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A Northern Vacation

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After a few days exploring Ionio, Eva invited Antonio to visit Gotneska with her to see what Christmas is like in her home country. To Eva’s surprise, Antonio asked her to be his girlfriend.


Day of flying 

Once they landed at BRI, they decided to take a walk around the airport to see what if anything they might see they like to eat. But mainly to stretch their legs. 


Welcome to Gotneska


(Pictured is Langueuil Airport, Siobhansviði.)

After a long flight from King Charles III International Airport (BRI) located in Brisa, Eulycea. Which they had to fly to, as flying straight from Ionio was too far for any planes to fly.  They landed at Siobhansviði, the local airport that serves the Capital of Læniguëuíl. They arrived at the airport at around 21:30 local time, by the time they got to Eva’s car it was already past midnight. And they still had a 2.5 trip until they reached her home in Bridfrethbu.

— Man, that was one long flight, how many times have you flown on flights that long before? 

— Hmm, probably 20 times. I can tell you it’s not easier. Really wish it was, but unfortunately, jet lag is a huge part of my life!

— OMG you said it was cold, but I didn’t realize it was this cold.

— Yay, it's really hard to tell someone just how cold it is here without them knowing what I know. The worst part is that the sun doesn’t help warm up the air, as it barely rises above the horizon this time of year.

— Eva, how long is the car ride to your place? And is there anywhere we could get some food? I’m starving!

— This time of day is probably around 2.5 hrs, maybe 3. I know of a few places in between here and my home. If you like to go to a local pub to have a sit down meal. We should go to Cianaína Pub, about a six-minute drive from here. It closes at 2:30. If you really don’t care about a sit down meal, we can go and pick up some ideas at the grocery store and make something at my place.

— Hmm, a Pub sounds great, but I’m kind of tired and would really prefer we get to your place sooner rather than later. My phone's weather app is saying it’s going to start snowing in about an hour.

— Oh, the weather, of course. And sure we can go to my place first. Do you have any requests for food?

— Not really, I'm here to expand my horizons on Gotneskan Food.

— We have a big day tomorrow, unfortunately for you, sleep is the weak! We need to be out of the house no later than 8am. Sorry my friend!

The two of them make it to Eva's house shortly after 1am. On their way to her house, they stopped at a local grocery store and picked up some items to make a quick snack before bed. After arriving at Eva’s house, they bought everything in from the car, at this point it was snowing pretty hard. After watching some shows, the two of them fall asleep.


(Eva’s house, it’s a Modern Version of some historical homes in the area.)


A trip to the Mountains


The two of them wake up around 7am, Eva makes a yummy breakfast for the two of them, and to Antonio’s surprise a few of Eva’s friends ring the doorbell.

— Ah, my friends are here. 

— You don’t tell me, your friends are coming over. 

— I wasn’t sure they could make it. They came down from a three-week back country trip in the Agric. Honestly, they are pretty brave to do that this time of year.

— I bet.

Eve answered the door and hugged her friends.

— So here’s my boyfriend Antonio. He’s from Ionio.

— Hello, Antonio, my name is Anders and this is my sister Christina or simply just Chris. Hope your flight was good.

— Oh, nice to meet you all. And yes it was pretty smooth, happy I had someone to fly with.

— So, has Eva told you what we're doing? 

— No she hasn’t, she’s been quite secretive about it. The only thing she’s told me is to pack warm clothes. To which I was like Eva. I live in a warm place and don’t have super warm clothing. 

Antonio and Anders talk for a while as the girls finish packing up their luggage. Antonio in a quiet voice tells Anders!

— Man, I don’t know Gotneska had so many pretty women! Not that I’m rethinking my relationship with her, but the fact I’m happy to have her in my life.

— Yes, pretty common when foreigners come. They say how attractive looking the other sex is. Personally, I argue, but that’s just me. I think the Corda girls are a little more attractive. Don’t tell my sister, but not like she’ll care.

Eva comes out and gathers everyone. 

— So I know Anders and Christina know what we're doing, but my poor Antonio, I’m sorry I keep this a secret. So we’re going skiing.

— Oh awesome. Sounds like fun. Can we stop and buy some warmer clothes?

Of course, I’m not going to let you freeze. What kind of girlfriend would I be?


(OOC: This is the first chapter of many more to come. Their holiday lasted from 17th December to 29th December 2022. 
Hope u like it @Ionio.)

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