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Sacrifice of Angels

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  • 2 weeks later...


"Yall see those ships? They're not f*cking around this time"



"Ten things you need to do if Anglia invades a thread:"



"Finally someone is going to do something about those freaks in Cascadia #AngliaForever"



"I wonder what our "fabulous leader", TS Yiu is gonna do for this. Launch a new palette?"



Retrieving call log 12942.221.23 from GalCloud Server 11XP0-1

Error 544: Incomplete data. Contact GalCloud support for further information.

Commencing Playback:

"Allo Lynne, to what do I owe the pleasure of such a late-night call?"


"Yes of course I've been watching the news, it's practically my job at this point."


"My job is actually to be stunning, cunty, and a style icon."

"Hey! You can call me several things. You can call me cocky, you can call me b*tchy, you can call me pretty, you can call me gorgeous. But what you're not going to call me is an ineffective leader of public opinion."


"So what exactly do you want me to do, my darling? Grab a gun and start shooting invaders myself?" 


"Well, obviously I know how to shoot a gun. Don't you?"


"Lynne, if I had a gun right now, I'd use it to shoot myself. I'm that f*cking busy."


"I'm actually quite surprised that Tagmatium is coming to our aid here. Maybe our friend Kommodos is looking for a new set of papal robes."


"Oh, I love Aiden. Remind me to send the entire family a gift basket. Oh, and Margaret an invitation to Club Ecdysis next time she's in town. f*ck it, send one to Kommodos too."


"Yeah Lynne, invite the holiest man on Eurth to a burlesque club in the middle of the most sinful city on the planet. That'll go down well."


"Yes, I promise I'll play nice with whoever they send, as long as they're not here to convert the populace."


"I'm a social leader, not a military one. There's a reason I, sorry, we founded a whole new private military corporation."


"Listen, I promise that if they get any closer, I'll grab a helicopter from my house to the DAUFA compound, but for the time being, I need to get this seam right, or I'll walk myself into the sea."


End Playback.

Connection terminated by user. 

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"Lysander great despaired, last and finest of his line,
First and father of the Tagarei, promised Aurelian kings,
Driven from Arome eternal, into the cruel churning brine!
Little does one think of a man cast away into the sea:
Now his children far begotten bear scepter and gilded rings,
Under his name, we have not once suffered to flee—
Perished has our fear, our flight through storm and wave.
So hear his declaration, receive it on bended knee!
All men shall love the dawn, and fear an early grave."

-Rusvalos c.1250 C.E.


Spencer Klynne: the current CEO of Klynne Security Group, and of course its founder, was taking his normal monthly trip to the KSG stockholder meeting, knowing full well the gravity of what was approaching Galahinda.

And frankly, he didn't care.

Of course, it wasn't like he wanted Galahindan society torn down or anything like that, profits would suffer. But it made little difference to him which country ended up being Galahinda's 'sugar daddy'. Seylos poured in the money, but if Anglia could do the same and succeed in its goals of taking over Seylos… Well, why not Anglia? What did it matter, as long as the money came in? With the news that Anglia was on its way to occupy Galahinda, a force he didn't believe Seylos could hope to ever defeat, what else was left for someone like him? Hedge his bets on the clearly losing side, or just collaborate like any reasonable Galahindan would? He had several conversations with his Anglian contact, and as long as Klynne didn't take up arms against an occupation, Anglia wouldn't interfere with his business. Sadly, he didn't one hundred percent own the company, but he had the few shareholders that he needed to maintain total control in his pocket. As confident as ever, he made his way past the guards at the entrance of the KSG building and boarded the elevator up with his small entourage.

He took his time looking through some notes he had prepared for the day's meeting before the elevator let them off at the top floor of the building, the group making their way to the boardroom. When he walked through the doors though the doors, however, he was shocked at what he saw.

