room was filling up with politicians and reporters. Finally, all had settled down as the time neared.

"May I present to you, her Royal highness of the United Federation, Queen Nadia V."

The room filled with clapping as the queen entered the room. The Queen reached the podium. With a simple hand raise, she gestured to sit.

"My fellow citizens of Garindina,

Today, I stand before you as your Queen, with a heavy heart but a strong conviction. It is time for us to address a grave injustice that has been perpetuated in our land for far too long. I speak of the evil of slavery.

Even though slavery is a dying practice in Garindina, despite this, slavery is still practiced in the mines of our great United Federation. Slavery is commonly frowned upon, yet in the most isolated parts of our great nation, it is still practiced. But today, I say enough is enough.

We cannot claim to be a just and civilized society while we continue to hold our fellow humans in bondage. We cannot claim to be a compassionate people while we turn a blind eye to the suffering of those who are enslaved. Furthermore, we cannot claim to be a just nation while we deny others their fundamental human rights.

Therefore, I am announcing today that slavery is now outlawed in the Garindinan United Federation, effective immediately—

The room explodes with clapping and calls of approval. As the room quite down, she continues.

From this day forward, no person shall be held in bondage against their will, no matter their race, gender, or social status. All existing slaves shall be immediately freed.

We must remember that every person, regardless of their background or circumstances, is entitled to the same basic rights under the Garindinan Constitution. So, let us embrace this change with open hearts and minds. Let us show the wurld that we are a nation that values justice, compassion, and freedom above all else.

This is the being of a new age for Garindina. As rebuilding has finally ended, I am proud to say that reforms are on their way to fix our grand United Federation.

Thank you"

The was filled with the sound of clapping, Prime Minister Gregory Brezhnev returned to his podium and further addressed the nation.

"Garindina is on a new path starting today. We in the central government promise to bring reforms to the nation and better Garindina for the future.

That is all."

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As the crowd gathered around and the news reporters finished setting up. Queen Nadia V then walked out into the stage and the crowds sang “happy birthday”. After the singing had stopped, Queen Nadia V began to speak.

“My fellow Garindinians,

Today, on my 24th birthday, I stand before you to speak not only as your queen, but as a citizen of this great nation. Garindina has been my home for my entire life, and I love this country deeply. But as we all know, Garindina has faced many challenges in recent years. Our economy has struggled, our healthcare system has been inadequate, and our political system has been plagued by corruption.

However, there is one issue that has weighed heavily on my heart since the beginning of the Anglian conflict, and it is one that I have decided to address head-on. That issue is our relationship with Dolchland.

We have always had good relations with Dolchland, and we have often participated in trade with the Dolch. But, as we all know, yesterday, in the early morning, launched an unjust invasion of @Aurivizh with the Skibbenese. When the Dolch invaded, the @DPR Velaheria   we sat idly by and said nothing. But today, we say no more, hence, I’d like to announce, that the United Federation of Garindina has formally cut all ties with the Empire of Dolchland. No longer will we trade with the Dolch Empire. No longer will they gain the resources to wage wars against others.

 Let us celebrate the birth of a new Garindina. Just five days ago, I announced the formal prohibition of slavery. This is a step on a new path for Garindina. For far too long has corruption plagued our great nation. For far too long have the education system been broken. Garindina has entered a new age, an age of reform and prosperity.

I thank you for your time and your support. As your Queen, I will make heed on my promise to better our great nation.

That is all”

The crowd erupted into the sound of clapping and cheering. Garindina is now on a path toward progress forward.

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The reformation has begun, the first meeting is about to begin. As the room filled with silence, Queen Nadia V began to speak.

“Today, on this cold morning, we meet to discuss reforms in education. Minister Molotov.”


“Thank you, your majesty. 

Dear fellow Garindinans,

It is with great pleasure that I address you today to discuss an issue that is of utmost importance to all of us: the reform of our education system. Our current system has long been in need of change, and I believe that it is time for us to take action and make significant changes.

One of the key changes that we need to implement is the introduction of foreign language courses as a necessary part of our curriculum. In today's glubalized wurld, being able to speak a foreign language is an essential skill that opens doors to countless opportunities. It allows us to communicate with people from different cultures, enhances our job prospects, and broadens our horizons. With the languages to be taught being, Anglish, Doro,  Götaish, Koudish, and Laimiaic. We will not force our students to learn all of these, but they must pick two of these languages to learn.

Furthermore, we need to focus on better training for our teachers. Teachers are the backbone of any education system, and they play a critical role in shaping the future of our children. We need to invest in their professional development to ensure that they are equipped with the latest teaching methodologies and technologies. This will not only improve the quality of education, but also attract more talented individuals to the teaching profession.

Thirdly, the reform we need to implement is to eliminate nationalized testing. Such tests often lead to a "teaching to the test" mentality, which does not promote critical thinking or creativity. Instead, we need to focus on more authentic assessments that reflect the real-wurld skills our students will need in their future careers.

Lastly, we must ensure that our schools receive adequate funding. Education is an investment in our future, and we need to prioritize it in our budget. This includes investing in modern facilities, up-to-date technology, and quality learning materials.

In conclusion, education is the key to success, and we need to do everything in our power to provide our children with the best possible education. 

The reforms I have outlined today, including the requirement for foreign language classes, better training for teachers, no more nationalized testing, and better funding, will help us achieve this goal. Let us work together to make these reforms a reality and ensure that the future of Garindina is bright and prosperous. Thank you.”

