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Dispatches From Gaellicia

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A central feed for viewing official documents of the Gaellician government. Visible here are official communications from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as curated documents forwarded from other government ministries and agencies.

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For: Immediate Public Release

To: Whom it May Concern

From: The Office of Ríog Bricius IV

Date: 31st December, 2022

Citizens, friends, and interested parties,

I am pleased to announce that a decision has been reached on the next government of Gaellicia.

I have invited Teachta Dála Nive Anselm and her coalition partners to form a government. From here until the conclusion of next election, the appropriate form of address for Madame Anselm shall be as Taoiseach. As is righteous, I expect and require full deference and support to the new Taoiseach. May her government bring success and prosperity to Gaellicia, its citizens, friends, and the wider wurld.

God be with you,

Signed with the full breadth of powers entrusted with myself and this office,

Ríog Bricius IV


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For: Official Communication

To: Government Agencies of the Wurld Concerned with Foreign Affairs and Those Who Seek to do Business with the United Kingdom of Gaellicia

From: The Honorable Chatan Hakan, Minister of Foreign Affairs, on Behalf of the Ríogan Government

Date: 1st January, 2023

Good tidings and a happy new year.

The Ríogan ushers in the new year with a new government. The coming weeks will bring great change and excitement for Gaellicia, as is usual with a new government. I look forward to serving the Gaellician people and representing my nation's interests abroad.

On the note of change, the government wishes to amend terminology and modes of address in communications of an official capacity. 

Firstly, in address to the Ríog, Bricius IV, the government would like to clarify that both the terms ‘Your Majesty’ and ‘Your Honor’ are acceptable terms of address.  

For the Taoiseach, Madame Nive Anselm, the appropriate form is ‘The Honorable’ or simply by her title, Taoiseach. As an example, letters addressed to the Taoiseach could be begun as either ‘To the Honorable Nive Anselm’ or as ‘Taoiseach Nive Anselm.’ When referring to her in the third person, appropriate protocol is to state ‘her honor’ or ‘the Taoiseach.’ 

For government ministers, protocol is similar to that used for the Taoiseach. For example, in address to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the appropriate form is either ‘To the Honorable Chatan Hakan’ or ‘To the Minister of Foreign Affairs Chatan Hakan.’ 

Please take note, the terms ‘your excellency’ and ‘his/her excellency’ are now considered by the current government as inappropriate forms of address towards both its head or its ministers. 

Happy New Year,

The Honorable Chatan Hakan (he/him/his), 

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom of Gaellicia


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For: Secure Diplomatic Communication

To: His Excellency, Eugenios Goulielmos, Grand Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Greater Holy Empire of Aromania @Tagmatium Rules

From: The Honorable Chatan Hakan, Minister of Foreign Affairs, on Behalf of the Ríogan Government

Date: 26 January, 2023

Your Excellency,

It is my pleasure to address you and your ministry in particular for the first time, on behalf of His Honor Ríog Bricius IV and the new government of Gaellicia.

Regrettably, my first communication on behalf of my government to yours covers a rather serious matter. I must ask that the Holy Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of Aromania reconsiders its position considering usage rights of the Mar Arank, or as it is known in Anglish, the Ranke Sea. The Ríoghachd recognizes that Aromania is perfectly within its rights to exert domain over its EEZ, with that acknowledgement, a show of grace would bring great comfort to the Gaellician people. 

As you know, in response to the new EEZ restrictions last summer, the Gaellician government took measures to be accommodating to Aromania. Gaellicia promptly ceased operation of oil and gas drilling platforms within the Mar Arank. When it became clear that the restrictions put in place would not be short term, the previous government went so far as to have all Gaellician flagged platforms towed into port. The previous governments grew focused on domestic matters to the detriment of matters abroad. Gaellicia has a new government and it is determined to resolve tensions in the Mar Arank

The new government of Gaellicia would be most grateful if the Holy Imperial Government were to modify restrictions on use of portions of the Mar Arank that fall within Aromania’s EEZ specifically for Gaellician flagged vessels and installations. Registering Gaellician companies in Aromania will take time, more time than is good for the Gaellician people. The Ríoghachd requests probationary drilling licenses for within the EEZ until the appropriate registration can be completed in Aromania. 

