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Rikari: Unseen in Yien

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Sequel to Anticipating Anglia

With the Anglia conflict nearing its epic climax,
Rikari races against time to stop a global catastrophe,
all while navigating a web of seduction and betrayal.

Chemistry lab

Prologue: Whispers of Ruin
Somewhere in Yien
Saturday, 14 January 2023

DEEP WITHIN YIEN'S dense jungles, shielded by layers of foliage and secrecy, lay a black site known to only a few. Its existence, buried amidst classified documents and cryptic communications, remained a mystery to the outside world. The facility, blending steel and shadows, stood as a secretive altar where ethics and ambition blurred. The eerie silence of the surrounding wilderness belied the tempest of dark endeavours brewing within its walls, as men of science and power toiled in secrecy, forging a path that threatened to redraw the boundaries of order and chaos.

Diviner Alier Mohan I, the enigmatic puppet master pulling the strings of power in Yien, forged a clandestine alliance with Great Anglia's revered scientist, Dr Mathias Mulugeta. Their unholy alliance, a dark deal of political intrigue meshed with scientific malfeasance, bore a sinister agenda to sculpt a new world order. Through the veil of secrecy, they conspired, blending the harsh notes of political power with the chilling melody of biotechnological terror. Their aim: to orchestrate a future where their dominion reigned supreme, unchallenged by the feeble cries of morality or the old world order.

As dawn's first light penetrated the jungle canopy, casting a pall of eerie luminescence, they descended into the abyss of their clandestine lab. Inside, the cold, sterile chambers were a stark contrast to the wild verdancy outside. They housed the apparatus of doom—advanced bioengineering setups with state-of-the-art equipment gleaming under the artificial lights, ominous vats of pathogenic brews that simmered with malevolent promise. And along a dark corridor stood a line of prisoners, shackled, their desolate eyes reflecting the dire abyss of lost hope amidst a towering edifice of malevolent science.

“Dr Mulugeta, is the serum operationally ready?” Mohan asked, his voice cold and precise.

“Yes, Diviner,” Mathias replied. Though his voice was steady, a subtle tremor in his fingers revealed his unease. They moved over the metallic case—a bio-containment unit from Anglia. It safeguarded their creation, a lethal bioengineered pathogen. As the lock clicked open, revealing the vials inside, the weight of their dark ambitions became palpable.

With a sinister nod from Mohan, Mathias initiated the process, his gloved hands meticulously preparing the syringe that contained the dreaded pathogen. As he administered the lethal concoction to the first prisoner, the silence of the chamber was shattered by screams of anguish that reverberated through the cold, sterile corridors of the clandestine facility. Each cry of despair harmonized with the eerie hum of the high-tech equipment surrounding them, orchestrating a dark symphony that heralded doom. These echoes resonated through the jungle, masking the sinister dance of science and death within.

Outside, the jungle seemed to mourn the loss of its innocence to the ambitions of the nefarious duo. Their secret pact, born of ruthless ambition, was taking root in Yien's heart, causing ripples of alarm in the espionage world. Inside the black site, seeds of a bleak future were sown. The outside world, oblivious for now, remained on the brink of a storm brewing in the shadows, one that promised to alter geopolitical landscapes.

OOC. This story is my contribution to the approaching climax of the Anglian War, our collaborative conflict that's set the world aflame in 2021. This story takes place in Yien, a country in the southern Azanian subcontinent of Europa. Readers who have been paying close attention will notice how several previous storylines come together.

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Cast of characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Diviner Alier Mohan I, spiritual leader of Yien
  2. Dr Mathias Mulugeta, evil scientist from Great Anglia
  3. Mr Raziel “Raz” Rikari, spy for the Orinese Secret Intelligence Service (OSIS)
  4. Unnamed woman, receptionist at the Orinese consulate in Constantinopla, Red Iberos
  5. Mr Mario Ramius, Grand Admiral of the Fleet of the Imperial Orinese Navy
  6. Mr Tobiya Wayanor, Orinese permanent representative to the Entente of Oriental States
  7. Ms Azura al-Maaz, military contact in Damak Var
  8. Ms Kidist “Kiki” Chidik, contact in Yien
  9. Mr Zarek Odum, “The Lion”, Reel warlord and separatist sympathizer in Yien
About Raziel Rikari (main character)

Age: Late 30s/Early 40s


  • Charismatic and confident demeanour.
  • Chiselled physique and toned muscles from years of training and fieldwork.
  • Ruggedly handsome, with sharp features and piercing eyes that exude intelligence and determination.
  • Usually dressed in tailored suits or tactical gear, depending on the mission.
  • Actor: Idris Elba


  • Cold and calculating, but with a strong sense of justice and loyalty to his country and mission.
  • Experienced in the field and highly skilled in espionage, combat, and covert operations.
  • Strategic thinker, with a keen mind and quick reflexes.
  • Charismatic and suave, able to charm his way out of sticky situations and form alliances when necessary.


  • Trained by the Orinese Secret Intelligence Service (OSIS) from a young age.
  • A seasoned veteran of the field, with a long list of successful missions under his belt.
  • Known for his resourcefulness, courage, and unwavering determination in the face of danger.
  • Has faced numerous challenges and adversity, but always comes out on top with his cunning and mastery of espionage.


  • Expert marksman and hand-to-hand combatant.
  • Skilled in deception, infiltration, and reconnaissance.
  • Proficient in multiple languages, including Orinese, Varian, Saharan, Yienete.
  • Adept at using technology and gadgets for surveillance and information gathering.


  • Armed with a customized Orinese pistol.
  • Equipped with various gadgets and tech provided by the EOS Q-division.
  • Armed with a miniature satellite communication device, allowing him to stay in contact with his handlers and receive mission updates.


