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[Vision Statement] Federal Republic of Saphieron

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VISION: To ensure all people regardless of their race, culture, religion, down to their foremost basic beliefs and identity, as a God given right, shall live without oppression and tyranny in whatever form or manner.


HISTORY: The Saphieron Republic originated when Chinese tribes from eastern Alharu, with their primitive boats migrated to a land somewhere in the Gulf of Auriel, just south of Tiauhai sea, this land, they called it “Helina”, in Helina they made their home and more of their kin migrated there over time, Helina was also inhabited by the native Japanese, so many Chinese tribes traded and warred with the Japanese tribes, eventually this resulted intermixing between the two cultures, most inherited either Chinese characteristic and others Japanese, this formed the basic societal framework of the land.


In a span of a thousand years or so small, some influential tribes grew in to city states, until more city states were formed one by one, one city grew to prominence over the others, the city of Grevla, where rulers rule through diplomacy rather than military force, other powerful autocratic states envied Grevla and allied with each other, a huge alliance was made. Years later, his resulted in the defeat of Grevla and her allies, and society was set back and barbarity ruled the land, Hundreds of years later, after the “Grand War” (the war between Grevla and the Red Sword Alliance), the “Ideological Revolution” happened, a series of civil wars and revolutions happened to many nations which eventually became the downfall of autocrats and monarchs, the land grew tired and exhausted as some nations fell into ruin and anarchy, the new and old leaders of countries from all four corners of the land came together out of necessity to form a single united unit, a single regionwide country, through their blessings, and the will of the people, a foundation was built into what will become modern Saphieron.

(For a more detailed story pls refer here: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=saphieron/detail=factbook/id=main) (and do pls inform me if I need to make another RP sample cuz a moderator contacted me and said this link is already considered a sample. THX)


GEOGRAPHY: The nation is an archipelagic by nature, with lush forests supporting a diverse marine and plant life. the Lanbaoshi coast to the east harbors beautiful beaches and rich natural resources. 30 percent of the country is mountainous, with Mount Tiankong in the south towering over the rest.


ECONOMY: The Saphieron Republic is a highly developed free market economy, specializing in financial, telecommunication and information services, other major reasons for its prosperity includes a robust agriculture and manufacturing industry, particularly the production of highly valued semi-conductors, which is one of the countries top exports.


GOVERNMENT: The country currently is a Federal parliamentary republic.

From the Executive branch, the Prime Minister sees to the day to day workings of the country, and the president, which occupies the highest office of government which only functions as a ceremonial role. The Legislation, The Parliament of the Republic (PAR) consists of 211 parliamentary members, all serving a maximum of 4 years, while the Judiciary, Swan Hall (SHA), have a total of 80 members, these already include the Supreme Court, High Court and District Court respectively.


ETHNICITY: The nation has a 60 percent Chinese majority, with a long history of intermixing, many are still considered Chinese as their overall features matches those from eastern Alharu originally, the rest of the 40 percent are of Japanese origin, the natives, and are considered the minority of the land.


RELIGION: The Chinese majority is Polytheistic in nature where the most powerful God Shangdi serves as the nations official diety. the other half of the population, the Japanese and some converts believes in Shintoism, where they worship spirits rather than a single or multiple Gods. 



Medium Pop (1)

High GDP (2)

Medium Land (1)


I plan to make my country a beacon of liberty in the region, just like the USA irl, where they strive to uphold democracy within and without, of course this idealism has many flaws and I want to include those when I rp. I want to see Saphieron become influential in the region, at least in my area, and to prioritize soft power rather than hard power, but not afraid to use it when necessary. I understand that a lot are monarchies or some form of authoritarian rule, Saphieron will be the different than the rest, maybe not that different because some nations are also democratic, but from what I know there are only a few of them, so that made me choose democracy. The country is openly proud of its ideals but ideals alone won't solve problems and many of those problems are not easy to fix .It is an archipelagic nation that is economically powerful everyone wants to deal with them diplomatically, which also makes its a target. It upholds the basic pillars of democracy but is not immune to tyranny and oppression that is creeping from under it. Saphieron is a nation that dreams, that thinks, that hopes, that accepts, that loves but also contradicts, oppress, silence, exploit, discriminate, etc. A PERFECT IMPERFECTION she is.

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