In another matter, the Ríoghachd would like to extend Aromania a courtesy. For the dates of 3 February through 5 February the Gaellician people will be partaking in biannual armed forces mobilization. This winter mobilization will give soldiers the opportunity to muster with their regiments, provide the chiefs of staff an opportunity to review the current conditions of the armed forces, and in the first time in several years give the chance for small-scale military exercises. Exercises will consist of air force flight training, Navy fast attack craft maneuver drills within Cath Bay, and an amphibious landing by the Ríogan an Mara (marines) on Adrarus. 

In the spirit of neighborliness, 

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom of Gaellicia, 

Chatan Hakan


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For: Immediate Public Release
To: The Public
From: The Gaellician Ministry of War
Date: 15 January, 2023

Today marks the beginning of the winter trimester for Universities all across Gaellicia and that includes Tipperary’s Ríogan Naval Academy. The 173 year old institution occupies a prominent segment of coastline on the Ranke Sea in Northern Prettany. Students are commissioned into the Ríogan Navy as midshipmen and attend the University for three years of instruction, with each year divided into trimesters. Each year consists of 164 midshipmen and 36 marine officer aspirants.   

For the third year midshipmen, this trimester is without a doubt the most exciting though also the most challenging. Today the third years embarked upon RL Ruaraidh for an 83 day cruise in the Oriental Ocean. The 164 midshipmen will be led and instructed by a crew of 10 commissioned officers, 4 civilian instructors, and a cadre of 80 experienced enlisted sailors. The cruise will test and stretch the midshipmen’s seamanship, mental fortitude, leadership, and ability to cooperate. In addition to standing watch, the midshipmen will take classes in onboard classrooms and stand for oral examinations before the ship’s command staff. The midshipmen will be expected to serve as goodwill ambassadors for the nation as the ship stops in at different ports along the way.

Designed at the end of the 18th century and built in the 19th, the 183 year old Ruaraidh is the only surviving Hero Class heavy frigate in the wurld. Her current role as Naval academy training ship was bestowed upon her in 1960 in the aftermath of the Long War. Modifications to her original design to better fit her current role include sealing her gun ports to make additional internal space, the addition of deck houses in order to accommodate modern marine navigation and communication systems, modern fire suppression systems, and the fitting of a pair of diesel engines and screw propellers for auxiliary propulsion. Ruaraidh has cabins and berthing for up to 300, two classrooms, a laboratory, a modern all electric galley and mess, and room for plenty of stores and provisions. Her longevity and hardiness can be attributed to her sturdy design that utilizes large amounts of live and white oak. The Navy maintains a timber plantation in order to have plenty of wood on hand for repairs and refits for the pride of the fleet.


Ruaraidh as she makes her way out to sea.

Ruaraidh will travel more than 17,000 nautical miles in total and make between 6 and 10 port calls depending on conditions. The midshipmen will take courses in marine science, astronomy, anthropology, and international relations. Ruaraidh’s route has been plotted to provide opportunities for course practicums and laboratory sessions. She will sail from Tipperary into the Ranke Sea, navigate the Sea of Storms, then weather the cape of Burania before sailing southwards hugging the eastern Buranian coast. By February she will turn East to Rohini and Burkini, stopping at both islands in order for the midshipmen to participate in scientific sampling, archaeological digs, and a tutorial on the Entent of Oriental States. Midshipmen will also participate in cultural ceremonies with indigenous islanders.

The ship will then travel further south to the Sunset Sea Islands for astronomical and oceanographic experiments, before turning northwards once more to observe the Dobbarrier Reef and nearby islands. Ruaraidh will visit the Islas Ultramares where midshipmen will foster goodwill with Iverican sailors and learn the tangible aspects of international policy through the lens of TRIDENT. Finally, she will turn westwards for home. She is expected to return to Tipperary on April 8th, having spent 83 days away, and with 164 midshipmen prepared for one final trimester before the start of their service in the Navy.