  • Loyal to his country and the Entente of Oriental States (EOS).
  • Driven by a desire to stop the threat posed by Great Anglia and its allies.
  • Committed to his mission, but also willing to take risks to achieve his goals.
  • Willing to make sacrifices and face danger to ensure that justice is served.
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Chapter 1: Opening
Constantinopla, Red Iberos
Thursday, 9 February 2023

THE BUSTLING CITY of Constantinopla was a chaotic mix of old and new, with ancient architecture blending seamlessly with modern socialist housing blocks. Raziel Rikari awoke as the morning sun peeked through the window of his small hotel room in the heart of the city. Lying next to him, a beautiful woman, a receptionist at the Orinese consulate, in her late twenties, her long brown hair cascading down her back. As he got up to leave, she stirred, murmuring something unintelligible, but didn't wake up. Rikari left without a second glance. He was always occupied pursuing women. She was just another fleeting connection in his life of constant travel. Nothing permanent, which explained why he spent the last decade living out of a suitcase. He quickly got dressed, grabbed his stuff, and slipped out the door.

He navigated the bustling streets, with the aroma of salt and spices in the air and the cacophony of traffic and vendors echoing through the alleyways. In this blur of noise and movement, his mind was focused, his senses alert. Rikari arrived at a small, unassuming café near the centre of the city. He took a seat at a table in the back corner and ordered a coffee. He leaned back and waited, his eyes observing the crowds of people rushing by. Suddenly, his phone vibrated with a message from Mario Ramius, his recruiter into the Orinese Secret Intelligence Service. The message was brief and cryptic: “Meet TW at the place where we first met. We have a job to do.”

Rikari finished his coffee. The Red Iberos sun blazed down on the ancient streets as he strode purposefully to the designated meeting spot—a small park in the city's heart.

“TW” was waiting for him, with a friendly smile on his face, dressed in a sharp suit and carrying a briefcase. The two men nodded at each other in greeting. Mr Tobiya Wayanor and Rikari had collaborated before, and their relationship was one of mutual respect and trust.

“It's good to see you again, Mr Rikari” Wayanor greeted him, gesturing towards a nearby park. “Please, have a seat.” Rikari sat down, his eyes never leaving Wayanor's face. He knew that the man was here to give him his next mission, and he was eager to get started.

“We have a delicate situation on our hands in Yien, Mr Rikari,” Wayanor said, his voice grave.

Rikari raised an eyebrow. “Why does the EOS care about Yien? I thought we had drawn a clear red line all along the Saeida Strait. And with the announced infrastructure improvements and those recent troop movements, the Meteorolan states are well-protected. Isn't that enough?”

“Our intelligence has uncovered a disturbing plot by the Rek Clan in Yien,” Wayanor began, his gaze unwavering. “They are attempting to sell a biotechnological weapon, the result of their dark endeavors with Great Anglia's scientists, to the very nation that helped them develop it. We suspect this weapon has the potential to manipulate or decimate populations, possibly giving Great Anglia a terrifying advantage in the region. If this transaction goes through, it won't just tip the balance of power; it could render entire nations vulnerable and defenseless. The mere possession of such a weapon by Great Anglia could lead other nations to take pre-emptive action, spiraling us into a full-scale war.”

Rikari's eyes narrowed, the gravity of the situation sinking in. “So, this isn’t just about stopping a deal. It’s about preventing a catastrophe.”

“Exactly,” Wayanor confirmed. “The world is standing on the precipice, and we need to ensure it doesn’t plunge into chaos.”

Rikari nodded, understanding the gravity of the situation. "What do you need me to do?" he asked, his voice calm and steady.

Wayanor leaned forward, his eyes burning with intensity. “We need you to go to Yien, Mr Rikari,” he said. “We need you to stop this from happening, prevent the Rek Clan from completing this deal, no matter what the cost.”

Rikari nodded, taking in the information. “Understood. What's my cover?”

Wayanor smiled, opening his briefcase to reveal a stack of fake passports and documents. “You're a freelance arms dealer seeking weapons for a client. You'll have all the resources you need, but be careful. The Rek Clan is led by Diviner Alier Mohan I, a ruthless man who won't hesitate to eliminate anyone standing in his way.”

Rikari nodded, taking the briefcase from Wayanor. He was always up for a challenge, and he relished the opportunity to once again use his skills to serve his country. “I won't let you down,” he said, as he turned and made his way out of the park. The mission was on.

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Rikari in Damak Var

Chapter 2: Azura
Alesia Air Force Base, Damak Var
Friday, 10 February 2023

OH-DARK-THIRTY when Rikari boarded an unmarked government flight bound for Alesia AFB, a military airbase located south of Avantine in Damak Var. The cabin was a mix of military personnel and civilians, but Rikari paid them little attention. Among them, Rikari was a noticeable presence. Tall, with a chiselled jawline and dark eyes that commanded attention. He was the only one dressed in a black military uniform, a bulletproof Kevlar vest hugged his torso, and a semi-automatic pistol strapped to his side. Rikari knew that he stood out, but was used to it. This wasn't his first covert operation, and he was unfazed by the attention.

Rikari settled into his seat, his mind raced with the possibilities of what awaited him in Damak Var. The flight took several hours. Throughout that time, Rikari was engrossed in his mission preparations. He had heard rumours of unrest in the region and knew the Rek Clan was always searching for opportunities to strike. Rikari pulled a laptop from the briefcase he received in the park. He reviewed satellite images of the area he would be infiltrating, knowing the Rek Clan was poised to capitalize on any mistake or sign of weakness. As he scrolled through the data, his mind was entirely focused on the mission. He had worked for the clandestine services for years and participated in numerous covert operations, but this one was different. This mission could be the key to preventing @Great Anglia from gaining an overwhelming advantage. The rumours of unrest in the region only heightened his alertness. Rikari was well-aware that the outcome of this mission could prevent Great Anglia from gaining a strategic foothold. The stakes were high, and he knew failure was not an option. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, attempting to clear his mind of distractions.

The plane began its descent. Rikari stowed away his laptop and prepared for the upcoming landing. The Baywind BW700 jet touched down at Alesia AFB. As Rikari disembarked, the scorching heat was immediate, his black uniform sticking uncomfortably to his skin. He adjusted his collar and scanned the surroundings, always vigilant. Out on the tarmac, he needed to maintain a low profile and avoid attracting unwanted attention. He made his way towards the main military building, where he was meeting his contact, Azura al-Maaz. She was the only one who could provide him with a full mission briefing.

