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Letter of Complaint to Velawagon

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Mr Markos Belayneh Abate had purchased a car from a Velaherian car firm with high hopes. But the vehicle had brought nothing but disappointment. These problems ate away at Abate's motivation. Abate felt wronged, his trust shattered. He felt like he had been taken advantage of, his expectations unmet. And so, with a heavy heart and a steady hand, he wrote a letter of complaint to the head of the car company. He sought justice, a resolution to the troubles that plagued his vehicle.

Tuesday, 8 February 1955

To Comrade-Director Arton Bukshein of the Velawagon Car Company,


I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to express my deep dissatisfaction with the automobile I recently purchased from your company in Erfur, Ýærnir Province.

While the price of the car was quite reasonable, it appears that corners were cut in all the wrong places. To begin with, the choice of only three colours — red, dark red, and sun-bleached red — seems like an attempt to hide the common rust issues that I have already noticed.

To make matters worse, the brakes were only delivered 10 weeks later, despite repeated promises from your sales team. To add insult to injury, the radio was set to one station - playing nothing but communist propaganda. I can only assume that this was an attempt to brainwash me, but I can assure you that it only serves to drive me away from your brand.

Furthermore, I was horrified to find out that the car couldn't go in reverse. When I contacted your lead sales representative Felicia Houlenstein about this, she assured me that this is normal since the Revolution must always continue moving forward.

I requested a second opinion from a local mechanic in downton Erfur, and he advised me to “get better mileage by mixing the fuel with 50% vodka.” This is not the kind of advice I expect from a reputable car manufacturer.

In conclusion, I feel that I have been misled and taken advantage of. I hope that you will take my concerns seriously and take steps to improve the quality of your cars in the future.


Yours sincerely,

Mr Markos Belayneh Abate

(OOC. Short story based on some friendly banter between myself and @DPR Velaheria.)

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