Despite everyone being tired, many gave a standing ovation. This went on for a few minutes before Queen Nadia V began to speak again. 

“Minister Molotov, these reforms you have offered will require much work to be put into place. But despite this, I have decided to put these reforms forward and better the failing education system.

In other news, I have decided to introduce a new government agency. This new agency will help fight against corruption, the Агентство по борьбе с коррупцией и взяточничеством (Anti-Corruption and Bribery Agency) will act as a police force against corruption within the country. 

That is all.”

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As Garindina has gone through many reforms so far, there is still much to do. Corruption runs deep in the government and the economy. Everyone is watching and waiting for the Anti-Corruption speech. But today is not that day, today, the government meets in the Federal Assembly to discuss political reforms. The speaker of the Assembly, Anatolii Zaytsev, was the first to speak. 

“Today, we listen to her majesty’s speech about the upcoming polo reforms. People of Garindina, Your royal highness and her majesty, Queen Nadia V.

Many began to clap for the Queen, whilst others remained seated, most with stern faces. The nation was experiencing a major political divide over the problem of corruption.

“Citizens of Garindina,

Today, I stand before you to talk about important political reforms that we have decided to implement in our country. These reforms have been carefully considered and discussed at length by the Government and are aimed at promoting fairness and prosperity for all our citizens.

First and foremost, I am pleased to announce that we will be allowing elections for Oblast Duma positions. This means that citizens will now have the opportunity to vote for their representatives in the local government. This will provide more transparency and accountability in our political system and give citizens a greater say in how their local communities are governed.

Secondly, we will be allowing Oblasts to have subdivisions in the form of regions. The maximum number of regions will be limited to twenty. This allows for more effective governance at the local level and ensure that the needs of each region are met in a more targeted and efficient manner.

Thirdly, I have decided to limit the amount of land that foreigners can own in our country to 10,000 acres. This will help to protect our national resources and ensure that our land remains in the hands of our own citizens. It is important that we prioritize the needs of our own people, and this is one step towards achieving that goal.

Finally, we will be introducing restrictions and regulations on political funding. This is a necessary step to ensure that our political system is not dominated by corrupt individuals or special interests. By limiting the influence of money in our political system, we can ensure that decisions are made for the benefit of all citizens and not just a privileged few.

These reforms are a testament to our commitment to ensuring that Garindina remains a prosperous and fair nation. We believe that they will lead to greater participation, accountability, and transparency in our political system and ensure that the needs of all our citizens are met. I urge all citizens to embrace these changes and to work together to build a better future for our beloved country. We must move away from the corrupt times of the past. We will prevail in this war against corruption.

Thank you, that is all.”

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7:37 PM, 01/04/2023

As Queen Nadia was sitting near the fire place with a glass of wine, the leader of the National Royalist Party (NRP), Anastasia Kiselyov, arrived at the Queen’s palace. A palace servant entered the room.

“Your majesty, Anastasia Kiselyov has arrived.”

“Has she now? Let her in.”

As the servant left, Nadia thought to her self on why Anastasia was here. A couple of moments passed before there was a knock at the door.

“You may enter.”

Anastasia entered the room

“Your majesty.”

“Ah, Anastasia, my friend. How do I owe the pleasure of this surprise visit?”

“Well, Nadia, we’ve been friends for years now. I’d like to know why? Why are you letting these elections take place?”

“Ugh, not you to.”

“No, no, not to give the wrong impression, but I support this decision. It’s just that others in the party and the government are asking questions.”

“Well, if you must know. I hold most of the power in government, and I can’t do everything at once. So these elections and the introduction of these districts are, so I can focus on more important things than appointing every single member of the Dumas of all twelve Oblast and the six Administrative Districts.”

“Well, that makes sense. How and when are you going to explain this to these protesters, and not to mention the members of the central government?”

“I’ll figure that out in due time. Now, would you like a glass of wine? Or perhaps some liquor?”

“Sure, thank you, Nadia.”

Nadia gestured toward the servant and ask him to pour Anastasia a glass of wine.

“Thank you.”

“You're welcome, milady.”

They went on to discuss other matters, such as Nadia’s relationship with Ketriaz Von Sternburg. Anastasia left about an hour later. Leaving the Queen in a state of worry about what was to come.

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The Queen was away in Ómaksa, the Speaker of the Assembly, Anatolii Zaytsev, was now in charge in the Queen’s absence. The past few days have been rough. Riots and protests are everywhere throughout the nation.

He sighs. 

“Well, honey, I now have new-found respect for the Queen. How does she deal with this?”

“I don’t know, dear. But I have some great news.”

“What is it, Angelina?”

Angelia says with a smile on her face

“Our son is graduating from Law School.”

“Peter is graduating! Oh, I knew our boy would become a lawyer. When’s his graduation?”

“Next month.”

At that moment, his phone rang.

“Oh good lord. Can’t I get a moment of peace?”

He picked up the phone and asked

“Yes? Who’s this?”

“Mr Speaker, we need you down at the Federal Assembly.”

“I’ll be right over, Mila.”

“Who was that, dear?”

“My secretary, I’m needed again at the Federal Assembly. I don’t know when I’ll be back.”

When he arrived at the Federal Assembly, his secretary, Mila Mikhailova, came up to him.

“Sir, you are needed in the conference room.”

“Good, at least it’s not the Assembly room. How are you, Mila? How’s the kid?”

“I’m good, Agata will be four next month.”

“Will she now?”

