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[Map Application] The Pretanic Isles

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Nation on Eurth: The Commonwealth of the Pretanic Isles
National Flag:

Capital Name: Saoirse
Capital Location: I wish for the capital to placed alongside a coastal area where it has a natural harbour and an ability to trade easily.

Starter Stats:

2 - GPA
2- Population

0 - Landmass

Culture: A nationalist republic based on Celtic British cultures before the conquest by the Roman Empire. It has a primarily free-market economy with a minimalist government. This government handles things such as defense and tax-collection primarily, as well as making sure the freedoms of the Pretanic people go uninhibited.

Climate & Geography: The geography of the Commonwealth is a mostly flat area with natural harbours surrounding its coast. However, it has iron and coal deposits, with oil deposits lying off its coast. It gets very little in the way from agricultural production, being mostly reliant on outside imports to meet its food needs. It is moist and temperate as well.


A summary written in “A Impartial History of Pretannia” by Jenny Wormald;

“The Commonwealth of the Pretanic Isles was once a penal colony under the Anglian Empire where those of Geltic heritage were unjustly sent to as a result of their rebelliousness against the tyrannical Imperial government during the early 18th century. The transportation was long and arduous, with many of the freedom-fighters perishing from disease on the way to ‘Pretannia’ to serve their sentences. And when they arrived at the lush Pretanic islands, they were forced to figure out their own survival, causing many to starve due to exposure and lack of nutrition. 

However, after many years of suffering, the free-fighters were able to build a proper string of self-sustainable settlements along the coast that prospered from inter-Alharian trade away from the Empire - Admittedly with small trade import taxes from Anglian’s unfortunate imperial interference. They were able to preserve their Geltic traditions and culture as a result of continual Anglian disinterest.

However, the Anglian government soon got into a conflict of influence in the Alharu continent, forcing the Pretannic’s involvement as a result of them being a ‘colony’. This led to rebellion in the ranks of the Pretons, who rightfully began a war of independence against the Anglian government who was attempting to enforce their tyranny on other nations. They were successfully able to break off from the Imperial yoke as a result of help from other nations rivalling the Anglians, with August 23rd being chosen as their Independence Day.”

Front Desk: 

Vision Statement: 

Desired Location: (optional)

Other Critical Information: (optional)

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Congratulations on passing the academy! Now let's get you on the map!

Stats add up to 4, which is good. You chose 2 points for both population and GDP, which means you can have a population between 30 - <40 million and a GDP per capita of $15,000 - <$20,000. I'd recommend picking some numbers out for your iiWiki just before you start RPing :). Your land area would be less than 90,000km^2

You request for a temperate and moist (high precipitation) climate, which'd roughly be in these areas:

A good proportion of the Eurth would be encompassed, however your desired location is exempt as its primarily tropical, not temperate.

History & Economy
History works well for flexibility, as a colony of Anglia you could pretty much go anywhere (though close to other (ex)Anglian colonies/client states is preferable, like next to Advocatius). From your Vision Statement it sounds like your nation is a converter of goods from primary (raw material) into secondary (low level manufactured goods like 2000s China).

Below I have proposed 4 locations for your country. Once you've chosen one (or none) of the proposed locations, I will request consent from your would-be neighbours, and afterwards we can tweak borders and add your cities in Discord.

Proposal 1 - Western Marenesia
At 77,700km^2, your country would be a cool temperate climate with minimal changes in elevation. You would also be beside Gallambria (an ex-Anglian colony) which helps with your lore. The only downside is that you'd be a bit isolated, though still close enough to others to do reliable trade.

Proposal 2 - Desired Location
Although I can't change the island climates, I can provide you a piece of mainland temperate Aurelia (with Ochoa leaving, a spot for Aurelia has opened up) giving you a total area of 42,960km^2. Like the first proposal, you'll be next to an ex-Anglian colony (Advocatius) and relatively flat terrain.

Proposal 3 - Western Alharu
With 84,190km^2 of area, it's not unreasonable to assume that a large empire like Anglia might try to settle in a strategically important part of the Hei Sea. The entire area is flat and close to sea level with a warm temperate climate, though does start to transition towards Mediterranean in the eastern fringes.

Proposal 4 - Between Alharu/Aurelia

Lastly, with only 5,723km^2, these small temperate islands between Aurelia and Alharu. Lots of friends on the mainlands!

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