OOC: This is the beginning of a storyline that will eventually intersect with the Anglia war. People this might interest are @Orioniand @Iverica

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For: Secure Communication
To: CCPT Torre-Arcon
From: Ceannasóir (OF-6) Diarmaid Macquarrie, Commander, Ríogan Navatorm Education and Outreach Command
Date: 4 July, 2021

The Right Honourable Classé Capitan Fernando Torre-Arcon of Nou Vissaça,

I hope this letter finds you well. Considering the building tension in the wurld at this moment, I can imagine that things are not any calmer in your organization than in mine. Nevertheless, I trust that you are able to find your own peace and zen in a changing wurld.

I ask that you forgive the slightly non-standard nature of this correspondence and request. It has been conveyed to me that this desired exchange is of particular interest and importance to Navatorm command. In acknowledgment of the special nature of this request, I have drafted it outside of our normal requests for exchange.

The Ríogan Navatorm would like to liaison officers to observe Iverican carrier flight operations. The details and intricacies of carrier flight operations are a point of focus for the Navatorm in the coming decade. Considering the complexity of carrier operations the Ríogan Navatorm is seeking a long term liaison, greater than a year in length. In the views of Navatorm Command, the Armada Iverica is the premiere naval aviation force in the wurld and is willing to make whatever reasonable accommodations necessary for the opportunity to learn from the Armada Iverica and the Armada Servicio L’Aire.

A shortlist of suitable officers has been attached to this letter but I would like to emphasize the merits of three officers in particular. I think upon viewing her resume, you will find Lefteanant-Cheannasaí (OF-3) Agnes Pistorius an exceptionally adaptable and respected flight officer who has a skill for understanding multiple aspects of an operation. Ceannfort (OF-3) Lawrence Lee of the Ríogan an Mara is a decorated officer with an ability to take on challenges that often deter others. Finally an officer that may be suitable for a shorter term liaison is Ceannasaí (OF-4) Eoin Dundas, a gregarious officer with excellent people skills.

In the spirit of cooperation,

Di Macquarrie

OOC: This is a letter meant for @Iverica that's backdated in order for me to have some preparations for my coming involvement in the Grand War that I wasn't a member of Eurth at the time to do contemporaneously. Also should one of the characters get to do a long term liaison it could provide me a POV character for the coming naval carnage. Also Ivy you should note that a bottle of the Macquarrie clan's famed single malt scotch was sent along with this letter.

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To: The Honourable Chatan Hakan, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom of @Gaellicia

From: the Holy Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of Aromania


Your Honour,

I am equally honoured to be replying your honour for the first time and I am pleased to do so, both on behalf of his Aroman Majesty, Kommodos III, the Holy Imperial Government, the Aroman people and personally. I pray to God that this marks a new era of closeness between our nations, one that might see an end to the occasional friction between our great nations.

The necessary pleasantries aside – but please do not think they are insincere nonetheless – it does indeed seem that our governments have a pressing matter to consider.

It is realised that the tightening of the rules on usage of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) would cause some level of disruption amongst those nations that were utilising Aromania's generosity towards the resources granted to it through the international treaties of what is known as ANCLOS, of which both our nations are signatory to. The actions of the Holy Imperial Government were carefully considered, especially in light of the actions of the Kingdom of @Great Anglia and the Occidental-Azanian Pact (OCA) across the Eurth and, closer to home, those of the Sovereign Imperium of Machina @Haruspex.

It was considered that there was a high chance of the former using the lesser control that Aromania was exerting over the EEZ to either conduct espionage on events and actions within the Ranke Sea and other waters of my nation, or to use foreign-flagged vessels as cover for infiltration of Aroman territory. It is felt by the Holy Imperial Government that your government would understand this, if not necessarily welcome such a move. This is especially since Aromania is at war with one member of the OCA and steadfastly opposing the other members of that warmongering alliance across the rest of Eurth.

With regards to the latter, it is imagined that your government has also seen the deterioration in relations between the Sovereign Imperium and the Greater Holy Empire. This was precipitated by a consistent and constant disregard of the Aroman people and the seeming assumption that the waters – and resources – of my nation's EEZ were theirs to do as they pleased. Obviously, this could only be tolerated for so long. Added to this was the recent ethnic cleansing that the Haru undertook, which saw a significant number of foreign nations put on trains and sent into Aromania.

