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The Festival of Lent

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(Women wearing traditional clothing during a festival dance)

As per tradition, in the south of Garindina, as Lent begins, the Lent festival in the small coastal town of Kypa has begun.  Kypa has only a population of a few hundred people, but that doesn't stop them from having one of the most festive traditions in Garindina. 

A little girl runs through the town square.

"Come on, Papa! We're gonna miss the dance!"

"Raisa! Slow down!"


Raisa got to center of the town square where the dance was happening. Five women in traditional dresses were doing a traditional dance to some old folk music.

"When I get older, I want to dance, Papa."

"You'll be the best dancer there, Raisa."


The girl was no older than six and yet often dreamt of dancing. Raisa lost her mother to cancer when she was only three. She wanted to dance as her mother did.

The fast was about to begin, and this dance marked its beginning. Next was the charity event and prayer. This year, it was a race around the town square. Raisa won the six to nine race.

"Papa, I won! I won!"

"Good job Raisa!"

The whole festival lasted about an hour and thirty minutes. Raisa and her father went home and continued until after sundown. That's when the Dinner Parties happen. The family ate dinner at a friend's house. The festival began again. With food and activities for the kids.the festival finally ended at 9:30 pm.

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