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[OCC] Garindinan Civil War

Graindinan Civil War   

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  1. 1. Which side are you supporting?

    • National Democratic Government
    • National Royalist Front
    • The Red Army of Garindina
    • The Free Peoples of Garindina (Liberals)
    • Dorostani Rebels
    • KRAS-ARG (Anarcho-Scocialist)
    • Free Republic of Yuzhstovo (Liberal Democrats)
    • Socialist Yuzh State
    • Free Territory of Yuzhstovo (Anarchist)
    • None, send Red Cross alike organization
  2. 2. What type of aid

    • Volunteers and weapons
    • Weapons
    • Medical
    • All of the above

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Can choose Multiple choices btw

The National Democratic Government was a Authoritarian Democracy on the road towards totalitarianism. This caused the nation to fall into famine in the fall of 1980 and massive inflation.

The National Royalist wished to being back the monarchy and fix the wrongs of the increasingly Authoritarian Government.

The Communist wanted to create a Communist state in Garindina and fix the problems that Capitalism caused.

The Dorostani Rebels wanted an independent Dorostan and a Vjoldibist Theocratic Republic.

The Liberals wanted to create a true democracy and promised economic freedom and prosperity.

The Anarchist wanted total freedom and no government at all.

The Republic of Yuzhstovo wanted a free Yuzhstovo independent from Garindina


Free Territory of Yuzhstovo wanted a free anarchistic state of Yuzhstovo 


Socialist State of Yuzhstovo wanted an independent Yuzh Socialist State 


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Ateenia gave Dorostan rebels material support aswell as some outdated weapons left over from the People's Union of Ateenia, that the Kingdom had already replaced or was in the process of replacing, which would be some small arms, recoiless rifles and field artillery.


(btw i would suggest an OOC thread for this topic so you can keep this thread for the RP posts only)

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