This, and the above threat posed by the OCA, led to the actions of my government. It is realised by the Holy Imperial Government that the the reasoning behind this is something that your government is already aware of, as it was put forth in the statement released by my nation. Reiterating it goes no way towards taking any actions that might alleviate any inconvenience that the Gaellician people might suffer or be suffering. It goes without saying that those who are feeling the impact are in the prayers of the Aroman people.

At this point, the Holy Imperial Government feels that issuing probationary licences and modifying restrictions for Gaellician-flagged vessels and installations would fatally undermine the stance that has been taken over access to the EEZ. It is considered to be imperative to the security of Aromania and the safety of the Aroman people at this point. His Aroman Majesty acknowledges that this may be of concern to your government and, in order to counteract this, Aromania will instigate prioritising export to Gaellicia of oil, gas and other related products and resources, if it is so wished. Companies based in Gaellicia are invited to continue with their applications for the time being, through the channels outlined in the previous communication about increased security in the EEZ.

That aside, I will conduct the thanks of the Holy Imperial Government for forewarning Aromania about the military exercises that your nation is undertaking. Such communication between neighbours goes a long way to ensuring smooth and equitable relations between our nations and governments. It is hoped that your nation's exercise is successful in the aims that your military has set out.

May God see our nations and our peoples through these tumultuous times.

Eugenios Goulielmos,

Grand Minister

of the

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

of the

Greater Holy Empire of Aromania

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Re: Secure Communication



04 JUL, 2021 | 2342 Foxtrot Time

Port Cathures, Gaellicia



The Right Honourable Classé-Capitan Fernando Torre-Arcon, Baron of Nou Vissaça and Director of the Armada Liaison Office in Cathures, Gaellicia poured himself another dram from the fine single malt that accompanied the letter he had just finished reading- which lay open atop his desk, a comically large trunk* which dominated the window-side quarter of his mahogany-panelled study. 

*To be precise: circa. 1890 Ship's Rifle Locker, Alharun Teak, conversion. Provenance unknown; authenticity: debatable.


Crystal in hand, swirling with silky amber Gaellotch, Torre took one of 2 leather armchairs tucked into an alcoved nook. He cast off the double-breasted, navy blue reefer jacket that occupied it. Used during the evening's socials, a formal Gaellician officer's party he had been invited to on the pretence of his remarkable* Baccarat skills. During the course of the evening's entertainments, one of the Gaellician company had passed his adjutant-turned-driver a sealed despatch box. Broached in the privacy of his staff car, the box revealed both the bottle of malt liquor he was currently enjoying and a formal missive from the Ríogan Navatorm Education and Outreach Command.

*remarkable being the operative word. Referring to Torre's remarkable propensity to lose enticing sums of money and personal accessories the longer the evening wears.


He had read the letter with furrowed brow, growing all the more intrigued as it went on. The praise the words were couched in was no doubt a form of polite flattery. Flattery that was endearing enough to the liaison officer.


He contemplated his position. He was in his mid-30s, promoted and given a diplomatic posting solely to prevent him from further embarrassing the family name. It was an unfair incident that could have happened to anyone. Who could have known that several flocks of endangered migratory birds would be in such a position during an ill-timed round of gunnery? Nevertheless, the post-action cover-up involving foreign intelligence and bribed animal welfare groups angered his Squadron flag officer enough to have Torre's frigate command revoked. There was no salvaging his surface warfare career after that unfortunate accident.


Needless to say, his reputation was down poor straits. Furthermore, there were particulars of Torre's position and life that would indubitably change for the worst without a shining endorsement from someone in the Almirantasgo*. The letter was an opportunity that had quite literally fallen into his lap- and yet it posed a significant challenge of the political kind.

*Iverican for "Admiralty"; typically referring to the Chiefs of Armada.