He walked off toward the conference room where the head of the Anti-Corruption division, Stepan Sokolov, and the Minister of National Security, Josif Nikitin, were already in the room. 

(Anatolii) “This everyone? Or will there be more?”

(Josif) “Yes, the three of us are all. We know why they riot and protest, they fear economic collapse and that the old government will return.” 

(Anatolii) “Well, who would what that? The old government was horrible. Josif, is there anything we could do to stop the riots?”

(Josif) “Well, other than not going through with the elections, not much. But, if the Anti-Corruption reforms aren’t so strict…”

(Anatolii) “What do you mean?”

(Stephan) “Well, he meant this, you're close to the Queen. Yes?”

(Anatolii) “Yeah… what are you two implying?”

(Stephan) “If you were to, I don’t know, convince Queen Nadia not to be so strict.”

(Anatolii) “No. You, most of all, should know how corrosive corruption is. Your father’s company went bankrupt because of his deals.”

(Josif) “Well, what would come if our politicians were to go bankrupt? I’m sure you wouldn’t like that.”

(Anatolii) “Yeah, but that wouldn’t happen. We have pol- “

(Stephan) “We know there are policies in place. But what if they fail? That would be bad for us all. Anyway, how’s the family? Wouldn’t want anything to happen to her. Right?”

(Anatolii) “I am not one who takes too kindly to threats.”

(Stephan) “But you will do it, or there might be a little accident at your son’s graduation.”

(Anatolii sighs) “OK, I’ll try, but it’s not going to work.”

(Josif) “Oh, it will. Also, you tell anyone. Tsk tsk tsk, there will be consequences.”

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The room was quite, and the mood was grim. It is the day before the elections, the long-feared day. Today is the day Queen Naida will give her speech about combating corruption.

Anatolii Zaytsev stood and announced the Queen’s arrival. As Queen Naida reached her podium, all was silent.

"My beloved citizens of Garindina,

As your Queen, it is my solemn duty to ensure that our country remains prosperous, just, and fair for all. Today, I stand before you to address a growing threat that is eroding the very foundations of our society: corruption.

We have all seen the damage that corruption can cause: it undermines the trust between the people and their government, it stifles economic growth, and it perpetuates inequality. The riots are the result of this corruption. Today will begin our fight against this injustice. Some have lost their livelihoods because of the riots and corruption. Some have even lost those they loved. This is why I have decided to take bold action to root out corruption from our society once and for all.

Firstly, I am officially criminalizing all forms of bribery. This means that any person found guilty of offering or accepting bribes will face severe punishment under the law. We cannot allow bribery to continue to be a normal part of doing business in Garindina. It is time for us to put an end to this practice once and for all.

Secondly, I am announcing the dissolution of the Anti-Corruption and Bribery Agency. We all know about the arrest of Stepan Sokolov, who was arrested on corruption and other criminal charges. An investigation is currently under way with significant evidence that Stepan Sokolov was in league with Josif Nikitin

Thirdly, I am introducing the Anti-Corruption Act. This act will set out clear guidelines for how public officials must conduct themselves, and it will provide law enforcement agencies with the necessary tools to investigate and prosecute corrupt individuals. This act will send a clear message that corruption will not be tolerated in Garindina.

Fourthly, I am introducing the Anti-Corruption Police. This specialized unit will be dedicated to investigating and prosecuting corruption cases and will have the full support of my government. The anti-corruption police will work tirelessly to ensure that corrupt individuals are brought to justice.

Fifthly, I am introducing economic transparency. This means that my government will be completely transparent about its economic policies, budgeting, and spending. This allows citizens to hold their government accountable and ensure that their tax dollars are being spent in a responsible and effective way.

Finally, I am lowering tax rates from 67% to 34%. This will provide relief to hard-working citizens who have been burdened by high taxes for far too long. Lowering tax rates will also help to promote economic growth, which will benefit everyone in Garindina.

My fellow citizens, corruption is a cancer that eats away at the very fabric of our society. It is time for us to take a stand against it. I ask each one of you to join me in this fight. Let us work together to build a brighter, more prosperous, and more just future for all of Garindina.

Thank you."

For the first time in an hour and a half, the room erupted into sound. Cheers and sounds of dissatisfaction echoed throughout the room. The war on corruption had begun.

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7:00 p.m, 15/04/2023

Televised speech by Chief of the Anti-Corruption Police, Savin Romanov

As the people of Garindina are watching the 7 o’clock news, the face of the new Chief of the Anti-Corruption Police appears.

(Child) Hey!

(Father) Shush.

”My fellow citizens,

Today marks a new beginning for our beloved country. After years of rampant corruption and political malfeasance, we are taking a bold step forward in our fight against corruption. Her Royal Highness and Queen of the United Federation appointed me as the chief of the new anti-corruption police force. Tasked with investigating and bringing corrupt politicians to justice.

For too long, we have witnessed the erosion of our government institutions as corrupt officials lined their own pockets at the expense of the people they were supposed to serve. This has caused untold suffering and damage to our economy, society, and our reputation on the international stage.

But today, we say enough is enough. The anti-corruption police force has already begun its work, and we have already seen the results. Three high-ranking officials have already been arrested, and many more are under investigation. The message is clear: if you engage in corrupt activities, you will be caught and punished.

Some may argue that this is a witch hunt, that we are going after politicians simply because they are in opposition to the ruling party. But let me make it clear: this is not about politics, it is about justice. Corruption knows no political affiliation, and we are committed to rooting it out wherever it may be found.