As he walked through the door, the cool air was a welcome relief. A scent of exotic flowers greeted him. The lounge was empty except, for a woman, sitting on a couch, reading a dossier. Azura al-Maaz awaited him. She looked up as Rikari approached, and he couldn't help but admire her beauty. Her dark olive skin contrasted beautifully with her jet-black hair, neatly pulled back. Her piercing green eyes watched him intently, a silent acknowledgment of mutual respect. She was dressed in a sleek air force pressure suit that hugged her curves in all the right places. Her body was toned and athletic. Rikari felt his heart skip a beat as he looked at her. Rikari had heard of her reputation within the clandestine services, but meeting Azura in person, he understood the tales of her competence and charisma. She was more than just a pretty face; she was a force to be reckoned with. Azura had worked with the clandestine services for years, and she had a reputation as one of their top operatives. She was the only one who could help Rikari complete his mission.

Raz approached her, and they exchanged a nod of recognition.

“Welcome, Rikari,” Azura greeted, her voice smooth yet commanding. “I trust your flight was uneventful?” As he sat down next to her, she handed him the dossier, and delved straight into the mission details.

“Raz, the situation in Yien has escalated. With the government restructuring into a unitary state, the native Reel Clans from the eastern half are in open dissent. The Rek Clan's rumored plans to acquire a formidable weapon from Great Anglia could tilt the balance of power dangerously. We cannot let this alliance stand.”

Rikari's eyes narrowed. “Why is the EOS involving itself now? With the announced fortifications and our troop movements, aren't we safeguarding the Meteorolan states?”

Azura's expression grew serious. “The Rek Clan is in control of the government, and they've allied themselves with Great Anglia. The Reel Clans, native to the eastern half of Yien, are not happy with this arrangement. There has been a lot of protest. In response, the Rek Clan is cracking down hard. The Reel people are seeking outside support to take back control, and that's where you come in.”

Azura leaned in closer, her piercing green eyes focused on him. “Your mission is to undermine the alliance between Yien and Great Anglia by arranging covert weapons support to the separatists in Yien. You will meet up with a man called The Lion. He is a ruthless Reel warlord and separatist sympathizer. His real name is Zarek Odum. He appears eager to help us. But, as with most things in the world of espionage, there will be a catch.”

Azura turned to Rikari, her eyes never leaving Rikari's. She took a deep breath before speaking. “The Reel lands are located in the dense jungle region of eastern Yien. The eastern part of Yien is heavily guarded and has several surveillance systems in place. It's virtually impossible to get into the region without passing a military checkpoint. That's why we need you to perform a HAHO - high altitude, high opening - jump. You'll be dropped from a high altitude, and glide into the territory. It's the safest and most covert way to get in without being detected by the Rek Clan's patrols.”

Rikari nodded, his demeanor focused. “Understood. When do we begin?”

“Tonight,” Azura confirmed. “Your gear is prepped, including a specially designed suit that will help you evade any enemy patrols. Your equipment also includes a customized Orinese pistol, various gadgets and tech provided by the EOS.

Azura handed him a small device. “Use this to communicate with us. It is a miniature satellite communication device, allowing you to stay in contact with your handlers and receive mission updates. And be careful, Rikari. Yien is a dangerous place.”

Rikari nodded, slipped the device into his pocket, and Azura continued. “I have your mission briefing, and I think you'll find it quite exciting. We've become accustomed to the EOS way of doing things, where you want operations to take place during the night as much as possible. That's when we have a lot of advantage. Turns out the Yienites aren’t as good at night as we are.”

Rikari stood up, ready for action. “Understood,” he said. “I'll get started right away.”

As Rikari prepared to depart, Azura's voice held a note of caution. “Be wary, Rikari. The Rek Clan, especially Diviner Alier Mohan I, is ruthless. We're counting on you.”

Rikari's acknowledgment was curt, filled with determination. “I won't let you down.”

Rikari boarded the sleek, black aircraft, feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness. As the plane took off and climbed into the sky, Rikari couldn't help but feel a thrill of adrenaline rush through his veins. The flight was quiet, with only the sound of the engines and the occasional crackle of the radio breaking the silence. Rikari went over his mission brief one last time, making sure he knew everything he needed to.

Finally, the time had come. The plane reached the drop zone and Rikari made his way to the rear of the aircraft, where a small door opened to reveal the vast open sky. He stepped up to the door and gazed out at the breathtaking view of the lush green jungle below. With a deep breath, Rikari jumped. The wind rushed past him as he fell, and he quickly deployed his HAHO parachute, beginning his glide towards the Reel territory below.

As he descended, Rikari couldn't help but admire the rugged beauty of the landscape below. The thick jungle canopy stretched as far as the eye could see, dotted with the occasional waterfall or river. Rikari touched down in the dense jungle. He landed softly on the ground, rolling to absorb the impact.

Rikari surveyed his surroundings. There was no time to waste. He stashed his parachute and moved stealthily towards the designated rendezvous point as displayed on his communications device.

A voice, cool and confident, greeted him. “Welcome to Yien.”

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Kidist "Kiki" Chidike

Chapter 3: The Informant
Jungle of Reel, eastern Yien
Saturday morning, 11 February 2023

RIKARI TURNED SHARPLY to see who was offering such a warm welcome, his hand instinctively reaching for his weapon. He was met by a small, slender woman with dark hair and a determined look on her face. She had a rough exterior, but her eyes conveyed a sense of warmth and familiarity. Rikari immediately recognized her from the briefing documents he reviewed earlier.

“Are you Rikari?” the woman inquired, sizing him up.

“Yes, that's me,” he nodded. “And you must be Ms Kidist Chidike?” Rikari ventured a guess.

“You can call me Kiki,” she replied, extending a calloused hand in greeting. “Azura sent word of your arrival. Follow me.” Kiki turned and led him deeper into the jungle.

With a nimbleness that hinted at her familiarity with the terrain, Kiki led Rikari through the dense foliage to a secluded clearing where an old jeep awaited. The woman moved like a shadow, navigating through the thick underbrush with ease. Rikari felt a chill run down his spine as he followed Kiki through the dense jungle.

