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Guthheimr Vision Statement

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I envision Guthheimr to be a landmass in the 250,000 km2 with a population of 20 million and a GDP of 15000. Guthheimr would be lead by a two-party oligarchical system. The political parties would be modeled after the Aesir and the Vanir with the Aesir focusing on military, scientific progress with little ethical barriers, national power, and resource control while the Vanir would focus on healthcare, preservation of local flora and fauna, heavily moderated scientific progress, and education. Each political party will consist of leaders who tout themselves as the living incarnations of the gods themselves in the same way roman emperors were seen as Jupiter-on-Eurth. Successors are choses with an outward show of mysticism and magick while the next in line is inducted into the cult of the gods that leads the nation. My vision is to showcase how the Northern Empire would survive into the modern age with their religion intact, adopting some of the civilization and military aspects of the roman empire in order to rise above their initial barbarism and secure a place in the modern wurld. Traditions and beliefs are meant to be kept alive without technological phobias, instead meriting to preserve culture alongside technological progress. The goal is to showcase how a religious and mystical society can grow philosophically their own mystical ideas alongside the scientific wurld that gives them its own power in the form of drones, healthcare, and terrifying weaponry. 





GDP - Medium 

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