I understand that some of you may be skeptical. After all, we have heard promises of anti-corruption measures before, only to be disappointed by their lack of results. But I assure you that this time is different. Her majesty has made it clear that she will not tolerate corruption in any form, and she has given the anti-corruption police force the resources and the mandate to carry out its work effectively.

Of course, the fight against corruption will not be easy. There will be obstacles, and there will be those who seek to undermine our efforts. But we must remain steadfast and united in our determination to make Garindina a corruption-free country. The future of our nation depends on it.

In closing, let me say that the beginning of this purge of corrupt politicians is not a cause for celebration, but it is a cause for hope. Hope that we can build a better future for ourselves and our children. Hope that we can restore faith in our federal institutions. And hope that we prove to the wurld that Garindina is a country that stands for integrity, justice, and the rule of law.

Thank you.”

The TV flickers back to the News channel and the reporter apologized for the sudden change of schedule. Everything resumed back to the norm. But in the homes of certain politicians and CEO’s, they begin to pack their bags. Most hope to flee the country tonight before they are found out. Others, hear the distant sound of sirens.

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It’s been a couple of days since the CEO was arrested for corruption. The new company president has actually started fixing the company. Works hours were no longer unbearable, and the pay was now fair. Natasha Vasilieva, a mother of two, worked at the GarinTech HQ in Parsa. Today was her first day off in two weeks. She was going to spend the day with her family. But, the streets were no longer safe. Josif Nikitin’s goons would often use stolen guns and attack the AKSP. So she decided to stay home.

(Child 1) “Ivan, what the hell!”

The infant laughs

(Natasha) “Ok, we're doing this at… nine in the morning.”

She got up and clothed, went to the kitchen to see what happened. Galina was feeding Ivan, and he got his food everywhere. 

(Galina) “Ivan got baby food all over me.”

(Natasha) “Well, he’s only one. Why you cursing in-front of your brother?”

(Galina) “Sorry.”

(Natasha) “Don’t worry, I won’t tell your father.”

Her husband is the police chief in Parsa. Natasha is regularly worried about her husband due to the recent violence. The news was on, it was talking about a recent incident involving the AKSP and Josif's goons.

“… nobody was injured, but the police are saying this might be the last of Josif Nikitin’s followers. Stepan Sokolov has given up multiple members of his gang.”

(Natasha) “I remember when it was safe enough to stroll down the streets. At least some good things have come out of this.”

(Galina) “True. We have more representation in the government now.”

(Natasha) “Yeah, I wounded what will come next.”

The family went on with their morning. Having breakfast and then later played a few games on the game console.



Today was her first day back to work. She entered the office building and toke the elevator to the 11th floor where she worked. 

(coworker) “Hey Natasha, there is a meeting today after lunch. Don’t know what it’s about, though.” 

(Natasha) “Thanks for letting me know, Artem.”

The meeting was about the recent investigation on the company. The company is now being forced to change like many other companies and businesses to accommodate the new anti-corruption laws. These new laws also were accommodated with new labor laws. The nation is on a path of change. Either for the better, or worse. That has yet to be determined.

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The Monarchal Summer Palace at Ivanov, Ahrana

6th May 2023


The Tsarina of Garindina, Nadia V, had arrived in Ahrana for the EurthVision Song Contest that was happening over the next week which was the perfect time for the Queen and the Chanceller of Ahrana to talk to the Tsarina. The topic, the recent arrests of Josif Nikitin, Diniara Popov, and Boris Makarov who are wanted criminals in Garindina for corruption.

While they were attempting to cross the border into Ahrana illegally, the three were found to be in possession of several forged Government Documents like Passports, as well as possession of huge amounts of money that may be State Funds, and in possession of Drugs and Weapons. Under Ahranaian Law these offenses are Criminal and can result in a sentence of twelve years in a Federal Prision Unit within Ahrana. However, the Garindinan Government has been petitioning the Union Government to hand over the criminals to face trial in Garindina for their crimes against the people there. The issue, Crimes were broken on the border where the Jurisdiction of Ahranaian Law takes precedence and must be upheld.

The Ahranaian Queen, Aleksandra, while a levelheaded person and very understanding has not been in a favorable mood over the requests of the Garindinan Government concerning these criminals. The Queen believes that Ahranaian Laws that were broken should be respected by all and those responsible for breaking the law must face the consequences of their actions. She does, however, agree that the laws in Garindina are also important and were violated by these people which is why she agreed to meet with the Tsarina.

Chancellor Bjorkman had already arrived at the Monarchal Summer Palace where the Queen was located for the next few months and where the meeting would be taking place. It is the favorite palace of the queen; she always feels more at home here. This is also the palace of her birth which is why she always feels at home here.

The Federal Protection Service had stated that the Tsarina should be arriving in less than ten minutes to the Palace. The Imperial Lifeguards had already lined the Entrance to the Palace Grounds and Gate for their arrival to the palace. The soldiers were inspected earlier this morning by the Queen and were asked to treat the Tsarina as any other Royal Visitor and give her a salute as is Ahranaian Custom for a Royal. The Captain of the Guard could see the Convoy of Cars coming down the main road about to turn onto the entrance road to the palace, he ordered the Guards to full attention. It was a fine and beautiful morning. The blue sky was shown with not a cloud in site. The birds chirping in the background, with a slight breeze blowing in.