They soon reached a clearing where a battered jeep was hidden behind a tree. Climbing into the driver's seat, she beckoned Rikari to the passenger side.

“I will take you to a small village not far from here,” Kiki said as she started the engine. “The Lion awaits us there.”

The engine rumbled to life, and the vehicle lurched forward, leaving the dense jungle behind and bouncing over rough terrain towards a small village. As they drove, Kiki began to explain the intricacies on the local resistance against the Rek clan, who they viewed as oppressors. Her words painted a vivid picture of a people oppressed and desperate for change. She spoke of their willingness to work with outsiders who shared their goals, but also of their mistrust of the EOS, whose role in the region was seen as ambiguous.

As Kiki spoke, her eyes hardened. “The Rek Clan has been a curse on our land for far too long. They have brought nothing but death and destruction to our people.”

Pausing for a moment, Kiki shared a personal tale.

“My younger brother Ibrahim was full of dreams and hope. He was a bright, ambitious young man, who dreamed of becoming a doctor. Ibi wanted to help his people. But he became another statistic when the Rek forces stormed our village. They took him away, and we never saw him again. He was a boy of only 16 years old.” Rikari could hear the raw pain in her voice. “We never saw him again. They say he was taken to one of their prison camps, but we have no way of knowing for sure. All we know is that he is gone.”

Rikari's expression softened. “I'm truly sorry, Kiki,” he offered, his tone genuine. “I'm here to help change things, to bring an end to such atrocities. To help people like you and your brother.”

Kiki was silent for a moment, looking out at the lush jungle. “The Lion said he has information for you. Something that could help us stop the Rek Clan and their allies.”

By dawn, the duo reached a village. It was small, but pulsating with life. Rikari observed the lively scene. People went about their daily lives, seemingly unaware of the conflict and chaos that surrounded them. Rikari took a moment to survey the area, taking in the sights and sounds of the busy village. He noticed children running around, playing games, and laughing with one another. Women sat outside their homes, chatting and laughing, while men worked on various projects around the village. A tranquil scene that seemed a world away from the conflict they spoke of.

Kiki led him to a small, nondescript building in the centre of town. The interior was dimly lit and smelled of gunpowder and oil. A gaunt man with sharp features and a quick smile stepped forward, out from the shadows. His eyes carefully scanned Rikari.

“I am The Lion,” he introduced himself, extending a hand in greeting, his strong grip speaking of battles fought and won. “I understand you need assistance.” His authoritative gaze and resonant voice left no doubt about his leadership. “I have information that can aid your cause. But I expect something in return.”

“What do you want?” Rikari inquired, gauging Zarek.

"I want the EOS to help liberate our territory. We need all the help we can get." Zarek said. "The Rek Clan has been trying to infiltrate our ranks, and we need your help to stop them. Help me eliminate the traitors.”

“I can help you,” Rikari said. He pulled out a small device and showed it to Zarek. “This is an EOS encrypted communication device. It's impossible to trace.” Zarek nodded, studying the device carefully. Rikari tapped a few buttons and contacted Azura al-Maaz in neighbouring Damak Var.

“Azura, it's Rikari. I have arrived an need you to do something for me. Get Wayanor to prepare a weapons shipment to my coordinates. And make sure he uses a good cover, like the Valiant Security Group,” Rikari said in a hushed voice.

“Understood. I'll handle it,” Azura replied.

Rikari sighed with relief. The last thing he needed was for their plan to fall apart because of a lack of weaponry. “We're counting on you, Azura,” Rikari said before ending the call. As he pocketed the device, Rikari wondered what else could go wrong. He needed the weapons and explosives to gain Zarek's trust and help him take down the Rek Clan.

“I think we can collaborate.” Zarek seemed impressed. “Sit down,” he said, nodding in approval, while motioning for Rikari to take a seat. “Now, let's discuss the Rek Clan's secret weapon.”

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Jungle hut

Chapter 4: The Weapon
Jungle of Reel, eastern Yien
Saturday afternoon, 11 February 2023

RIKARI SAT DOWN on a rickety wooden chair, his eyes fixed on Zarek as the man unfurled a set of maps and schematics across a worn wooden table. Kiki stood beside them, her eyes flicking back and forth between the two men.

“The Rek Clan has been developing a new weapon, one that could tip the balance of power in the region,” Zarek said, his voice low and gravelly. "We've managed to gather some intelligence, but we need the support of the EOS to help us fully understand and counter this threat."

Rikari leaned in, his eyes scanning the maps and documents laid out before him. They detailed a remote facility deep within the jungle, heavily guarded and fortified. The schematics revealed a complex series of underground tunnels and bunkers, designed to withstand even the most aggressive assaults.

“What is this weapon?” Rikari asked, his voice tense.

Zarek hesitated for a moment before answering. “We don't have all the details yet, but from what we've gathered, it's a chemical weapon. Something new and highly potent. The Rek Clan plans to use it to bring us so-called ‘separatists’ to our knees, and ultimately establish control over the entire region.”

Rikari clenched his jaw, his face set in determination. “We need to stop them. If they deploy this weapon, countless innocent lives will be lost.”

Kiki nodded, her eyes dark and serious. “We need the support of the EOS. With your help, we can infiltrate the facility, neutralize the weapon, and take out the Rek Clan leadership.”

Rikari considered the implications of the mission, the weight of responsibility heavy on his shoulders. “I'll contact Azura. We'll need to coordinate our efforts and make sure we have the resources necessary to take on this challenge.”

As Rikari pulled out his encrypted communication device and made the call, Zarek and Kiki continued to pore over the intelligence they had gathered. They knew the mission would be dangerous, but with the support of the EOS and the expertise of Rikari, they were one step closer to securing the freedom they had fought so hard for.

As the night wore on, Rikari, Zarek, and Kiki made their plans, the dim light of a flickering lantern casting eerie shadows across the room. With each passing moment, the stakes grew higher, and the danger more imminent. But together, they were determined to put an end to the tyranny of the Rek Clan and prevent the deployment of the deadly weapon that threatened to shatter the fragile peace of the region.