The cogs in his head ticked, a grandfather clock in the adjacent antechamber chimed, and the old wood in his apartments creaked. Outside a cat yowled like a demon and a Tercio guardsman shouted several muffled curses, followed in short order by the crash of several crystal bottles shattering- likely last week's wardroom dinner digestives. Torre swirled the glass in hand and sniffed. Stone fruit and peat.




The first conundrum. The Tagmatines. There had been a circular notice making its rounds through Iverican diplomatic offices. They were given express directions to keep relations between the Gaellicians and the Tagmatines balanced. That meant no favourites. Entertaining Gaellician personnel with an intimate demonstration of aero-naval operations could draw unwanted Tagmatine scrutiny. 


The second conundrum. The Almirantasgo. Indeed, there were forces within the Iverican Admiralty itself that strongly favoured the Tagmatines over the Gaellicians. An ancient crowd of greying Admirals who were already dusty liches when the first ironclad left the Manille yards in 1871. Such a cabal had already shown its arthritic hand, attempting to slash funding for the Gaellician Liaison Office twice in the last 3 years. They'd have an apoplectic fit at the merest suggestion of the long-term liaison the Gaellicians were suggesting. Though perhaps that ensuing aneurysm at the news of Gaellician guests would remove the problem of their continued existence.


Torre shook his head. Whatever black magicks preserved them likely girded their shrivelled souls in unholy wards.


The Tagmatines could be bargained with but the coven of decrepit nosferatu aristocrats? Torre snorted. They'd sooner learn how to text than cease their Arome-a-boo proclivities*.

*The reader should note that Torre may not be the most reliable narrator. The members of the pro-Tagmatine officers were not entirely composed of geriatrics - however much the statistic of medical benefits spent on Cialis seems to indicate.


Savouring the last sip from his glass, Torre was briefly tempted to pour more- but the rush of a sudden idea stayed his hand.


Yes. That was it.


Yes. He chuckled to himself, letting out a burst of baritone laughter, stentorian enough to startle his adjutant, who had begun to doze off at this desk in the antechambers.






Though up against a faction of the Almirantasgo's most influential boomers, Torre was far from a nobody. He was a staffer who had the ear of the Chief Liaison of the department's Europan Division. There was also the matter of his gilded family name which carried much pull in Plassa Sotavento* and Corregidor.

*"The Leeward Plaza", in Anglish. Another name for Manille Maritime Command, headquarters of the Iverican Navy.


It just so happened that Torre a second cousin at the Friendly Forces Development Office who was in charge of arranging for the lease of prematurely retired Redentor-class ships to the Tagmatines. The project had been stalled for years but it wouldn't take much to push a question of intent out to Tagmatine lessee counterparts. Whether they accepted or stalled further was hardly the point - it was all about optics. The news that sprang from such communications would likely create just enough reassuring publicity to smokescreen any news of Gaellician observers securing such a friendly post. It wouldn't be fool-proof, of course, but failing that manoeuvre, Torre still had some friends in the Liaison Office's continental headquarters in Europatorion who may be of use yet.


The second conundrum was much more complex. To approve an outside liaison mission to a core element like a Carrier Task Force, Torre would have to gain approval from the Liaison Department's commanding Admiral, who would then have to get a sponsor from the Almirantasgo Chiefs to present the mission plan to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and secure a signature. Tricky. And possibly a lengthy process which could be stonewalled by any pro-Tagmatine Admirals at any point before the Minister's approval.


Torre's big idea, his moment of liquored-up epiphany that night in his study, was looking more and more like a long shot. It banked on a long and necessarily convoluted path of bureaucracy. One that was just maverick enough that the as-yet unaware opposition might miss. 


The Chief Liaison to the Europa Division, Lord Admiral (Rear Admiral, without the honorific) Corrino-Opoullón was on good terms with several of the Armada Chiefs. One of which was a man who was the veritable "P" in pragmatism, unaffected by the echo-chamber politicking of the armchair-bound Admirals of Manille and Altaria. Torre's one hope was Almirante Ignacio Dei Nervión, of 4th Fleet fame. He was ranked as one of the Chiefs of the Armada though he rarely spent any time occupying his seat at Sotavento. Instead, the girzzled admiral much preferred the command and control theatres of the vaunted República-Class carrier, VRI Deiargon, his previous command before attaining prime admiralcy. 