Soon the car pulled in through the main gate and the guards rendered a salute as the car progressed down the pavement to the courtyard roundabout. The car stopped and one of the butlers stepped forward and opened the car door to let the Tsarina step out and make her way inside the Palace. The Queen and Chancellor were waiting for the Tsarina in the main room which is called the Ivanov drawing room. It was decorated with paintings from the old kings and queens of past years and many fine furniture that was actually comfortable to sit in. Footsteps could be heard coming down the main hall to the drawing room and there was a light knock to which the Queen responded, "Please enter."

In came the Tsarina to which Queen Aleksandra greeted her.

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The two shook each other's hands and exchanged short pleasantries, after which Queen Aleksandra motioned for the Tsarina to take a seat in the armchair directly across from her. They all took a seat, and some refreshments were brought over to the small table and sat there. Aleksandra poured some tea for herself and motioned for the Tsarina to pick whatever she wanted. As the Tsarina picked her refreshment Aleksandra started the conversation first:

I do know we are both hoping to find some way to navigate this current situation with the three fugitives in Ahranaian Custody, and I will state this first and foremost. Ahrana is a sovereign nation with laws which are and were created to have a society that would function on laws and morality in many ways. I know the Garindinan Government wishes for these three fugitives to be sent back as soon as possible, but first and foremost Ahrana has jurisdiction here that takes priority currently.

Aleksandra stopped for a moment to take a sip of tea and to think of her next sentence.

As it stands, like I just stated, laws were broken on the Ahranaian side of the Border, and those laws must be upheld. If we simply ignored those violations and allowed these criminals to return to Garindina without a trial here in Ahrana for the laws broken, I might as well be saying to my people to break whatever laws you want,

As it also currently stands, I have no power or authority over the Judicial section of Government and neither does the Chancellor. We have to allow the Judiciary to play out what it has planned. But I am curious to know why you and your government think I should ignore Ahranaian law and allow Garindinan Law to take precedence even here in the Union.

Aleksandra took more sips of tea and looked to the Tsarina to see what her response was going to be.

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“As you know, Josif Nikitin, Diniara Popov, and Boris Makarov are fugitives in Garindina. We wish to put them on trial in Garindina, where they will be tried and imprisoned. Many people have been affected by their corrupt activities, and recently, some have died. Their goons have been killing police officers recently, and they have even plotted an assassination on the Speaker of the Assembly. We wish to hold them accountable for the damage they have caused. I know they have committed crimes on your soil as well, but they have caused even more harm in Garindina. I hope we can reach an agreement this afternoon, so we won't need to take this to international court."

Nadia was hoping that the three criminals would stand trial in Parsa, but it was unlikely that Queen Aleksandra would back down. Nadia was also willing to settle this in international court.

"Currently, I have four options in mind, but I'm sure that two of them won't happen:

  1. I relinquish my claims on their imprisonment in Garindina.
  2. You relinquish your claims on their imprisonment in @Ahrana.
  3. We settle this in international court.
  4. They are tried in international court in accordance with both Garindinan law and Ahranan law.

We both know that neither of us will relinquish our claims."

Nadia didn't need Aleksandra to say it; she knew that neither of them would be willing to give up their claims. Both of them wanted to uphold the laws of their lands. But Nadia was also determined to get back at Josif for all that he had done. Mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters had died because of his actions. He had even threatened to kill Anatolii's family. She wanted justice.

"Well, what do you think we can do to make this work for both of us?"

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Aleksandra had an internal grin of pure satisfaction when Nadia asked for the Ahranaians to release them, or we will go to the International Criminal Court. She knew there wasn’t much the ANICC would most likely due given the fact that in legal terms the Ahranaian Law took precedence as they were in Ahranaian Custody currently.

I admire your dedication and sincerity to your nation, but I am afraid I will not ask my government nor my Chancellor to issue an order of release when it is Ahranaian Law that currently should and will be taking precedence in this situation.

Furthermore, I personally believe that you are allowing emotion to dictate your next steps in this situation. If you weren’t blinded by your hatred for a few of these criminals, you would also see that Garindinan Law has no legal status here let alone any precedence as well. You would also understand that Ahranaian Law must be respected in this situation as well.

I also understand your desire to have these three people returned to Garindina for trial for their crimes. Thought, if your government had not been so corrupt at the start you would not have had this issue. Corruption this big and this deep has its warning signs and it seems everyone from the very top to the very bottom ignored all the signs and allowed it to happen, which makes the person at the very top also responsible.

So once again, I will state this, I have no legal power or Authority over the Union Attorney General, the Union Judiciary, or even the lower Judiciary of the Union and therefore I cannot, and I will not overstep my authority in this situation or any other situation ever. I ask that you humbly respect Ahranaian Law in this instance and to work with the system in place. Once these criminals have been placed on trial, they will be released to Garindinan Authorities after which we will abide by your laws in that instance. I have faith and trust in my Court Justices to make sure this case is done properly but also quickly which is all I can do for you in this instance. Chancellor Bjorkman is also, I am afraid, restricted on what she can do as well hence this is the end of the road for this issue. If you feel that you want to go head-to-head with the Judiciary of the Union by all means I encourage you to send an official letter to the Attorney General of the Union asking for their immediate release, but I am sure you will meet the same resistance as you are getting from me.

If you feel that your nation should approach the ANICC then by all means, go ahead but what I have said to you will not change at all.

Aleksandra stopped talking for a bit and looked at Nadia with a look that can only be described as a brick wall that cannot and will not move in this instance.

