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The Reformation


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A meeting had been called in the Federal Assembly, the room was filling up with politicians and reporters. Finally, all had settled down as the time neared.

"May I present to you, her Royal highness of the United Federation, Queen Nadia V."

The room filled with claping as the queen entered the room. The Queen reached the podium. With a simple hand raise, she gestured to sit.

"My fellow citizens of Garindina,


Today, I stand before you as your Queen, with a heavy heart but a strong conviction. It is time for us to address a grave injustice that has been perpetuated in our land for far too long. I speak of the evil of slavery.

Even though slavery is a dying practice in Garindina, dispite this, slavery is still practiced in the mines of our great United Federation. Slavery is commonly frowned upon, yet in the most isolated parts of our great nation, it is still practiced. But today, I say enough is enough.

We cannot claim to be a just and civilized society while we continue to hold our fellow humans in bondage. We cannot claim to be a compassionate people while we turn a blind eye to the suffering of those who are enslaved. We cannot claim to be a just nation while we deny others their fundamental human rights.

Therefore, I am announcing today that slavery is now outlawed in the Garindinan United Federation, effective immediately—

The room explodes with claping and calls of approval. As the room quite down, she continues.

 From this day forward, no person shall be held in bondage against their will, no matter their race, gender, or social status. All existing slaves shall be immediately freed.

We must remember that every person, regardless of their background or circumstances, is entitled to the same basic rights under the Garindinan Constitution. So, let us embrace this change with open hearts and minds. Let us show the wurld that we are a nation that values justice, compassion, and freedom above all else.

This is the being of a new age for Garindina. As rebuilding has finally ended, I am proud to say that reforms are on their way to fix our grand United Federation.

Thank you"

The was filled with the sound of clapping, Prime Minister Gregory Brezhnev returned to his podium and further addressed the nation.

"Garindina is on a new path starting today. We in the central government promise to bring reforms to the nation and better Garindina for the future.

That is all."

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