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Ever since the end of the Civil War, Garindina has been in shambles. But because of multiple reconstruction decisions by King Aleksandr and Queen Nadia V, Garindina has finally fully reconstructed itself. Jasanasburg was the last city in the United Federation to finish reconstruction due to its size. After the death of King Aleksandr back in 2013, Queen Nadia V has passed multiple reconstruction bills since she was crowned.


Jasanasburg celebrated with late-night parades and a fireworks show. Mayor Iryna Cheban announced a new monument dedicated to the hard-working people of the city. With the city full of block parties and festivities, it is recommended that tourist to visit the city before the end of the week to join the festivities.

In other News, the Federal Council announced a tax break upto 5% off of income tax. This shows that the Grivna may become fully stable in the coming months.

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Marshall General of the Garindinan United Federation Aleksandr Torosov made an announcement earlier today that change is coming to the Garindinan Military Training System. Not much has been disclosed about these changes except that the mandatory Military Service has been lowered form 2 years to just 10 months.

It has also been stated that the age of drafting civilians has been raised to 21. This change was introduced by the National Security Minister Josif Nikitin which stated that 'People are not fully mature until the age of 21'. Minister Nikitin called a meeting with the Queen to discuss this decision.

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Last week, a new military training system was announced and details have just been released. The system is now more disciplined and difficult. With training lasting a full 3 months and longer hours. Many disapprove of this change but Aleksandr Torosov says they are necessary. 

"The deal with these changes is to help better prepare our soldiers for the defense of the nation." -Aleksandr 

The effects of these changes vary over the 4 military sectors. With Special Forces taking the brut of these effects. 

"Training was already difficult to root out the ones that don't want to be here. This just makes it more difficult for the ones that want to be here"- Special Forces Operator

Along with these changes, the military has chosen a new main assault rifle, the MSBS.

"It's a semiautomatic rifle with a 30-round detachable mag. With the ability to switch to a rate of fire of  700–900 rounds/min."

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Just one hour ago, Marshal General Alexandr Torosov announced a new military operation. The operation, code-named "Operation Snowfall," has been leaked, stating that the government has started researching technology for ICBMs.

Marshal General Alexandr Torosov has stated that this investment and research will help protect Garindina. Now, over to Igor and his interview with the Queen.

"Thank you, Rasia, and now, your majesty, why did the program start"?

"Yes, well, Garindina has always been lacking at the wurld stage in terms of a modern military. But since 2018, I've been trying to modernize our military, and the one thing we've really been lagging in are missiles.

"So how did you come up with the idea of Operation Snowfall?"

"Oh no, that was all Torosov's idea." "I only permitted it, and he put it into motion."

"Ok, so are there any other plans you have for further modernization?"

"There are rumors that the government is looking into nuclear energy,  are these rumors true?"

"Well, no. I will confirm that we are looking into cleaner energy and ways to make them more productive.  But we do not have the technology to study nuclear power. "

"Thank you for your time, Your Majesty."

"Your welcome."

"I'll send it back to you, Raisa."

Well, that was Igor and Queen Nadia V, and in other news, plans for a new national park in the West Glacial Territory are now underway with camp sites and trails being set up. That was all our time for today, Garindina, until next on the NNG.

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                                            March 21, 2023


(photo of the Queen)

 “Preparation is under way for the Queen’s birthday despite the Skibbenon’s declaration of war on @Aurivizh this morning, the day is still festive. Igor, how is it in Parsa Square?”

 “Well Raisa, we’ve got quite the turnout tonight here in Parsa Square as we get ourselves ready for the Queen’s twenty-fourth birthday, as you can see we have hundreds if not thousands gathered here today.”

“This year’s carnival has been said to be better and larger than last year, so no wonder.”

“Yeah, anyway Raisa, with the new attractions this year the prices to enter have raised significantly to 18 Г̷̶̷ (grinvas). From last year's 5 Г̷̶̷ price. But despite this, all these people still came for the festivities. Everything has been set up for tomorrow, and the question is, what will the Queen’s birthday speech be this year? Back to you.”

 “Garindina is full of festivities around this time of the year, so be safe and have fun. This is Raisa Minsky, signing off.”