Also, while you are here, I wanted to ask you about the whole Velaherian Marriage arrangement you have approved of. What are you thinking allowing a member of the Garindinan Royal Family marry basically a Communist Dictatorship Family Member? That is an illogical idea and a dangerous one at that. That can leave your nation open to even more corruption than you are currently facing. It's almost like you do not want the corruption to end with how you are allowing this marriage.

Aleksandra was done talking finally which gave the Chancellor a moment to speak really quick:

Your Majesty, what her Imperial Majesty is saying here is that she is just a figure sitting at the top of the Union bureaucracy that is there to hold the Union Federal Government and the Union States together. She holds no legal authority in the Judicial section of government, and if she did hold such power, she would not overstep a clear and defined line for a bunch of criminals just for them to have a trial in Garindina where Ahranaian Law means nothing.

Finally, the room went silent while Aleksandra and Bjorkman awaited the response of Nadia....

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Nadia sat there in thought for a moment, thinking about her next response. She was the first leader of Garindina since 1950 to take any action against corruption. Her father was always caught up in rebuilding the nation. Aleksey started the process but abdicated after only a year. She still had no idea why he did this and gave her the crown when she was only 16. She didn't know how to rule, which left the nation in the hands of the federal assembly. Nadia constantly reminded herself not to respond with her feelings but to think logically.

"Sorry if I seemed like I was making demands. So, I wish to present a compromise. Your judicial system can prosecute them in accordance with your laws, but I also wish for them to be prosecuted for all the crimes they committed in Garindina, as well as the ones they committed on your soil. You can also imprison them in accordance with your law. I hope this is agreeable."

Nadia now had to answer the more complicated question: Anya's marriage. The marriage was to take place in about six days. Nadia was determined to build ties with Ahrana, so she had to carefully consider her response. Her answer needed to be good enough for the two of them to be 'ok' with it.

"To be honest, I have opposed their relationship since I found out about it. But, like my father, she is quite stubborn. Don't worry, I currently plan to assign a special group of people to watch him. However, in Garindina tradition, it is customary for the head of the house to give their blessings to the soon-to-be-wed. Sometimes it doesn't happen, but in this case, I was not going to deny it. The only reason is that I made it clear to him that if I were to find out that he is a spy, spreading influence, or even engaging in corruption, he would be deported or imprisoned. Currently, we have apprehended around fifteen low-level officials for corruption, and I am in the process of replacing the supreme justices of the nation, as some of them are reaching eighty. The AKSP will be a semi-independent agency. Additionally, I would like to ask if you would be interested in sending some of your people to set up their training system."

Naida hoped that the rest of the conference would go well and that they would be able to build good ties with each other soon. However, Anya had to marry a Velharian. They supported the communists, for Christ's sake! But Nadia was able to get inside his head luckily enough. Naida really needed to revamp Garindina's foreign policy. Hell, she needed to do a lot. Maybe she would introduce something to counteract the almost absolute power of the monarchy...

"I hope that we can build ties between our two nations. I just hope that my sister doesn't get in the way of this."

With this, Naida nervously waited for Aleksandra's response.

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The Union Judiciary is set to hold the criminal's trial in less than two days, due to the evidence being found on their person and as they have not protested against breaking any laws, I am sure the justices of the District Court will find them guilty. After that I will recommend to the Justice Ministry and its Minister that the three be released to the Garindian Law Enforcement. We will personally fly them to the capital and hand them over to your officials in person so as to ensure no issues are found in the transportation across the Garindian countryside.

Furthermore, you can rest assure that this is the best I can do for you, and it is most likely I will face opposition from the Government Opposition for allowing a fast track of criminals.

Now on the topic of Anya, if you know what you are getting into, and everything then so be it. But here is my warning to you, even if you think you got through that thick skull of the velaharian I re-enforce that you did not and that its like play with a small fire wanting to grow. I will pray that the situation I am talking about never comes to fruition cause if it does, we the Union will take drastic action against that possibility and will ensure that the situation is handled dramatically and swiftly.

Aleksandra took a moment to think about what to say about sending people to Garindina to help with their..efforts in reconstruction.

On the matter of sending people to help train your people, I will allow the Chancellor to speak on that matter as it is out of my scope, I just approve such actions.

Your Majesty, the Union Government would consider sending such people to help with such a feat but if it is done so it will be done in a capacity of Observers and sort of like an Overseer. They will not interact with any operations and all Ahranaian Equipment will remain in the control of the Ahranaians until the Union Government has decided if allowing you access to such equipment.

The Ahranaian Directorate of Intelligence will be in contact with your government to discuss what they can do for you beyond what the Union Government and Military can do for you. As for the Federal Police Services, they will not be involved in this matter as they are needed here currently. However, Unit AC-01 will send advisors most likely. Beyond that, that is all we can do currently.

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Nadia began to think about her response. She was able to change the topic of Anya’s wedding thankfully enough. But now it to the topic of the AKSP.


“I will make sure that he is watched closely. Mr. Chancellor, I thank you for your consideration. I’ve always heard about the effectiveness of the Ahranan Anti-Corruption units. I hope that we can work together and make Garindina safe again for the next generation.”


Nadia got up from her chair to leave as she had nothing else to talk about.


“Thank you for your time. I look forward to our two nations working together.”