The sun began to set over the dense jungle, casting long shadows on the village as Rikari, Kiki, and Zarek made final preparations for their mission. In a secluded part of the village, several EOS operatives had set up a makeshift base, coordinating efforts with the local separatists.

Rikari reviewed the latest intelligence reports, his brow furrowed in concentration. Kiki and Zarek briefed a small group of trusted operatives, each chosen for their unique skills and unwavering loyalty to the cause. The air was thick with tension, the gravity of the mission hanging over them like a storm cloud.

As night fell, Rikari gathered the team around a flickering fire, its glow casting a warm light on their faces. He looked at each of them in turn, his eyes conveying a sense of urgency and purpose.

“This mission is about more than just stopping the Rek Clan and their weapon,” Rikari said, his voice steady and commanding. “It's about protecting the lives of innocent people, ensuring their safety and the future of this region. We cannot afford to fail.”

Kiki, her eyes hard and resolute, added, “We have a chance to put an end to the Rek Clan's tyranny, to show them that they cannot continue to oppress and terrorize our people. We must stand together, united against this threat.”

Zarek nodded, his gaze unwavering as he addressed the team. “We have the element of surprise, the backing of the Entente, and the knowledge of our enemy's plans. With your courage and skill, I have no doubt that we will be successful.”

The group listened intently, their expressions a mix of determination and concern. Rikari could see the weight of the mission pressing down on each of them, but he also saw the fire in their eyes, the fierce desire to fight for their people and their freedom.

The team spent the remainder of the night reviewing the plan, ensuring every detail was accounted for and every possible contingency considered. Rikari knew that success depended on their ability to work together, to rely on each other's strengths and support one another through the challenges they would face.

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Chapter 5: The Facility
Jungle of Reel, eastern Yien
Sunday morning, 12 February 2023

THE FIRST LIGHT of dawn broke over the horizon, casting a soft glow on the jungle canopy. Rikari and his team gathered their equipment and embarked on foot, their boots sinking into the damp earth as they made their way through the dense undergrowth. They moved silently, their senses attuned to the sounds of the surrounding forest, the chirping of birds and the rustle of leaves concealing their approach. Sweat trickled down their foreheads, their clothing clinging to their bodies in the oppressive heat and humidity.

For hours, they trekked through the jungle, navigating treacherous terrain and avoiding the watchful eyes of the Rek Clan's scouts. The oppressive heat and humidity took their toll, but the team pressed on, driven by their mission and their commitment to one another. The jungle was a living, breathing entity, full of hidden dangers and predatory creatures that could strike without warning. Despite the ever-present threats, Rikari and his team were undeterred, their resolve unwavering.

As the sun began its descent towards the horizon, the team arrived at a vantage point overlooking the Rek Clan's secret facility. Rikari peered through a pair of binoculars, his eyes scanning the complex and the surrounding area. The facility was a sprawling complex, its walls and buildings a stark contrast to the natural beauty of the jungle that surrounded it. Guard towers loomed over the perimeter, their spotlights sweeping the area, casting harsh beams of light on the otherwise dark landscape.

Rikari studied the facility, noting the position of the guards and the layout of the buildings. He knew that gaining access to the facility would be difficult, but with the help of Kiki and Zarek's inside knowledge, they had a chance. He turned to the team, his voice low and measured. “We'll split into two teams. Team A, led by Kiki, will infiltrate the facility and disable their communication systems. This will give us a small window of opportunity to move in without being detected. Team B, led by Zarek, will provide cover and support from our vantage point. Once Team A has completed their objective, we'll regroup and move in together to locate and neutralise the secret weapon.”

The team members exchanged determined glances, nodding in understanding. Rikari could see the resolve in their eyes, their commitment to the mission unwavering. Kiki approached Rikari. “I've studied the patrol patterns of the guards. We'll have a brief opening in fifteen minutes. That's when we move.”

Rikari nodded. “Understood. Let's get into position.”

With a final reminder to maintain radio silence until the communications systems were disabled, the teams split up, each moving stealthily towards their respective objectives.

Kiki and Team A made their way towards the facility. Rikari watched from his vantage point, his heart pounding in anticipation. He knew that the stakes were high, and the slightest mistake could jeopardise the entire mission. But he had faith in his team and their abilities.

Infiltrating the compound proved to be challenging, but Kiki and her team navigated the complex network of security systems and patrols with the precision and skill of seasoned operatives. As they closed in on the communications hub, they communicated with hand signals and whispered instructions, their movements fluid and silent.

Rikari and Zarek's team kept a watchful eye on the compound, ready to provide support if needed. They observed the movements of the Rek Clan guards, noting any changes in their patterns and ensuring that Team A remained undetected.

With a final, decisive blow, Kiki and her team disabled the communication systems, cutting off the Rek Clan's ability to call for reinforcements. Rikari's heart soared with relief, but he knew that their mission was far from over.

“Now's our chance,” Rikari said to Zarek. “Let's move.”

Rikari and Zarek led their team into the compound, moving swiftly and silently through the shadows. They navigated the maze of buildings and corridors, relying on their intelligence and Kiki's guidance to lead them towards the secret weapon.

As they drew closer, Rikari could sense the urgency in the air, the knowledge that time was running out. The team moved with purpose, each step bringing them closer to their objective.

Finally, they reached the heart of the facility, a large, heavily fortified room that housed the secret weapon. Rikari held his breath as they breached the door, unsure of what they would find inside.

The room was dimly lit, the air heavy with the scent of chemicals and machinery. At the centre of the room stood the weapon itself, a massive, imposing structure that seemed to hum with power. The team stared at it, their faces a mixture of awe and fear.

Rikari approached the weapon, his fingers tracing the cold, hard surface. He knew that they had to act quickly to neutralise it before the Rek Clan realised what had happened. He turned to his team, his voice steady and resolute.

“We need to dismantle this weapon and ensure that it can never be used again. Work together and stay focused. Our mission is not complete until this threat is neutralised.”