Lynne Androni, the actual power behind the train wreck that was Yiu Amistacia, sitting at the head of the conference table looking directly at him when he walked in. Next to her were a few other people he didn't recognize, all dressed in Seylosian military attire. The most shocking however wasn't the strange lack of many of his board allies, but the presence of none other than the Seylosian princess herself, who had the audacity to give him a little wave.

"Androni…" Klynne said, his anger hardly masked, "My boardroom isn't a place for you to host your parties."

Androni stood up with her hands behind her back, "Unfortunately Klynne it isn't your boardroom any more."

Margaret stood up with her usual smile and pleasant demeanor, "Hi there! I'm Margaret Redmond-"

"I know who you are." Klynne growled, "Why the hell are you in my boardroom."

"Well see here's the thing, it actually isn't," Margaret replied, clutching her hands close to her chest, "It turns out my good friend Lynne here told us you were very much on board with the Anglians coming in and taking over, and neither of us wanted that. So… I was just about to evacuate the country when my brother rang me up and told me he needed to make a big purchase, and I was the only one here who could get access to those funds that quickly!"

Klynne continued to stare at her with hatred blazing in his eyes, causing Margaret to make a bit of a grimace before continuing, "Right well to make a long story short, I got to buy KSG. Well, fifty-one percent of it, but that's basically the same thing, right?"

"Of course fucking Androni put you up to this, you insane bitch." Klynne bellowed out, pointing directly Androni who stood there smirking, "This is my company, and I'll have you all shot before I get removed from it!"

"Ew, no, that's incredibly rude of you. I think I'm going to let this incredibly handsome military man take over for me." Margaret said, gesturing to one of the Seylosians in uniform next her and stepping to the side.

The man stood up and pointed at the two armed KSG guards near the boardroom door and back at Klynne. The both quickly sprung on him, grabbing him by his arms and holding him in place while the enraged man struggled. He stopped in front of the red-faced former CEO and looked him directly in the eyes. "Under Galahindan corporate law as a minority shareholder, you're entitled to learn about changes in the operating structure of the business you have placed investment in. My name is Colonel Paul Emerson of the Seylosian Royal Army, and the majority stakeholder, Princess Margaret Redmond, has appointment me to the office of Chief Executive Officer of KSG. As of nine AM Cascadia time, you were relieved of your operating responsibilities and have been terminated. Remove him from the building and revoke all access to KSG assets."

The two guards nodded and heaved back on the screaming former executive, who was trying to hurl every conceivable expletive he could as he was dragged out. Before they made it to the door, however, Androni briskly walked in front of him and leaned in, "You really thought I'd let you take Cascadia that easily? What did they promise you? The country?"

Klynne said nothing as he struggled against the two guard.

"I have a car at the loading dock, take him there," Androni said. The two guards looked over to the Colonel who nodded, and they dragged him away again.

Emerson walked up beside Androni and looked at her, "You're not going to kill him, are you?"

"Hardly. He'll be fine… physically. Klynne has more assets around the country we need to discover before the Anglians arrive. And it's not very often that you get to toss your greatest rivals in the back of one of your trunks." Androni replied.

"I can't say I've ever had to worry about such an… opportunity." Emerson replied, raising one of his eyebrows.

"And that's what makes Seylos so boring sometimes," Androni said, turning around back towards Margaret and giving her a brief hug, "A pleasure doing business with you my dear. We must get together after this whole nasty war business if finished with."

"Good luck Lynne, keep safe," Margaret replied, in an uncharacteristically serious tone. She gave a brief wave before she left with her bodyguards in tow. As fun as it may be to say the Seylosian Princess now owns a Galahindan private military company, the Seylosian government was hardly going to let her stay. Not that she needed any extra motivation.

When all the parties had cleared the room, Emerson turned to one of the officers with a bewildered look on his face, "This whole fucking continent is weird as hell. I thought the job was supposed to be dangerous, not god-damn mind-bending."


OOC: This was written with @Galahinda's permission. This will probably be the last time I write from a Galahindan point of view extensively.

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