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"Following Her Majesty’s speech, excitement about the first duma elections is high. With candidates already selected, there is much hope for the future of Garindina. But not everyone is so enthusiastic. A few members of the Federal Council are openly speaking against this decision, with many rallying behind them. It has become clear that there is a political divide in Garindina."

"Raisa, despite the Queen’s speech only being a half hour ago, many have already spoken their opinions. This has caused some to believe that the reforms that will counter corruption will just widen this political divide.

"You’re right, Igor, the "reformation," as the Queens call it, is causing some unwanted problems. But wait, we just received word that Queen Nadia has stated that “These elections will happen, even if the national guard needs to be deployed to voting stations” via social media.

"That is all for the news at noon; tune in later for the news at six."


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“Despite excitement for the upcoming elections, fears of Economic Collapse and the return of the old government are growing. As these fears grow, riots have broken out all over Garindina. In Kogangelsk, ten have been killed in these riots against the elections. These deaths have further enraged the people causing people to call for Queen Nadia’s abdication. In which she responded with this-“


”These elections were introduced for better governance at the local and regional levels. These riots are the result of corruption and exaggerated fears. To those who call for my abdication, I say this to you. I am the Queen of Garindina. I will not abdicate the throne for those who only seek power and wealth to take power. To those who have lost a loved one to these riots, I am sorry for your loss. When I announce my anti-corruption reforms on Saturday, all politicians suspected of corruption will be held in federal custody and investigated for possible corruption and criminal activity.”


”Raisa, do you support these elections? I know I do. More power to the people.”

”Yes Igor, I do. But those who fear economic collapse do have a valid reason. As corruption in Garindina goes farther than just in the government. In other news. In other new, arrest warrants have been issued for Minister Josif Nikitin and Head of the Anti-Corruption division, Stepan Sokolov on corruption charges. The police arrested Stephan Sokolov last night in his home in Braysk. Resulting in the Anti-Corruption and Bribery Agency to be dissolved.”

”Josif Nikitin has yet to be apprehended, and the national police have begun a man hunt for Josif Nikitin. Resulting in increased police presence at airports, private and commercial. Military presence and federal police presence has been increased on the borders of Garindina as well.”

”That’s all for today, at the National News at noon. Let’s all hope this all blows over soon.”

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(Raisa) "Today is the long-awaited day, Election Day. with each oblast holding their own elections for their new state dumas. As this is the National News Network, we will not cover the elections. The regional news networks will cover the elections for their respective oblasts.

(Igor) "In other news, protests have surprisingly not happened today. with even those who have spoken out against these elections taking part."

(Raisa) "Yes, oh, This just in: the mayor of Parsa, Viktor Kuzmin, has been detained on corruption charges. "Not much is known about these corruption charges as of yet, and we will inform you when more details are released."

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Corruption Charges: CEOs Detained


(Raisa) "This morning, the CEOs of both GarinTech and Parsa Shipping have been detained on corruption charges. This comes a year after the Natashasburg Harbor Explosion that killed three people."

(Igor) "There is currently a great deal of evidence of corruption within these two companies. In other news, the manhunt for Josif Nikitin just got worse as the wanted list for corrupt politicians has grown. Josif Nikitin is believed to be the head of this group and is now the most wanted man in Garindina."


Former Minister of National Security, Josif Nikitin

Former Minister of the Economy, Dinara Popov

Governor of the Krydrovky Oblast, Avgustin Kiselev

Governor of the Jasanasburg Administrative District, Yuli Sergeev

Governor of the Parsa Administrative District, Boris Makarov

Governor of the Nadia Oblast, Yulia Morozova

Lieutenant General, Akim Gusev

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Royal Marriage


(Raisa) “We bring you breaking news today as we learn that Grand Duchess Anya and @DPR Velaherian Ambassador Ketriaz Von Sternburg are set to marry in the coming weeks.”

(Igor) “The announcement of this union has garnered mixed reactions, with some expressing concerns, while others see it as an opportunity to strengthen diplomatic ties between the two nations. The potential for this marriage to jumpstart relations with Velaheria cannot be overstated.”