The team sprang into action, their hands deftly working to disable the weapon. They moved with precision and skill, their expertise evident in every movement. As they worked, Rikari couldn't help but feel a sense of pride in his team and their accomplishments.

Rikari gathered his team around the massive weapon, assessing the situation. “Kiki, you and I will work on disabling the weapon's power source. Zarek, lead the rest of the team in securing the facility and taking out any remaining guards.”

Kiki nodded, and she and Rikari approached the weapon's power core, a complex array of cables and terminals. They carefully examined the connections, searching for the primary power line. As they traced the cables, Kiki found the main control panel, hidden behind a reinforced metal casing.

“Rikari, I think I've found the control panel,” Kiki whispered. Rikari joined her, and they pried the casing open to reveal a complex interface with numerous switches and buttons. They studied the panel, searching for a way to shut down the weapon safely.

Meanwhile, Zarek and the rest of the team moved through the facility, systematically eliminating any Rek Clan guards they encountered. They communicated through hand signals and quiet whispers, ensuring they maintained the element of surprise. As they secured the perimeter and various control rooms, they also sabotaged any communication equipment they found to prevent any distress calls from being sent.

Back at the weapon, Kiki discovered a series of interlocking circuits that seemed to be the key to disabling the device. “We need to disconnect these circuits in the correct sequence, or we risk triggering a catastrophic failure,” she warned Rikari.

“Alright, let's study the schematics and figure out the correct sequence. We don't have much time,” Rikari replied, his eyes focused on the intricate wiring.

As Kiki and Rikari worked to decipher the weapon's inner workings, Zarek and the team finished securing the facility. They regrouped at the weapon chamber, ready to provide support if needed.

After several tense minutes, Kiki and Rikari determined the correct sequence to disconnect the circuits. They worked quickly and efficiently, their hands moving in tandem as they carefully severed each connection. With the final circuit disconnected, the weapon's hum of power subsided, and the room fell eerily silent.

Rikari exhaled deeply, his heart racing. “We did it. The weapon is neutralised.”

Zarek stepped forward, clapping Rikari on the shoulder. “Well done, both of you. The facility is secure, and the Rek Clan is none the wiser.”

With the weapon disabled and the facility under their control, Rikari and his team regrouped, preparing to extract and return to their base. The mission had been a success, but Rikari knew that the fight against the Rek Clan was far from over.

As they made their way back through the jungle, Rikari spoke to Kiki and Zarek. “I've received word that there's a growing resistance movement within the Rek Clan's territory. We need to make contact with them and forge new alliances. They could be our key to dismantling the Rek Clan once and for all.”

Kiki nodded. “We have to tread carefully, Rikari. We don't know who we can trust, but I agree that this could be a turning point in our fight against the Rek Clan.”

Zarek added, “We should approach them with caution. With the EOS's support and our combined knowledge of the Rek Clan, we may be able to turn the tide of this conflict.”

The team continued their journey back to the village, their thoughts turning to the future, to the long road ahead. But for now, they had struck a significant blow against their enemy, and that was enough to bolster their spirits and strengthen their resolve.

Upon their return to the village, Rikari and his team were met with a mixture of relief and elation. Word of their success had spread, and the people of the village celebrated their victory, grateful for the protection and hope that Rikari and his team had provided.

As they prepared for the next phase of their mission, Rikari, Kiki, Zarek, and their team of operatives were determined to make contact with the resistance and forge new alliances. Together, they would face the challenges ahead and continue their fight against the Rek Clan, paving the way for a brighter future.

The days that followed were filled with careful planning and strategizing. Rikari and his team gathered intelligence on the resistance movement, working tirelessly to identify potential allies and assess the risks of establishing contact. The stakes were high, and they knew that a single misstep could jeopardize their progress and put their newfound allies in danger.

But as they delved deeper into the heart of the Rek Clan's territory, they found that the resistance was stronger than they had anticipated. The people were weary of the Rek Clan's brutal rule, and they were ready to rise up and fight for their freedom. The seeds of rebellion had been sown, and Rikari and his team were determined to nurture them into a formidable force that could challenge the Rek Clan's reign.

In the shadows of the dense jungle, Rikari and his team forged alliances with the resistance fighters, sharing their knowledge and resources to help train and equip them for the battles that lay ahead. Together, they developed a plan to strike at the heart of the Rek Clan's power, using their combined strength to dismantle the oppressive regime and bring an end to their tyranny.

As the sun set over the horizon, Rikari looked out over the jungle, his eyes filled with determination. He knew that the road ahead would be fraught with danger and sacrifice, but he was prepared to face whatever challenges lay ahead. With the support of his team and the strength of the resistance fighters at his side, he believed they could overcome the odds and defeat the Rek Clan.

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Jungle road

Chapter 6: Unlikely Allies
Jungle of Reel, eastern Yien
Monday, 13 February 2023

THE SUN CAST its dying light over the jungle, painting the landscape in shades of crimson and gold. Rikari stood in the shadows, his eyes scanning the meeting point, a small, secluded clearing surrounded by towering trees and thick foliage. He had been contacted by an informant claiming to have critical information about the Rek Clan, information that could potentially turn the tide of their ongoing conflict.

Rikari was no stranger to the games of deception and intrigue that often played out in the shadows of the battlefield. He knew that the informant could be a valuable asset, or a cunning trap set by the Rek Clan. But he had weighed the risks and decided that the potential gain was too great to ignore.

He had chosen to meet the informant alone, with Kiki and Zarek observing from a concealed position nearby. Their fingers rested lightly on their triggers, ready to spring into action at the slightest hint of danger.

As Rikari waited, he felt a faint stirring in the air, and a figure emerged from the shadows. The man was tall, his posture rigid and disciplined. His face bore the scars of a lifetime spent in conflict, but his eyes held a flicker of defiance, a spark of rebellion.

Rikari studied the man, his instincts on high alert. “You claim to have information about the Rek Clan,” he said, his voice low and measured.

The man nodded, his gaze never leaving Rikari's. “I was once a part of their inner circle, privy to their darkest secrets. But I've grown disillusioned with their leadership, their insatiable thirst for power at the expense of our people.”

