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[Map Application] The United Federation of Garindina

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Nation: The United Federation of Garindina 

Capital: Parsa (or Parsa City)

Capital Location: I would like my Capital to be place along a coastal area at a rivers end.  It has a natural harbor and has the ability to trade when possible.


Starter stats-

GDP- 2

Population- 0

Landmass- 2


A Nationalist Absolute Monarchy based on Russo-Ukraine culture during the early 1900's but modernized. It has a mixed market with government companies being common. Much like the American economy, government intervention occurs when companies get too big and form a monopoly. The Nation is not really religious but the national religion of Northern Orthodox plays a small role in government. With the nation's many holidays, the nation's tourism industry is massive. With Cyrillic characters being used domestically and Latin characters being used abroad and for tourist.

Climate and Geography-

Garindina is covered In tundra and is fairly cold all year round. With coastal plains and wide forest in the west, and hilly and rocky plains and forest and even some mountains in the east. The west profits from tourism and sciences. The east profits from Tourism as well, major mining and manufacturing in the south. With small oil and gas reserves just off the coast and slightly inland. With coal being the most prominent resource. The nation can't grow much other than potatoes and beets, so most of the nation's food is imported.


           "Recent History of Garindina"


With the death of Anastasia Belov, Dzmitry Ivanov was appointed president on June 7, 1971. Ivanov later led the nation into famine, it still isn't clear how it was caused but Ivanov was blamed, and he did nothing to fix it. The grivna quickly collapsed and inflation rates skyrocketed. Ivanov stepped down on January 3, 1982 and Vladimir Stepanov was appointed president on January 5, 1982. Stepanov was appointed to a rapidly destabilizing nation. As many demanded change, Stepanov requested that all protests against the government be put down and all involved be arrested. But on March 31, 1983, Aleksandr Yakovlev, along with many members of the Garindinan National Royalist Party declared the founding of the United Federation of Garindina. Many joined his cause and later attacked and captured a Federal military base. Garindina had fallen into civil war...

The Garindinan Civil War

The first months of the war were gruesome for the National Royalists, the Federals were winning. But after Stepanov began killing those who he believed supported the Royalists, Yakovlev gained more support. Then, on July 3, 1983, The Communist Party of Garindina declared the United Socialist Garindinan Republics in Jasanasburg. The war began to take a turn for the worse. The Communist had rose up in the highly industrialized east and were making steady gains. The Liberals later declared the Republic of Garindina in Borisobay on October 13, 1987. After 3 years of war, the Oblast of Dorostan declared independence on Feduary 2nd, 1985 and joined the Civil War. Aleksandr meat with the leader of the Dorostan rebels, Andry Zhuk, and signed and agreement that they will not attack each other's forces. The war quickly became a quagmire after 4 years with four different sides. With Ateenian weapons entering Dorostan, Garindinan relations with Ateenia soured. Stepanov then Banned all political parties and gave himself all power in government on the 17 if October. By the beginning of the 1990s, the National Democratic Government was reduced to the Ravno, Don Voisko and Natashasburg Oblasts. By the summer, The Federal Republic of Garindina was declared a failed state by the international community. The Anarchist banned together on December 1, 1991 and formed the Garindinan Black Army. The Black Army declared the Free Territories of Garindina the next day. The National Democratic Government later collapsed on July 1, 1995 after the Communist captured Parsa. The National Royalist started feirsly pushing towards Parsa, the Anarchist had captured the entirety of East Garindina and The Liberals were on their last legs as the communist were seiging Borisobay and had nearly captured the city. The National Royalist reached the Capital by July 17, 1996. The National Royalist surrounded the city and besieged the city. National Royalist uprisings in Communist west Garindina started after the siege began. Parsa finally fell on July 30, 1996. The National Royalist continued to push the communist west. On March 7, 1997, the Communist Party surendered. The Royalist began push against the Black Army and on September 2, 1998, after the Battle of Novokamensk, the Balck Army surrendered. The Garindinan Civil War was over after 15 years of fighting. After about 970,000 deaths, the war was over.

Post-War Period

One month after the War, Princess Nadia V was born. Yakovlev created a new constitution and rebuilt senate for the 11 Oblast Representatives to meet. The nation was an absolute monarchy with a senate to govern the 11 oblast of the nation. Rebuilding of the nation was slow as Yakovlev was having trouble with rebuilding the Grivna.  But when he stabilized the nation's currency, rebuilding Garindina hastened. But Yakovlev quickly became a tyrant and outlawed gambling, achohol and smoking. When he when on January 3, 2013. Princess Nadia V was only 15 and was crowned Queen only a week later.


