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[Request] Map updates to Ahrana

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Ahrana is now a Confederation of Kingdoms, Dukedoms, Duchies, Provinces, Client States with Protectorate Status, and Client States with Union State benefits, and that means that Ahrana should look a certain way on the Wurld Map in my opinion. As the expansions laid out are completed, if possible, I am asking the mapping for Ahrana's borders following the following:

  • All internal divisions be displayed on the map similar to Ivercia (I am working on a rough map of this).
  • As new additional States like Stemas, Dniester, and Hveradalur are completed they should be marked similar to the Internal States as part of the Union.

The full title of Ahrana is the Confederal Union of Ahrana, or the Ahranaian Confederation, or Union States of Ahrana (The name is a work in progress). So by expansion arcs:Β 

  1. United Provinces of Southern Dniester (by end of March no later than that)
  2. Republic of Stemas as a Client State will full Union Access (between mid-march to early may)
  3. Federal Republic of Hveradalur as Protectorate Client State with limited Union Access (May-June)
  4. Grand Duchy of Volhynia as a full Protectorate no special status (July)

(I will update when the planned map is finished)

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Sorry, but I won't be showing the current Ahranaian subdivisions on the map as the map does not show subdivisions. If it did the map would be a mess of confusing internal and external borders, and would require me to remake the entire map at a higher resolution to accommodate the increase in information.

The FCNI and NAU are shown as they are because they are - principally - alliances, Iverica the nation and Seylos the nation do not have full control over their allied members. The same goes for puppet/client states (though none exist currently on the map as of typing this) as the master nation does not have full control, therefore they can be shown on the map.

With your current set up, only Hveradalur (and possibly Stemas) would qualify as a client state and show up on the map distinct from Ahrana once the expansion is complete.

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