(Raisa) “According to sources, there are signs that the wedding may take place in the capital, Parsa, although no official statement has been released regarding the location or date of the event. We eagerly await further details as they become available.”

(Igor) “One key figure who has yet to weigh in on the matter is Her Majesty the Queen. It is widely anticipated that she will release a statement regarding the upcoming nuptials, and many are hopeful that she will give her blessing to this joyous occasion.

Despite the lack of information at this time, excitement is already building throughout the Nation. Dignitaries and guests from both nations are expected to attend what promises to be a lavish and unforgettable celebration.”

(Raisa) “We will continue to follow up on this developing story and wish the Grand Duchess a happy marriage. That’s all for the news at two.”

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Captured ex-government officials


(Raisa) "This morning, ex-Lieutenant General Akim Gusev, former Governor of the Krydovsky Oblast, Avgustin Kiselev, and former Governor of the Jasanasburg Administrative District, Yuli Sergeev, were all captured near the Ahranan border."

(Igor) "This comes days after the issuance of their arrest warrant. The Border Patrol and the AKSP apprehended them only 400 meters away from the border."

(Raisa) "Josif Nikitin, Dinara Popov, Boris Makarov, and Yulia Morozova have yet to be apprehended and are suspected to have already left the country."

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26/04/2023     7:46 P.M



(Raisa) "We apologize for the interruption of the current programs. But we have breaking news: Queen Naida V, her royal highness, has announced that she will be crowned Tsarina of the United Federation."

(Igor) "This will be the first time a Tsarina has been crowned since the old monarchy. Queen Nadia's coronation will take place on May 1st."

(Raisa) "Furthermore, Queen Naida V has given her blessing to the marriage of Grand Duchess Anya and the @DPR Velaherian Ambassador Ketriaz Von Sternburg. The wedding is expected to take place on Sunday, May 7th."

"Now, we will return you to your regularly scheduled program."

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01/05/2023  11:30 pm

Tsarina Nadia V’s Coronation

(Ivan) “Queen Nadia V’s coronation as Tsarina was earlier tonight. With the leaders of the Union of United Kingdoms of @Ahrana, the Second Kingdom of @Gotneska, the Confederate States of @Florentia, the Serene Kingdom of @Esonice, and the Grand Sultanate of @Tusis showing. The Federal President of @Baltica, Hornumas Vytis, did not show up but congratulated Tsarina Nadia V.”

(Aleksandra)"The event was attended by numerous government officials and foreign ambassadors, including the soon-to-be-wed Ambassador from @DPR Velaheria. Archbishop Fedir Popo blessed and crowned the new Tsarina, marking his first public appearance since crowning Nadia V as Queen in 2015. Speculation is rife that there might be a meeting between the Sultan of Tusis and Tsarina Nadia V about rebuilding the war-torn nation of Tusis."

(Ivan) “That is all for the news at 11, good have a good night, and long live the Tsarina.”

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Marriage of Grand Duchess Anya postponed.

(Raisa) “The marriage of Grand Duchess Anya has been postponed as the entire royal family will be in @Ahrana for EurthVision.”

(Igor) “The marriage has been postponed to May 10th. It has also been confirmed that the marriage will happen in Parsa.”

(Raisa) “In other news, three former government officials were arrested in Ahrana. Josif Nikitin, Diniara Popov, and Boris Makarov were arrested by Ahranan Federal Police Services and Imperial Guards Border Troops. Tsarina Nadia V is presumed to talk with the Ahranan Government about their transfer to Garindinan custody. We’re they will be tried for corruption and drug crimes.”

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Grand Duchess Anya now married

                                  10/05/2023   11:00 PM 


(Raisa) “Earlier this evening, Grand Duchess Anya was married to the @DPR Velaherian Ambassador, Ketriaz Von Sternburg. This marks the first royal marriage since the marriage of King Dimitri II in 1923.”

(Igor) “This wonderful occasion has also created a means for an alliance with the Democratic People’s Republic of Velaheria as well. Even though an alliance is unlikely, due to Velaheria’s current anti-liberal views.” 

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Limits on the Monarchy Introduced.