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May 17, 2023

Nadia had secured the deal, and Anya was away with her new husband in Yuzhemore, so Nadia wouldn't need to deal with her for another week or so. However, the question of the State Duma was now relevant in her mind. As a Progressive Nationalist, one of the three factions within the party, Nadia believed that the monarchy needed some sort of restrictions – not too many, but enough to prevent future monarchs from destroying the nation. She had presented the idea to the Federal Assembly in a secret meeting the day before, receiving mixed reactions. While many agreed, the Absolutists despised the proposal.

Nadia sighed, turning to Ivanovich, one of her servants. "Ivanovich, what do you think?"

"I think it's a good idea if done properly. Your Majesty," he replied, glancing at Viktor, Nadia's older brother and the Grand Duke Viktor Yakolev. Viktor had abdicated the throne after a year for unknown reasons.

In a friendly tone, Ivanovich asked Viktor a question. “What do you think of your sister’s idea, Your Grace?”

Viktor leaned back in his chair, looking thoughtful for a moment before responding to Ivanovich's question. His gaze turned distant as he considered his sister's proposal, keeping in mind his own beliefs as a Federal Royalist, which emphasized the importance of maintaining a balance between centralized authority and regional autonomy.

"Nadia, my dear sister," Viktor's voice carried a tone of both warmth and a sense of past responsibilities. "As someone who has sat on the throne and faced the intricacies of ruling, I understand the importance of safeguarding our nation's future."

He continued, "While my own abdication may have left many questions unanswered, I have come to recognize the significance of passing the crown to you. Your dedication and passion for our people and the monarchy have not gone unnoticed."

Viktor paused, a hint of regret in his eyes. He continued, his voice tinged with caution, "The Absolutists, as staunch supporters of a more centralized state and the return of the nobility, hold steadfastly to their convictions. Any proposal that restricts the monarchy's power will undoubtedly be met with their strong resistance."

Viktor paused again, meeting Nadia's gaze. "It is essential that we proceed with utmost care, taking into account the wider political landscape and the potential consequences of such measures. We cannot risk fracturing our party or undermining the stability of the monarchy itself."

Nadia sat there for a moment, contemplating her response. Viktor's mention of his time as king, a sensitive subject for him, had caught her off guard.

After collecting herself and speaking with a careful tone, she responded, "Viktor, I appreciate your insights and the weight of your experience as someone who has sat on the throne. I understand the need for caution and the potential consequences of implementing restrictions on the monarchy. We must indeed prioritize the stability of the party to avoid a political split."

"However, Viktor, we cannot ignore the concerns that led me to propose these restrictions in the first place. The future of our nation and the monarchy lies in striking a delicate balance between power and accountability. It is our duty to ensure that future monarchs do not endanger the well-being of our people or the strength of our nation."

Viktor, wanting to break away from formality, interjected, "Can we please discuss this in a less formal manner? I mean, all of this is important, but let's not forget that they can't officially take action against it yet."

Nadia realized she had overlooked that point. Currently, members of the Federal Assembly had limited means to counter the monarchy's decisions. "Damn, you're right. I could just introduce it, but I'll need to redo the assembly."

"You can figure that out yourself, you're the Czarina, after all. Not me," Viktor responded, with a tone that conveyed his apparent lack of concern.

Nadia, slightly agitated, replied, "No shit, Herlock."

"Well, you'll figure it out eventually. Why did we start this conversation so formally?" Viktor asked.

"I don't know. You're the one who began speaking formally, right, Ivanovich?" she said.

"Well, she is correct, Your Majesty," Ivanovich replied.

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June 1, 2023

A new building will need to be constructed for the new State Duma. Some ministers were publicly speaking out against the new State Duma, and protests even took place.

Nadia sighed, "They might have misunderstood what I was saying. Now I need to clarify what I meant."

She got up and walked over to the window, looking out at the city of Parsa, the capital city of Garindina. The warm light of the sun shone on her face as she reflected on the situation. From a distance, she could see the Paras River. Just then, there was a knock at the door.

"You may enter," she said while still gazing out of the window.

The door opened, and Nadia turned to see who it was. It was Prime Minister Gregory Brezhnev.

"Your Majesty, I bet you know why I have come here today," Gregory stated.

"Indeed I do. You are here to question my decision," Nadia replied.

"Yes, there must be some misunderstanding. You surely can't be getting rid of the Ministries," Gregory expressed his concern.

At that moment, Nadia had the idea to play a little trick on Gregory. She decided to make it seem like she was getting rid of the Ministries, enjoying the opportunity for a lighthearted moment amidst the seriousness of the situation. She decided to play along and see how far she could take the joke.

"Oh, Prime Minister Brezhnev, you have caught me at a moment of reflection. I must confess, you are partially correct. I am indeed getting rid of the Ministries," Nadia said mischievously.

Gregory's eyes widened, clearly taken aback by Nadia's statement. His mind raced, contemplating the implications of such a decision.

"Your Majesty, this would certainly cause a revolt! I am loyal to you, but this would surely make the corrupt try to take over! The Ministries play a crucial role in our government's functioning. How can we operate without them?" Gregory exclaimed.

Nadia couldn't contain her amusement any longer and burst into laughter, her eyes sparkling with mischief.

"Prime Minister, I apologize for the confusion. I was merely joking. You should've seen the look on your face!" she chuckled.

Gregory's expression shifted from concern to relief, and he couldn't help but chuckle along with Nadia.

Nadia composed herself and began to explain, "In certain aspects, yes, the Ministries are being replaced. But they are only being replaced in the Federal Assembly. I'm not getting rid of the Ministries entirely. I'm not mad."