Rikari's eyes narrowed as he weighed the man's words. “What information do you have that could help us?”

The man hesitated, as if wrestling with an internal struggle. Finally, he spoke, his voice a mere whisper. “There's a faction within the Rek Clan that shares my discontent. We've been gathering intelligence, waiting for the right moment to act. We believe that with your help, we can bring down the Rek Clan's leadership and put an end to their tyranny.”

Rikari's heart raced at the prospect of such a powerful alliance, but he knew that trust was a fragile thing, not to be given lightly. “How do I know I can trust you?” he asked, his voice steady and unwavering.

The man reached into his pocket and produced a small, encrypted data drive. “This contains detailed intelligence on the Rek Clan's operations, their key personnel, and their weaknesses. It's a gesture of our commitment to this cause, and our willingness to work together.”

Rikari took the data drive, considering the possibilities this piece of information could represent. He knew that forging an alliance with defectors from the Rek Clan was a dangerous gamble, one that could lead to betrayal and disaster. But he also knew that the information they offered could be the key to victory.

As he looked into the man's eyes, Rikari made his decision. “Alright,” he said, extending his hand. “We'll work together, but know this: if you betray us, there will be no mercy.”

The man gripped Rikari's hand firmly, a solemn expression on his face. “I understand. We have no love for the Rek Clan's leadership, and our loyalty now lies with those who seek to end their reign of terror.”

As the sun dipped below the horizon, Rikari and the informant disappeared into the shadows, their fates now intertwined in the deadly dance of war. The alliance they had formed was a fragile one, built on a foundation of mutual distrust and shared enmity. But Rikari knew that in the unforgiving world of espionage and subterfuge, unlikely allies often made the difference between victory and defeat.

Back at their hidden base, Rikari gathered Kiki, Zarek, and the rest of the team to share the news of their potential alliance. They listened intently as Rikari recounted the meeting and the intelligence the informant had provided. The atmosphere in the room was tense, the weight of their decision palpable.

Kiki was the first to speak up, her voice filled with a mix of concern and determination. “Rikari, we need to proceed with caution. This could be a trap, or they could be playing both sides. We need to verify the information they've given us before we fully commit to this alliance.”

Rikari nodded, his eyes meeting Kiki's. “I agree. We'll analyse the data and confirm its authenticity. But if it proves to be accurate, we have to be prepared to act quickly and decisively. This could be our chance to deal a crippling blow to the Rek Clan.”

Zarek chimed in, his voice calm and steady. “We should also consider the possibility of moles within our own ranks. If the Rek Clan suspects that we've made contact with their defectors, they may try to infiltrate our organization.”

Rikari acknowledged Zarek's point with a grave expression. “I've thought of that as well. We'll need to tighten our security protocols and remain vigilant. Trust will be our most valuable weapon, but also our greatest vulnerability.”

Over the following days, the team worked tirelessly to analyse the intelligence provided by the informant. They cross-referenced the data with their own sources and conducted covert reconnaissance missions to verify its accuracy. With each passing day, the evidence mounted that the information was genuine, and the possibility of a powerful alliance grew stronger.

As Rikari and his team prepared for the next phase of their mission, they knew that the stakes had never been higher. They were venturing into uncharted territory, forging alliances with those who had once been their enemies. The path ahead was fraught with danger and uncertainty, but Rikari was willing to take the risk, knowing that it might be their best chance to bring an end to the Rek Clan's reign of terror.

With renewed resolve and a newfound sense of purpose, Rikari, Kiki, Zarek, and their team of operatives set out on their most daring mission yet. They would face countless challenges and difficult choices, but together, they would fight for a brighter future, one where the spectre of the Rek Clan's tyranny no longer loomed over Yien.

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Chapter 7: Building Trust
Jungle of Reel, eastern Yien
Tuesday, 14 February 2023

UNDER THE CLOAK of darkness, Rikari and his team made their way through the dense jungle towards the rendezvous point. The air was heavy with tension as they traversed the treacherous terrain, each step carrying them closer to the defecting Rek Clan members. In the shadows of the jungle, trust was a rare commodity. Rikari knew that forging an alliance with these defectors was a gamble, but the potential intelligence they offered was too great to ignore.

The team moved in a tight formation, their senses on high alert. They knew that the Rek Clan had eyes and ears everywhere, and they couldn't afford to be discovered. The first meeting took place in a secluded clearing, shrouded by towering trees and dense undergrowth. As they neared the meeting spot, a small clearing bathed in moonlight, Rikari signalled for his team to take up positions around the perimeter. Rikari stood at the centre, his eyes scanning the treeline for any signs of movement. Beside him, Kiki and Zarek tensed, their fingers resting on the triggers of their weapons.

As the night grew darker, a group of shadowy figures emerged from the depths of the jungle, cautiously approaching Rikari and his team. The defectors were led by Agwo al-Jahjah, a man with a reputation for cunning and ruthlessness. Rikari studied the group carefully, searching for any signs of deception. He knew that the Rek Clan was a formidable enemy, capable of using any means necessary to achieve their goals.

“Agwo al-Jahjah,” Rikari greeted him, extending a hand in a show of goodwill. “I'm glad you could make it.”

The warlord eyed Rikari's outstretched hand warily before clasping it in a firm handshake. “Our mutual enemy has left us with little choice,” he replied, his voice low and gravelly.

The two groups exchanged tense pleasantries before getting down to business. Rikari and Agwo al-Jahjah began discussing the exchange of information and the testing of each other's loyalties. Over the course of several covert meetings, they began to slowly build trust between their factions. Each successful exchange, each test of loyalty passed, brought them one step closer to a true alliance.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Rikari and his team, Azura al-Maaz had been busy orchestrating a daring operation of her own. From her base in Damak Var, she had arranged for an airdrop of automatic weapons that had been confiscated in the Bainbridge Islands. These weapons would prove to be a valuable asset in their ongoing struggle against the Rek Clan.

As the final covert meeting between Rikari and Agwo al-Jahjah drew to a close, Rikari could feel the weight of their alliance settling on his shoulders. He knew that they were placing their trust in one another, and that trust could either be their greatest strength or their ultimate downfall.