[Opening shot: The Garindinan National News Network logo fades in, followed by the evening news intro music. After a moment the camera cuts to Raisa sitting at the news desk.]

Raisa: "Good evening, Garindina. You're watching the Garindinan National News Network. I'm Raisa Petrov. This evening, her majesty, Czarina Nadia V, introduced a new government department. The “State Duma” is to replace the Council of Ministers within the Federal Assembly.

[Cut to Igor, standing in front of the Federal Assembly building.]

Igor: "That's right, Raisa. The creation of the State Duma marks a significant shift in the structure of our government. With this change, the Czarina aims to enhance transparency, accountability, and even put some restrictions on the monarchy.”

[Cut back to Raisa]

Raisa: “The Czarina has stated that the implementation of the new ‘State Duma’ is so future monarchs don’t “destroy the nation”.

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Date: June 24, 2023

Headline: Grand Duchess Anya Loses Her Title After Marriage to Velharian Ambassador

Raisa: “In a surprising turn of events, Grand Duchess Anya, a prominent member of the royal family, has lost her title following her marriage to Ketriaz, the Ambassador from Velharia. The announcement was made earlier today by the Czarina, stating that communist are not welcome in the royal family.”

Igor: “The Royal Council has not provided any further details regarding the specific implications of losing the title for Grand Duchess Anya. It remains uncertain whether this decision will impact her standing within the royal family.”

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Alarming Statistics: Alcoholism Accounts for 2% of All Deaths in 2022


Raisa: Good evening, I'm Raisa with the latest update on a pressing issue gripping our nation. A recent study conducted by state officials has revealed that alcoholism was responsible for 2% of all deaths in the year 2022.

This alarming statistic has sparked widespread concern among both the public and government officials, prompting urgent calls for action. Recognizing the severity of the situation, Czarina Nadia V has announced her plans to implement stricter restrictions on alcohol consumption by the end of this year.

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Emergency response crews tasked with finding Billionaire Noel Smuk

Raisa: eccentric billionaire, Noel Smuk, while “trespassing” (he paid to get in) in the old tunnel of the Chernyye Kholmy Mine, has lost contact with the surface. Igor is on scene.

[Igor, standing near the edge of the 4.3 km (2.67 mi) deep hole]

Igor: Today, Noel entered the tunnel mines 4,300 meters (14,107 ft) below with the goal of finding so-called “hollow Eurth”. His team lost contact with Noel at around 7:41 this afternoon. Rescue teams have been dispatched and are now on site.

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 NNG News Report: The Federal Assembly Legalizes Recreational Marijuana Use

Date: 10/08/2023


Raisa: Good evening, Garindina. I'm Raisa Ivanova.

Igor: And I'm Igor Petrov. Today, we bring you a significant development that's been making headlines across the nation.

Raisa: That's right, Igor. After extensive deliberations, and the final decision by the Czarina. Marijuana has been legalized for recreational use. Individuals above the age of 21 will now be allowed to possess and use marijuana for personal recreational purposes, within certain regulated limits.

Igor: This comes almost exactly twelve years since the smoking ban. This landmark decision comes almost exactly twelve years since the implementation of the smoking ban, reflecting the evolving attitudes toward substance use and public health in Garindina.

Raisa: Advocates of this legalization argue that it could help curb the illegal market, generate tax revenue, and offer adults a regulated avenue for consumption.

Igor: Nevertheless, critics voice concerns about potential health implications, particularly among younger individuals. The government acknowledges the complexities of this decision and is committed to addressing these concerns through a comprehensive framework.

Raisa: And that brings us to an interesting point, Raisa. In light of these new developments, it's important to note that while marijuana has been legalized, politicians and public officials are explicitly barred from its recreational use. 

Igor: This directive comes directly from the Czarina herself, who stated that, "Those of us in leadership roles must remain clear-headed and focused on the tasks at hand, ensuring the well-being of our nation remains paramount."

Raisa: Despite the legalization of Marijuana, the crackdown on tabacco products is still in affect. The Czarina has also made it known that new alcohol consumption policies are soon to be implemented. With the goal of lowering alcohol consumption by those under 20.

