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Expansion Request: North Adlantic Union (Seylos)

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Hello the time has come for the NAU to begin to peaceful expansion deeper into Ceris, bringing more Ceriser countries into the fold. There are two Ceriser countries that will be brought in: Uthington and Rewhain. The Anglian War has shook the countries of Ceris, especially considering the imperialistic ambitions of Dolchland. Both countries feel deeply threatened by the expansion, and Ceriser unity has spread through Ceris at a fast pace. The NAU has provided an organization that they can join that can protect them from outside influence while giving them a say in a grander scale of governance and cooperation. Much more negotiation must be held, but the people's of Uthington and Rewhain long to join a permanent Union of Cerisers to bring peace and security to the island.



Uthington (Pictured East):

A country with a monarch at the head, though only reigning with a Ducal title. Absolute monarchy has been a fact of life since the collapse of the Hodrean Kingdom, however the aging Duke has been having tendancies towards following a more Seylosian model of governance and calls of joining the Union have only increased. It is one of Ceris's most stable independent countries having been shielded from the Sentist War by Secryae and the Union from Sentist attacks.

Population: 4,210,365

GDP: $137.1 Billion

GDP Per Capita: $32,564


Rewhain (Pictured West):

A new democracy created only twenty years ago after a hard fought bitter war against Hodrea. In the Sentist War, though they were not part of the Ceris Coalition, they steadfastly defended their borders against Sentist attacks easily driving them off. They are not a militaristic culture, but they are fiercely protective of their nation, and consider the Union as an extension of that goal. They once held extreme hatred towards the Hodreans, but their attitude has softened considerably after seeing the destruction of Liechnenfax, even offering some aid to help the nation rebuild.

Population: 5,121,872

GDP: $73 Billion

GDP Per Capita: $14,251

Overall this would have an 8% increase in GDP for the entire NAU and a 15% increase in population.


I did the stats on my expansion and I wanted get a little bit more out of it. Before it was a 0, 2, 0 on points so I went ahead and bumped up Uthington a bit. It's a stable country that hasn't been involved in many conflicts so I think a higher GDP is justified.

New stats should be:
Pop: <10 million 0

GDP: Avg 23,407 4

Land Area: >90,000km^2 0

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