With a nod, Rikari and Agwo al-Jahjah sealed their agreement. The defectors would share vital intelligence on the inner workings of the Rek Clan, while Rikari's team would provide support and resources to their new allies.

As they departed the meeting, Rikari couldn't help but feel a sense of trepidation. He knew that they were entering uncharted territory, forging an alliance that could change the course of the conflict. But he also knew that trust was a powerful weapon, one that could tip the scales in their favour. Despite the progress they made, Rikari remained vigilant, knowing that even the slightest hint of treachery could unravel their fragile alliance. He kept a close watch on his team and their newfound allies, always prepared to act if the situation took a turn for the worse.

As the jungle swallowed them once more, Rikari and his team moved with renewed purpose, their mission now clear. They would use their newfound alliance to strike at the heart of the Rek Clan, and together, they would bring an end to their reign of terror. He knew that the Rek Clan's leadership would stop at nothing to destroy their alliance, and that there were likely those within his own organization who might be tempted to betray them for personal gain. He doubled down on operational security, implementing strict measures to ensure the safety of both his team and their Rek Clan allies. Despite the ever-present threat of treachery, Rikari was determined to see their partnership through to the end, no matter the cost.

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Chapter 8: A Common Enemy
Jungle of Reel, eastern Yien
Wednesday 15 to Thursday 16 February 2023

THE ALLIANCE BETWEEN the Reel leadership and Rek defectors remained fragile, yet it grew stronger with each shared goal. United by a common enemy, they set their sights on a daring mission that could alter the course of the war.

Deep within the heart of Rek Clan territory stood a notorious prison camp, Ukwu Mgbè, also known as: ‘The Pit of Suffering.’ This name symbolizes the harsh conditions prisoners are subjected to, likening the camp to a deep, dark pit of misery. Countless Reel Clan leaders languished behind its fortified walls. The camp had become a symbol of the Rek Clan's dominance over their rivals, and Rikari knew that liberating these imprisoned leaders would be a significant blow to their adversaries.

As Rikari and his allies gathered around a makeshift table, they studied maps and satellite images of the prison camp. They meticulously devised a strategy to infiltrate the camp and free the prisoners, knowing that precision and timing were essential. Rikari leaned over the makeshift table, studying the crude map of The Pit drawn by Zarek. The Pit was notorious for its harsh conditions and brutal guards, and liberating the prisoners locked inside would not be an easy task. The plan had to be executed with surgical precision to avoid unwanted casualties and collateral damage.

“We'll need to get past the outer perimeter first,” Rikari said, his finger tracing the heavily fortified walls surrounding the camp. “Zarek, what do you know about the guard shifts and patrol patterns?”

Zarek rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “They change shifts every six hours, but the patrols are random. We'll need to time our approach carefully to avoid detection.”

As they continued to discuss their plan, Agwo al-Jahjah interrupted with a crucial detail. “There's a hidden maintenance tunnel that leads into the camp. It's not on any of the official maps, and the entrance is heavily camouflaged. I've used it before during my time with the Rek Clan. It'll get us inside without being seen.”

Rikari's eyes lit up at the new information. “That's perfect, Agwo. Can you lead us to the entrance?”

Agwo nodded. “Yes, but we'll need to be cautious. They might have added extra security measures since I last used it.”

Kiki, who had been listening intently, spoke up. “My brother Ibrahim is one of the prisoners in The Pit. We must do everything we can to free him and the others. They've suffered enough at the hands of the Rek Clan.”

Rikari placed a reassuring hand on Kiki's shoulder. “We'll get your brother out, Kiki. And all the others, too. We just need to execute this plan flawlessly.”

Pooling their resources and expertise, the three leaders began assigning roles to their combined forces. Agwo al-Jahjah's knowledge of the Rek Clan's inner workings proved helpful in identifying the camp's weaknesses, while Zarek's experience as a Reel warlord gave him insight into the likely whereabouts of the imprisoned leaders. Rikari, with his EOS training, provided the tactical know-how to coordinate the operation.

Rikari gathered the Reel rebels and Rek defectors around the table, laying out the plan for the prison raid. He used small rocks and twigs to represent the different factions and their positions on the makeshift map.

“Alright, listen up. We'll be dividing our forces into two main groups for this raid. Team Alpha, led by Zarek and me, will consist of Reel rebels experienced in close-quarters combat. Our main objective will be to infiltrate The Pit through the hidden maintenance tunnel provided by Agwo, secure the prison blocks, and free the prisoners, including Kiki's brother Ibrahim.”

He moved a group of rocks representing Team Alpha closer to the map's prison.

“Team Bravo, led by Agwo al-Jahjah, will comprise the Rek defectors and a few Reel scouts. Your task will be to create a diversion outside the prison walls, drawing the guards' attention away from our infiltration point. You'll also be responsible for cutting off any reinforcements and securing our escape route.”

Rikari shifted another set of rocks to the opposite side of the prison.

“To ensure smooth communication and coordination between our teams, we'll use these encrypted radio earpieces. Kiki, you'll be stationed at our mobile command post nearby, monitoring the situation and feeding us real-time intelligence.”

Rikari handed Kiki a small radio earpiece, and she nodded in understanding.

“We must work together as one cohesive unit, putting aside any past differences between the Reel and Rek factions. This mission's success depends on our collaboration and trust in one another.”

Rikari looked around at the faces surrounding the table, each one determined and resolute.

“Once we've secured the prisoners, we'll regroup and make our way back to the extraction point, where Kiki and her team will be waiting to transport us to safety. Remember, precision, speed, and stealth are critical to our success. We leave at 0200 hours.”

With the final details in place, Rikari, Zarek, and Agwo al-Jahjah looked each other in the eye, understanding that the success of the mission hinged on their ability to trust one another. They were united in their resolve to make a difference, to fight for their people, and to challenge the oppressive regime that sought to keep them divided. And so, with the weight of their shared hopes and dreams, Rikari, Zarek, and Agwo al-Jahjah set out to strike their enemy, ready to face whatever challenges awaited them in their quest for justice and freedom.

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