Igor: I’m Igor Petrov

Raisa: And I’m Raisa Ivanova

Both: and that’s all for the news at noon.

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NNG News Report: Czarina Nadia V to be wed on December 12

Date: Friday 17 November, 2023


Raisa: Good evening everyone, we have  breaking news tonight. The Czarina has announced her engagement to Vladimir Vinogradov, a claimant of the title of ‘Knyaz of Borovskaya’.

Igor: This comes months after their relationship was revealed to the wurld after a year and a half of secrecy. This royal wedding will be on December 12.

Raisa: As of now not much is known about its location or the guests list. But many speculate that leaders of Garindina’s allies will be attending.

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Remembering the Second Garindinan-Korelian War, 25 years later.



:pic: Garindinan Soldiers in Dovgazalsk.


:pic: Korelian Soldiers in the back of a pickup in Dovgazalsk.

Second Garindinan-Korelian War: February 14–June 20, 1999

Igor: Today marks the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the Second Garindinan-Korelian War. The war claimed the lives of over thirteen thousand people, along with the destruction of Dovgazalsk, capital of the now Korelisk Oblast.

Raisa: As we reflect on this somber milestone, it’s crucial to remember the profound impact of the war on both Garindina and Korelia. Scars from the war still remain in Dovgazalsk, serving as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made and the enduring resilience of the people. Memorials will be held in both Parsa and Dovgazalsk later today. Now we head over to Ivan, who is interviewing a veteran of both in Korelisk and in the Civil War.

Ivan: Thank you Raisa, I’m here with Mikhail Petrov, a veteran of the war. Tell me Mikhail, if you’re OK with it, about your experience in the war.

Mikhail: Well, if you’re old enough to remember the time, the war was pretty much inevitable. The ethnic tensions and the lack of international recognition of Korelio was seen as an opportunity to reintegrate Korelio. I’ll tell you about the Battle of Dovgazalsk. It was late March when we reached the city. They were under equipped, but they had the advantage of urban warfare. So we bombed the city. Missiles, artillery and air strikes. By far the worst two and a half months of my life. But we did it for our families and our country. Sorry, got something in my eye. But, we must remember those men we lost, they were family and friends.

Ivan: Thank you, Mikhail. Back to you, Igor and Raisa.

Igor: In other news, the NRP seems to be fracturing, with apparent infighting becoming more and more common…

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24 March, 2024

6:15 PM


Raisa: Breaking news tonight, the Zimovski Palace has announced that Czarina Nadia V’s pregnancy. This announcement comes as a source of great joy and excitement for the people of Garindina, as it heralds the next generation of our royal family. The news was confirmed by palace officials earlier today, sparking celebrations across the country.

Igor: This is indeed a momentous occasion for our nation. The prospect of a new heir to the throne brings hope and anticipation for the future of the monarchy. People across the nation have expressed their warmest wishes to the Czarina and the Czar.

Raisa: Indeed, Igor. The anticipation and excitement are palpable as the nation eagerly awaits the arrival of the newest member of the royal family. The announcement of Czarina Nadia V’s pregnancy marks a significant milestone in our history, reinforcing the strength and continuity of our monarchy. Stating that new monarchy is here to stay.

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Thursday, 30 May 2024

10:15 pm


(Photo of Ekaterina II in 2020)

Raisa: Good evening. We bring you urgent and somber news from the Royal Yedo Estate.  Dowager Czarina Ekaterina II has been diagnosed with grade three glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer, after being found in her room unconscious two days ago.

(Raisa paused for a short moment)

Around 10 AM Tuesday morning, the dowager czarina was found unconscious on the floor of her room by her personal attendants. Medical personnel were immediately summoned, and she was rushed to Yedo City Hospital. Where an emergency CT scan revealed the presence of grade three glioblastoma, a highly aggressive form of brain cancer.

Igor: Grade 3 glioblastoma is known for its rapid growth and severe neurological damage. Ekaterina has requested to not be given treatment, stating “I wish to spend my last days with my family and loved ones, not in a hospital hooked up to machines”. The news has greatly shaken the royal family and the country, as Ekaterina has long been a beloved figure in Garindina. 

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