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The nations of Baltica, Florentia, Gotneska, and Garindina have signed the BFGG trade agreement. Also known as 'The Alcohol & Food Trade Organization'.

                                                Est. 1933


 The goal of the agreement is to protect alcohol, drink, and food trades. With tariffs on food, drink and Alcohol being removed to promote the sale and consumption of imported food goods. The Orginization also promotes cooperation and investments in the achohol and food industries in these nations. With the idea of potentially fostering trade between Argis, Alharu and further. 

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Baltican Lemon Wine
The Hermer Brewing Company has announced its new luxury brand alcohol for the International markets, Lemontica. Based on ancient Baltican fermentation techniques, Lemontica aims to spread the wonders of “Baltican Lemon Wine” to the rest of Argis and beyond. Made from 100% Baltican Sourced Lemons, it is one of the upcoming firms within the Baltican Luxury Alcohol market, an Industry that has since expanded twice fold since the civil war. Already, Lemontica has seen orders from @Gotneska, @Florentia, @Advocatius and @Ahrana . It was rated as “One of the best” by both domestic and foreign wine merchants. Kuno Stein, famed actor and musician, has largely been the face of Lemontica, with his popularity being the reason behind the extreme success Lemontica has had In Baltica, and partly the reason for its success internationally. It is hoped that the popularity of Lemontica may prove crucial in the future products launched by the Hermer Brewing Company. 


(Lemontica poster)

Baltican Tobacco

For years, the infamous cigarette company “Naturala'' has dominated the tobacco market in Baltica. Although originally most of its products were produced with pure tobacco, the Isolationist policies introduced in 1966 meant that most Naturala products had to transition to using artificial mixes which lowered the cost of cigarettes considerably but resulted in an immense drop in quality. But since the Isolationist policies have been dropped due to the transition into the Federation, Naturala has decided to launch Natural Lux, using 100% Tobacco harvested from @Florentia. This is largely to celebrate the 85th anniversary of Naturala, and its long history in Baltica.


(Naturala Cigarette Packs)


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23rd March 2011


To. The Leader of the BFGG.


From. His Excellently Jarl Bjartur Ludvik, Minister of Economic Development and Trade 


It is with great sadness we hear by but in our resignation from the BFGG trade organization. Over the past months since the AN had an open discussion on the topic of Slavery. My nation's people have taken it to heart and have been protesting against this organization as one of its members still practices the unjust treatment of human beings.


Gotneska has long been a symbol of freedom as we were one of the very first to outlaw the practice way back in the 18th century. And it has come to our attention that we did the god awful thing of looking the other way in the opposition for trade. This is completely unacceptable and we oppose our actions. The Government of the Kingdom of Gotneska should have never made business with those nations that still haven’t outlawed slavery.


The people of this great nation have done an excellent service for the word. Starting today 23 March 2011 until 10 months after slavery has been outlawed in every country part of this organization we will no longer do business with this organization.

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