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A Most Heartfelt Farewell

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3 hours ago, Fubukino said:

To my dearest friends of Eurth,

Let me cut to the chase here: Eurth has lost all her luster for me. It’s not you, it’s me. I don’t mean to come off very harsh and direct-it isn’t my style to be honest-but I think many will appreciate it to know what they are reading the rest of the way. This is a decision I came to make over my most recent leave of absence, but I have come to understand it was a possibility some time before that.

Eurth is no longer the same for me anymore, and for much of this past year it really hasn't. I have fought my hardest to make Eurth where I would like to be and wish to be. In a sense, it always will be a place I love and hold dear to me. I originally departed taking time for a personal project I have wanted to take up for so long, predating my time of joining Eurth if I am being honest. I felt that perhaps by doing this I would be able to find love for Eurth again like I had before when I first joined: marveling and admiring the lovely place it was, though it was a bit rough around the edges at the time I first joined. Nonetheless, I was hoping to find the time away to be enough to eventually pick back up my desire to continue role-playing and worldbuilding in Eurth. In truth, I have yet to this day to find it. On my first day back as a member of the community and staff, I had some high hopes but over time I just found myself more discouraged and uninspired. Even with more familiar story elements that I was used to working with, it just simply wasn’t enough. Even with all the new ideas I had in a different more flexible setting for myself, it just simply wasn’t enough. Why?

Burnout. I have roleplayed in some form of modern tech for what I count to be nearly 7 years? Constantly the same, with little change mixed in here and there. I have come to realize the lack of inspiration has been completely because modern tech roleplay and settings just no longer interest me at all-not enough at least to be consistent. Likely, this contributed to my discarding Oyus towards the end while picking up what I had hoped to do with Fubukino. There is no passion. It is gone, and it has evaporated. I am merely clinging onto Eurth because for quite some time Eurth is all I had in this hobby of nation roleplay and worldbuilding. It supplanted anything I had before and now I am realizing that I have to let go and say farewell in a sense.

I will make one admission: I enjoy being a staffer likely more than most others. I may enjoy it more than anyone ought to. That is what I always have been for a decade across different communities. It is what I know and I am accustomed to. One way or another I have led and helped others working to be a facilitator and contributor to the community. It is hard to shy away from, and coming back to be staff after some time passed in the summer… I couldn’t resist, especially with the way Eurth works. However, I think it is for the best that I step away from ever taking the cloak again. Eurth is in good hands, and so long as its staff keeps a path of mindfulness it will continue to do so. This is my last hurrah.

Let me be clear though: I will be around the server to watch, observe and continue to interact. Perhaps even there might be some collaboration between Eurth and my group of misfits together in the spirit of interregionalism! What I am saying goodbye to here is Eurth roleplaying and staffing. I love Eurth and the wonderful people I have met here too much to just say “good bye never going to see you again” I mean by God I literally drove and spent gasoline for people I have met here. I don’t do that for whoever the f*ck.

Thank you all for being a part of my roleplaying experience, and I only wish I could have been a part of the experiences of many more that I never got the chance to do so. Perhaps that can happen some other day, but I am quite doubtful on that one. I will, to the end of my time in NS, in my continuing days of roleplaying, and worldbuilding, always credit Eurth to energizing and inspiring me at a time where I was a bit lost and discouraged.


Chaotic Sparkles

The one and only bathtub drowning queen of her mermaidens that inadvertently chose the name of a Eurth continent as her name (it’s the best one arguably)

Known here as Oyus, Oyussa, and Fubukino

I'm sorry to see you go, at least from direct involvement with us.

It's been amazing having you around for these last four years. Bloody hell - has it been that? It feels both a long time and the blink of an eye.

It's a shame that Eurth has lost its spark for you, at least RP-wise. You will be sorely missed by us and the impact that you have had on Eurth is irreplaceable and your contributions to it invaluable. You've helped it become what it is today.

Good luck for the future and you'll obviously always have a place here!

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Oyuuuuus :( it's a shame that you have to depart, but just know that having you here was a pleasure :')
I wish you good luck and to keep being the wonderful person that you always have been :D
Cya around mate! >:D

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Dearest Sparkle,

I am so sorry to hear that Eurth no longer holds the same spark for you and that you have found yourself feeling burnt out. It's understandable that after 7 years of roleplaying in a similar setting, the passion can start to fade.

I want to thank you for all the hard work and dedication you have put into Eurth and the community. Your contributions as a staff member have been greatly appreciated, and I know that you will be missed.

It's great to know that you will still be around to interact and possibly collaborate with us in the future. It's important to take care of yourself and do what makes you happy, even if that means stepping away from something that you once loved.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavours and hope to see you again soon.

Sincerely, Orioni.

PS: a haiku for thee.

Oyus sparkle bright,

Fubukino friend so dear,

Always in our heart.

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