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A marenesian meeting (Gallambria & Kōri-Chi)

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Kentoku Era

Kori-Chi emblem


In the name of the Emperor,

From the Ministry of Imperial and Foreign Affairs of the Dominion of Kōri-Chi,

To the Kingdom of @Gallambria,


Greetings to our fellow Marenesian neighbour. While the international state of Eurth is quite active from the ever bellicose attitude of a few, aching for war, conquest and glory, the Empire remains passive caring for the well-being of his subjects. In the spirit of further strengthening and sharing the prosperity of His Imperial Majesty’s subjects, the Dominion of Kōri-Chi’s legal executive, Governor Aragushi, would like to extend an invitation to the renowned Gallambrian government for meeting him in the Palace of the Governor in Dākuōku, high in the mountains where the fresh and sharp air fascinate the lungs as to elevate our spirits for the benefits of our people. The regional situation in Marenesia is one of importance, and the opportunity to develop regional trade alongside mark the region as of a significance glubally is part of our ambitions that we wish to share with our neighbours.



- Ministry of Imperial and Foreign Affairs

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Gallambrian Department of International Trade

TO: The Office of the Legal Executive of the Dominion of Kōri-Chi

FROM: Secretary of State for International Trade, Rt. Hon. Kathleen Jacobson

Governor Aragushi,

We thank you for the invitation to meet with you, and members of your Government, to discuss developing further economic and trade relations between our two nations.

We await further details of the conference and look forward to meeting with you.


Kindest Regards,

Rt. Hon. Kathleen Jacobson
Secretary of State for International Trade

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For safety reasons, the Gallambrian delegation was expected not at the international airport, but well a domestic civilian one. The Honour Guard made a welcoming corridor, exposing both flags, with the band playing a welcoming military music. Mora, Governor Aragushi’s protégé, awaited on the end of the red carpet, and bowed to the delegates as to greet them.

« O foreign dignitaries. Welcome to the Ice Gem of the Empire » he first introduced himself, « On behalf of the Emperor, and the Governor of Kōri-Chi, we wish you a pleasant stay on imperial land. The Governor shall entertain your minds and stomachs at the Palace » he expressed, bowing again, before putting himself on the side, and bowing as to let the guests pass, while making a hand gesture to.

@Gallambrians would be invited to get into the cars, sent by their embassy out of protocol. The airport also had been chosen for its location, being much closer than any other from the Palace, given how high in the mountain it was. Normally, helicopters were used, specially if a High Dignitary from the Emperor was arriving, however as always, security and appeasing extreme fears of secret services contradicted such opportunity.

After 40 minutes drive, getting the impression of having risen above the clouds, it only came as an observation that there still were higher horizons. The Palace laid there, high yet so down in comparison to the peaks that dwarfed the Palace.

In perfect symmetry, a full regiment of the Honour Guard this time rather than a few, with the full military band, would start playing another military music of review this time. Behind the regiment, three flags would wave, the Mitonese Empire one, followed by the Dominion and the Kingdom.

At the end of the red carpet, Governor Aragushi would await. Waiting to greet the delegates, and see that both national anthems be played afterwards, before getting to serious matters.

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