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With a population of roughly 7 million scattered about various cities and encampments, Creechur is a nation of deprivation for many and indulgent luxuries for the merchant nobility that dominate the caste system. The merchants have maintained their power since the beginning of recorded history with a variety of complex social arrangements forming even more complicated dynasties. Despite their unending traveling across the nation and abroad, dynasties claim sovereignty over population centers which have historically been under the guiding hand of their family in an uneasy attempt to prevent a centralization of power that would outweigh the benefits which the elite have been able to maintain. Historic revolts of commoners and slaves led to the creation of a national assembly government that primarily operates in times of crisis beyond infrequent meetings which act as rituals of cooperation between those who hide knives beneath their sleeves for the perfect time to expand their influence regardless of the consequences to others. While the clans attempt to gain more power, commoners seek any foothold at all with some preparing to take action if their demands are not met. 

Caste System:

Merchant Nobles

3 major dynasties share power in an uneasy alliance. Clan Sinai leads the thin strip of coastal cities that hold the majority of the population and industrial production, Clan Nazar has control over the limited but crucial domestic agricultural production, and Clan Malik maintains control of the lucrative oilfields spanning the desert making up most of the nation. Clan entourages rarely sleep where they first woke as gaining economic ties with foreign interests takes precedence over governing, left to less fortunate local bureaucrats. 


Craftspeople are those who create complex goods important to cultural affairs and daily presentations for the merchant nobles. Spanning from engraved blades and vibrant clothing to unique art pieces that adorn estate walls. 

Skilled Laborers

Skilled laborers are those who take part in making the nation functional by maintaining infrastructure, producing oil, and constructing new buildings.


Commoners occupy various jobs such as farmhands, service employees, factory workers, and everything in between. Resentment for the current system has continued to grow with suppressed unions maintaining relevance with underground meetings and continued recruitment efforts.



Creechur is primarily a desert nation with very few fertile valleys serving as agricultural hubs clinging tightly to rivers which serve as their only reliable source of hydration. Major population centers expand from the coast with few cities being located inland around major oilfields across the sands. 



Population: Low - 0 - 7 million

GDP: High - 2 - 16,000

Land: Medium - 1 - 119,000 Square Kilometers

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