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MacNamera Heavy Industries: Defense Division

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Transport and Logistics Vehicles

Modular Arma Vehicle System (MARVS)

The Modular Arma Vehicle System (MARVS) was initially developed in the 1980s. The system utilizes militarized and simplified versions of MacNamera civilian trucks as a base while differing payloads and logistical mission packages are easily equipped. The modularity of the system lies in parts commonality and in the easy swapping of mission packages. The first run of the line contained nearly 60% parts commonality with this number only increasing over the years. Because of their civilian vehicle lineage, MARVS trucks are able to utilize a large amount of parts found on MacNamera civilian trucks. As a result of this, MARVS trucks can easily receive replacement parts through MacNamera's wurld wide dealer distribution system or through secondhand purchases. The trucks are equipped with a special 'sliding bed' which allows platforms with different support equipment to be installed in at most several hours.

16 Small 2 Ton (16S2) 'Geezer'


16 Medium 6 Ton (16M6)


Cab available in standard, mine resistant, or as a double cab (additional row of seating.)

36 Heavy 10 Ton (36H10)


Cab available in standard or as a mine resistant version.

MARVS Tactical Line

The MARVS Tactical Line was launched in the year 2000. With knowledge gained from the standard system, the MARVS Tactical system was designed from the ground up for military use. Vehicles share an even greater amount of parts commonality and some vehicles are able to be loaded for specific missions even faster. All trucks in the line can be shipped with either an standard cab or an armored cab. All trucks in the line have space in the cab for 3 passengers and 1 driver. The back seats in the cab can also be converted into a bunk for driver rest.

16 Extended Mobility Small 7 Ton (16EMS7)


36 Extended Mobility Medium 8 ton (36EMM8)


64 Extended Mobility Heavy 17 Ton (64EMH17)



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