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[Academy RP] The Snowy Trail

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(For refrance, Garindina uses both Cyrillic characters and Latin characters. Latin characters are used abroad and for tourist. Cyrillic is domestically used. Garindina's currency is slighty inflated, with 1 grivna being 1.8 USD)


It was a cold evening. A Hinking group full of and a local tour guid of 6 were hiking through the North of the Blekend Hills. They could almost hear the sounds of the Pochernevshiye kholmy Mines, Garindina's largest mine. A local by the name Sergey Gorbachev, was guid of this group. They were Hiking towards the highest point in Garindina, Blekrod Mountain. The Mountain was just on the horizon.
  In a strong Garindinan accent, Sergay said to the group"Ok travelers! After a half hour drive from Novokamensk and a twenty minute hike, we can see Blekrod Mountain on the horizon."

"What?" One of the tourist said

Sergey repeated himself

"Ooohh!" The tourist exlamed

"Yeah, not many can understand my accent. I'm 56 years old, so I'm used to it by now." Sergey stated.

He continues, "It's another 5 minute hike to the first camp building site. Make sure to follow the Environmental rules we got and you will be fine."

When they reached Blekrod Trail outpost one and stayed for the night.

That night, a shot was heard in a distance. The environmental police and park tangers arrived the next day and talked to Sergey

 Sergey translated "There have been poachers in the area apparently. You see, Garindina has strict environmental policies. Some of this is because Northern Orthodox sees nature as 'holy'. But I'm not the religious type. Oh, the rangers said if you see them to run back here or to the next check point immediately. But, due to the circumstances, we will stay here until after we have lunch."

Later that day, the group went out to explore the area. It didn't take long for them to find a dead bear, and it was skined.

They called the environmental police and the park rangers. They looked at the scene and questioned the group. They were eventually let off the hook and they went back to the cabin.

That night, three of the tourist went out in secret and followed a snowy trail behind the building.

"Guys, I know we want to see the sights Garindina has to offer, but they're police are corrupt, what if they blame us?" One of them said

"Don't worry Anders! This has been happening for awhile now. Didn't you see the news?" He stated

"Yeah, your right Ólaug. Hey sis, how many pictures did we get of the trip so far?" Andrew asked his sister

"Well, we got quite a bit. Too bad we couldn't blog today. Should we upload the vlog?" Elisabet asked

"If you want, I'm fine with it" Anders stated

But off in the distance, they heard shouting that they couldn't understand

"YA ne znayu Dmytra. Chy ye khtosʹ iz nykh na zarobitniy plati? My mohly b prosto zaplatyty yim, shchob vony nas vypustyly."

"NET! Yest' turist. No, mozhet byt', my mogli by vzyat' ikh v zalozhniki i vykupit' za nashu svobodu."

"What are they saying?" Elisabet asked quietly

"I only know a little Garindinan. But I think those are the poachers. They want to hold us hostage." Ólaug stated

"We gotta tell the others. We have to inform the park rangers and tho police guys." Anders said quietly

The group quietly ran back to the building and told everything to the enviorment policeman there. The group and staf of the building was told to go down into the basement and hide while the Police hid.

The poachers arrived around three in the morning. But they came prepared. A fire fight began that lasted a while 5 minutes. This was the worst five minutes in this group's lives. Suddenly, everything went quiet. Two minutes rolled by. Two minutes became five. Five became ten.

Finalize, a Federal Officer came down the steps and inform everyone that they were okay and that everything was over. Two of the poachers were killed and three were injured. Two dirty cops were also in police custody.

This incident later gained the name of the Pochernevshiye kholmy National Park Poaching Incident. But many call it "The Snowy Trail Incident". The three tourist, Elisabet Harðardottír & Anders Harðarsson, brother-sister Bloggers, and their freind Ólaug Aðilldottír were given a special tour around parsa after their hike to Blekrod Mountain. Even meeting the Minister of the Environment, Ivan Rostovo.

"You must be the famed Harðarsson siblings and Ólaug Aðilldottír. Nice to meat you. Oh, and sorry for the security, you can do your blog."

"No ser -" the bodyguard was cut off with a simple hand gesture and said something to him.

Ivan sighed "Well, you can only blog parts of our conversation. Nothing crazy."

"So, how are you liking Garindina? We are very thankful for your assistance in bringing thos poachers down. They've been responsible for the bear population decline in the region for years now." Ivan stated

"It's a very beautiful here. The sight from Blackrod us wonderful." Elisabet said.

"It's an honor to meet you mister Minister." Ólaug said

"The pleasure is all mine" Ivan stated
Their conversation went on for five minutes before they were awarded 30,000 Grivnas (16,500 USD) and a plaque that was to be installed at the building in their honor. They were also given a replica of the plaque to keep. The incident brought a boost to Garindina's tourism industry and left the group with a story for the ages.

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