Vision statement:


Desired location:


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Hello, and congratulations on passing the academy! Now let's finally get you on the map.
Also for future reference, we require a link to your vision statement, not a picture of it.

With 2 points in landmass, your country would be anywhere from 260,000km^2 to just below 350,000km^2 in size. Unless you were to raise your land points to 4, I would not be able to provide a land area of 575,055km^2 as requested in your vision statement.

Culture, Climate, Geography
A cold tundra climate with a Slavic culture would most likely put you somewhere in the northern half of Argis, however I struggle to see justification of Garindina being so far east in Argis (as per your desired location) as all of our other Slavic nations are clustered in central Argis:
Especially our Russian, Belorussian, and Ukrainian (purple,, red, dark blue respectfully on this map) which are all much deeper into the continent. Preferably we would like to keep similar nations closer together. Nevertheless I will still try provide you with different locations which may be sufficient for what you request. The size of mountains may vary depending on location.

Below I have proposed 4 locations for your country. Once you've chosen one (or none) of the proposed locations, I will request consent from your would-be neighbours, and afterwards we can tweak borders and add your cities in Discord.

Proposal 1 - North-East Argis 1
With approximately 332,200km^2 of land, your country would be the edge of the Slavic wurld of Argis with a frigid Siberian climate. Mountains to the west and flatter lands to the north and southern edge.

Proposal 2 - North-East Argis 2
Alternatively, with a land area of 346,900km^2, you could be positioned a bit further south with flatter terrain (though still very mountainous in the north). Much of your northern half remains Siberian, though your southern half in the weird bulbous peninsula would be temperate climate, which might affect your economic ideas of your country. Nevertheless you would be much closer to active members.

Proposal 3 - Central Argis
Thirdly, with 335,00km^2 of surface area, your country would be nestled between all the pre-existing !East-Slavic nations, with your entire nation shuffled into the Siberian climate with access to the sea through the small Canamo Sea, and down into southern Argis via the Amber Lake and its rivers.

Proposal 4 - Southern Argis
Lastly with 344,600km^2, the wild card, southern Argis. Completely the wrong climate, instead being a cold temperate forested region with cold step just in the fringes of your western protrusion.

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Hello and good morning everyone, after careful thoughts and consideration I am here to either give my consent or not to this proposed location of our newest addition to our region, @Garindina

I understand the desire and appeal of location #4 but I feel that is not the best location for you and this is my opinion only.

The area of location #2 and #1 is where I see the majority of the Slavs living in current day besides Volhynia, which is another thing honestly that I will have to try and figure out eventually. I feel that your Slavs are more at home in that area and the reason could be due to the Ahranaian Empires political agenda with cultures.

If I was to personally pick a location for your list it would be location #2 it’s the perfect location in my opinion. Plus once my Dniester expansion is finished, whenever that’ll be 🤣, we will be neighbors and have a land border with each other. Plus the water access like I’ve probably stated below and you’d still have a port in the north to the Canamo Sea as well.

So why am I saying this exactly? It’s not that I don’t want you as a neighbor, by all means I’ve been wanting a neighbor since Baltica left 😪 the area which I may have some part in, but I just want you to have the best location for you and for the culture you want to fit in just right.

Also, from our conversation earlier this morning about a possible Canal, if in location #2 you wouldn’t need a canal to have access to a more moderate temp waters which could be a plus! But then again this is your map placement not mine and I am here to just say yes or no or perhaps give you some ideas of the other locations. 

So what is my answer to giving the consent for location #3? I am going to have to give my decline and say no to this proposed to location and ask you to consider the ideas I gave above. I am beyond excited to work with you trust me on that. 

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I think we've sorted this by DM. TLDR: We can move ahead with placement at Cartographer's convenience.


IC Changes:

-Moving Koudiland. IC'ly to the "shaft" of that unfortunate landmass. I know, there hasn't been an official map request for it. We'll get there eventually.

-Canamo Canal will pass through Garindina in its original position and will be under the jurisdiction of the Canamo Canal Corporation. Garindina will maintain the right to build infrastructure passing over it as needed. Garindina will have bought a voting stake in the Canamo Canal Corp.


Think that wraps it up. Congratulations on graduating and getting a spot @Garindina

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