Gregory let out a sigh, "You should probably clarify that information with the ministers."

Nadia looked back out the window, appreciating the cityscape and the nation's rich history and cultural heritage. Towering cathedrals with intricate domes and elegant spires dotted the skyline.

"I was planning on that. I'm going to be on national television as well," Nadia responded, her voice filled with determination.

[7 Hours Later]

The sun had set over the city of Parsa, casting an orange glow on the horizon. Nadia stood before a podium, with the television studio's grandeur unfolding behind her. The nation's flag proudly adorned the backdrop, symbolizing the unity and strength of Garindina.

As the cameras began to roll, Nadia took a deep breath, her eyes filled with determination. She knew the importance of clarifying her intentions to the ministers and the entire nation. This was her opportunity to address the misunderstandings and reaffirm her commitment to progress.

"Ladies and gentlemen, my fellow Garindinans," Nadia's voice resonated with authority and conviction, capturing the attention of the entire nation.

"I stand before you today to address the recent concerns and misunderstandings regarding the future of our Ministries. Let me begin by assuring you that the foundation of our government remains strong."

Nadia understood that the fate of the nation rested on what she said next. Her tone remained unwavering yet empathetic as she continued.

"Change is inevitable, my dear fellow Garindinans. It is through change that we adapt, grow, and forge a path towards a brighter future. I have proposed the establishment of the new State Duma, a symbol of our commitment to progress and efficient governance. This initiative does not seek to dismantle our Ministries."

Now the tricky part, she had to explain how the Ministries were no longer going to be part of the Federal Assembly and how the Prime Minister would represent them.

"My esteemed ministers, I want to emphasize that the Ministries will continue to play a vital role in our government. However, in order to streamline our decision-making processes and enhance efficiency, I propose a restructuring within the Federal Assembly."

She paused, allowing her words to sink in, aware of the significance of this change.

"Instead of individual Ministries directly participating in the Federal Assembly, the Prime Minister will serve as their representative, ensuring effective communication and collaboration between the Ministries and the Federal Assembly."

Nadia had released a can of worms, and worries silently crept into her mind. What if this makes things worse? What if the nation spirals into chaos? Nevertheless, she continued to speak.

"Let us embrace this moment as an opportunity for progress and unity. Let us move forward with a shared vision, working hand in hand to build a brighter future for Garindina."

As Nadia concluded her speech, the room erupted in applause, a testament to the nation's collective determination and trust in their leader. The television screens across Garindina broadcasted her message, reaching every corner of the nation, ensuring that the clarifications were heard and understood.

[Two weeks Later]

The protests had stopped, and Nadia breathed a sigh of relief. It was midday, and construction of the State Duma was in progress. Nadia stood on the balcony outside her office, leaning against a stone railing, a sense of accomplishment and optimism filling her heart. The glistening blue of the river reflected the sunlight, creating a serene atmosphere.

Nadia's thoughts drifted to the progress made in the past two weeks. The protests had subsided, and the concerns of the ministers had been addressed. She felt a surge of gratitude for the unwavering support of her people. As she gazed at the river, a gentle breeze rustled the leaves of nearby trees, creating a soothing melody.

Nadia turned towards the sound of footsteps and saw her older brother Viktor approaching, followed by her younger siblings, Anya and Aleksey. A warm smile spread across Nadia's face as she welcomed them.

"What a sight, the four of us all together," Nadia greeted them, her voice filled with affection. "The view is amazing today."

Viktor, always the protective big brother, gave Nadia a quick hug before joining her on the balcony. "You handled that well."

Anya and Aleksey nodded in agreement as they joined their siblings on the balcony. They were twins, always inseparable and supportive of each other. Nadia hadn't seen either of them since Anya's wedding.

"Yeah, you pretty much cleared up most of the confusion," Aleksey chimed in, his eyes shining with pride.

Anya added, her voice filled with relief, "The protests finally stopped, thankfully."

Nadia's heart swelled with love and gratitude for her siblings' unwavering support. She took a moment to let it sink in before responding.

"Thanks, guys. I missed you two, Anya and Aleksey," Nadia said, her voice filled with affection. "Has the Velharian done anything yet?" Almost teasing, but still serious.

"Ketriaz has a name. Also, he's my husband if you have forgotten," said Anya, a little ticked off by the remark.

At that moment, Ketriaz came out to the balcony, followed by two guards.

"Ketriaz, welcome," Nadia greeted him, her voice measured and neutral. "I trust you are well."

Ketriaz nodded respectfully. "Thank you, Your Majesty. I am well, and I appreciate your concern."

Anya, sensing the tension, stepped forward and placed a hand on Ketriaz's arm. "Let us not dwell on political matters today," she said, her voice gentle. "We are here as a family."

Nadia offered a small smile, acknowledging Anya's words. "Indeed, family is of utmost importance. Let us set politics aside for now and enjoy this moment together." She was still wary of Ketriaz; she didn't want corruption to spread from Velharia to Garindina, undoing nearly everything she had done.

The atmosphere on the balcony became more relaxed as they shifted their focus away from the political complexities. They engaged in casual conversation, discussing personal matters, and reminiscing about cherished family memories. Nadia took the opportunity to learn more about Ketriaz's perspective and experiences, but she remained cautious not to delve into sensitive political discussions.

But something still hung in the back of Nadia's mind. The nation's military was in a sorry state, still utilizing equipment and vehicles from the late '70s. She now knew her next objective. But for now, she was going to focus on her family being home.

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