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Vision statement: The Community of Daveton

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Daveton was founded in 1963 by a large community of activists who left their homeland after feeling ignored by their government. They have since sent an open invitation to the disparaged in many nations with the promise of a government that is truly for the betterment of all its people, and have had many accept. Daveton was settled where a large river met the ocean. The landing point of the initial settlers has since been transformed into the Hall of Truth and Justice, the primary legislative and judicial body of the nation. The President, 1,000 Congressmen, and 100 national Judges rule where they can always be reminded of the country's purpose.

Daveton is currently, due to its small history, a relatively small nation that is more accurately a modern City State. 3.8 million people live within the Daveton City Limits of 7,002 Square Kilometers. The population density from such a large city boundary is famous throughout Eurth. There are roughly 210,000 people living in an even less dense 15,538 square kilometer countryside that Daveton claims as her own. Roughly 98,950 of them come from three former native tribal nations that have joined the nation with varying levels of eagerness. The natives enjoy high autonomy, as does everyone else outside the Capital. The Kodians, Flurians, and Hernains are in a transition phase from nomadic to stationary, a process that has only been sped up with the arrival of the Davetonians. Daveton is the only city in the nation, although the natives are settling down in hundreds of towns, some approaching 6,000 people, which is twice the size of the largest Davetonian rural community. The Kodians have over 40,000 tribesmen in such a tight area that the Government is weighing if they should step in, help them consolidate into the Country's second city without having to move many that far, and "civilize" them to further build up the strength of the country.

The citizens of Daveton are united in their primary purpose: Do the right thing. This is harder said than done, for the right thing is usually objective. While a slight majority of the culture is comparative to modern Nordic, the nation is still diverse in morals. Most of the population still remembers life outside Daveton, and the passion needed to join their fellow activists on the long journey leads to even more passionate debates. The almost 100,000 natives have their own cultures and morals, although currently they lack (and are apathetic) towards political representation. Being so far from the Capital City and enjoying almost complete local autonomy, the various tribes currently care very little of the progressiveness of the city dwellers, who at the same time do not understand the various traditions of the natives. 

The largest tribe, the Kodians, participates in a coming-of-age ritual where men self-mutilate themselves to prove their strength and devotion to the tribe. The Kodians live in a very patriarchal society, ruled by those who have proved the most in their tribe. Many Davetonians view the Kodians as backwards, “societively” evil people. One of the largest issues for the nation is if they should intrude in the Kodian and other tribes’ rituals and impose their own morals. Is it an evil that must be cleansed to save the people, is it the people’s natural right to live as they fit, does it matter at all due to their lack of representation, should we force them to participate in national politics, if we give them a small political power block - we’ll still outvote them and impose our will on them regardless, are just some of the many talking points argued by the country’s 13 major political parties.

Four million people, $10,633 Ducat GDP Per Person Nominal, 22,540 Sq KM

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