There was just one catch. The nicknamed "Archon of the Adlantic", Dei Nervión was at present, engaged with the clean-up of Operation Wolfhound, in Estaria, Ceris. Getting any sort of pencil-pushing draft out to an active warzone and in the presence of an Admiral commanding an entire Expeditionary Fleet was going to be challenging. There was every chance that any juniour officer who erranded the dossier would just be turned away before even breaching Dei Nervión's chief of staff's office. 


If Torre was going to get this thing to the Foreign Minister, there would be no other option but to pack his trunk and make best speed to Ceris- himself.




OOC: I don't intend to continue this short. This stemmed more from the realisation that a letter could not describe the political landscape of how to handle getting such a request approved. From the highest perspective, getting some officers into an educational liaison position wouldn't matter that much but it is written from the perspective of an officer who's entire career is made or broken on the connections he manages to secure. In this scenario, its fortunate (or perhaps intentionally manoeuvred) that the Gaellicians ended up assigned a side-lined Officer with a penchant for drink and cards. It is possible that the Gaellician's are using Torre the same way he is using them to get back into the good graces of certain superiors while at the same time avoiding the ambiguous consequence of stagancy that I've left unrevealed. 


Skipping the long and somewhat dangerous path Torre will have to tread following this short, its quite likely that he flies off to Ceris as inconscpicuously as an officer of his rank can. Quite likely, this involves obfuscating his rank, travel purposes, and itinerary while hitching instead of chartering a flight and voyage to Ceris. Inevitably, the pragmatic 4th Fleet Admiral ends up approving his liaison mission plan and sponsoring his meeting with the Foreign Minister. In all likelihood, this is because Dei Nervion despises some of the complacent slugs at Sotavento and wants nothing more than to shit on their agenda with his signature on the turd.


**Side bit: Barons? Lord Admirals? Isn't Iverica a Republic?? TLDR: monarchy gone but keep nobles, no kill nobles, have little power but can keep. Republic good, lead Iverica becoz no monarch left. Long Answer: Iverica did not officially remove or renounce its aristocratic system. The Republic was formed as a constitutional compromise to legally allow sovereignty to be transferred from the extinct imperial monarchy to an elected Ministry and First Citizen. Those that fled the Iberic Empire during its civil war were imperial loyalists though none of the nobility could legally claim the crown due to strict imperial inheritance laws. Hence, the Executive Ministry and the National Chamber rule in the stead of the imperial family (in perpetuity, because all of them are dead... or at least we think so) though they safeguard the titles of the surviving Hidalgo houses. Hidalgos, or nobles are constitutionally protected (despite historical controversy) but compromise with the Republican government, having only some administrative power over small constituencies while having obligations and subordinacy to the Executive Ministry and a governing body of elected nobles.




Conclusion: The Liaison mission is approved, with Armada Intelligence vetting and approving Ceannasaí Eoin Dundas as Liaison and Ceannfort Lawrence Lee as Deputy Liaison. Tacitly, Armada Intelligence would choose these 2 for their own reasons.


After getting Minister Tomas-Morra's signature, the liaison could begin by October at the earliest. No. 8 Group- Reserve Task Force "Apolinario Mavini" (8-CAPGRU) will host the liaison mission during one its semi-annual training tours. 8-CAPGRU will depart from Altaria JFS and take a short voyage through the North Oriental, launching several aero-naval exercises working through the basics of catapult-assisted takeoff, unassisted takeoff and recovery alongside flight deck protocol on day and night conditions. Changing Sea States may or may not give the opportunity for exercises at different conditions. 8-CAPGRU will call upon the ports of Custo D'Oeste and New Beautancus (marked on the map as "Monarch HQ) where the group will offload material to assist with government construction efforts in the new port city. The tour should last just over 2-weeks, ending back at Altaria JFS. At the end of the training tour, the liaison attaches may be transferred to a different formation depending on the duration of their post.


Torre will likely have scored a win for his reputation if relations with Gaellicia and Tagmatium continue for the better.

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