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[Map Application] Cashar

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Capital: Pavat

Capital location: Map_of_Cashar.png
Where it says Protiva except instead of Protiva, it's Pavat.

Starter Stats: Pop 1 / GDP 1 / Land 2 - I'm not sure if this will result in the same amount of land I had last time, I'd like the country's borders to stay the same as they were, so I can keep the map of the states I had. So, if need be I'll go down to Pop 0 / GDP 0 / Land 4. If need be (I'd rather not do that because I feel like a hyper-capitalist country should have something of a GDP and also I'm not sure how I'd account for such a major population change)

Culture: It's a hyper-capitalist country (to the point of practically being a parody), but it has some Middle Eastern influences. I do tend to kind of throw in a bunch of other stuff, too.

Climate and Geography: Cashar is an arid rain-shadow desert with scattered shrub land. It typically faces temperature extremes and has two distinct seasons. The winter months bring comfortable daytime temperatures, while summer months are dominated by the heat. Annually, Cashar receives anywhere from 76 to 500 mm of rainfall per year. Cashar is typically divided into six loosely defined topographic zones: the Cashari Desert, the Ramat Plains, the Majar and Wasat Mountains, the Sanaka Oasis, the Pasadim Mesas, and Cashar's coastline. The largest of these areas is the Cashari Desert. For more information about Cashar's geography see here: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Geography_of_Cashar - I wrote a whole page! :D

History: It's a work-in-progress. I'm going to have to redo a lot of it because of there being an island now. But I think the recent history should still be about the same. I also still plan to have an empire in Cashar's past and Iverican colonization be a thing. 

1702 - Explorer and later governor-general, Felipe Alfau Mendossa of Iverica, eventually came to colonize parts of Cashar which included creating walled districts in the cities of Pavat and Kinam which were administered by a collection of tribute-paying but autonomous satrapies. The Iverican territories were administered as corregimientos which remained uninterested in revolt for much of the colonial period due to the stability Felipe Alfau Mendossa brought to the previously unstable region.

1705-1712 - The colonization of Ivericans in the area causes an outbreak known to the locals as the Iverican Pox. Due to fear and suspicion, Iverican colonists are avoided and left mostly to their own devices. By 1710, quarantine measures put in place by the governor-general eventually lead to the Iverican Pox subsiding before fading out completely in 1712.

1730 - Following increased trading treaties, marriage alliances, and complex territorial pacts, the republics surrounding the Republic of Sanatvo begin to strengthen economically.

1746 - The Iverican Civil War ushered in a period of neglect in the colonies. Corruption ran rampant as falling social order and the redeployment of much of the garrison lead to a decreased confidence in the Governor-General's administration.

1752 - Protests grew and pressure from the local satraps eventually led to a peaceful withdrawal of Iverican colonizers from the Republic of Sanatvo. Following the withdrawal of Iverican colonizers, an alliance between the Republic of Sanatvo and the surrounding republics formed leading to the League of Pavat. Leaders from the republics would meet in the city of Pavat to discuss matters of trade and treaties.

1770 - Other republics soon joined the League of Pavat, and on the 17th of July, a constitution was drafted to unite the republics and establish the country of Cashar.

In 1968, the Proclamation of Incorporation is issued in response to increased corporate influence on the government of Cashar. At this point, corporations essentially have become a part of the government itself. 

Vision Statement: Cashar is primarily a hyper-capitalistic parody playground. It has always been about having fun and being a little ridiculous and over-the-top. But recently or as recent as I have been active, I've also wanted to try and inject some realism into Cashar. Blur the lines a little bit between parody and fantastic realism. I wouldn't say I want it to be as real as a cautionary tale might be because I think that would lose some of the fun. But trying to imagine how a semi-real Cashar might work is a fun challenge. Eventually, hopefully, I'd like Cashar to be a country that is memorable and fun to RP with or refer to. 

In RP, I'd like to develop Cashar further by expanding on its culture and its cities and states. I'd also like to rework its history to better fit in with Eurth. I might also try to resume creating a language for Cashar; though I'm undecided on that at the moment. I think that might have been what burnt me out last time. I'd like to try and participate in more events, diplomacy, and trade.

Desired Location: I'd prefer to be in the same location I was previously if that's not too much trouble. I mean, the island does say Cashari Island. LOL

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Welcome back Cashar!
As you've now come back, your nation will need to align with the new point system and changes done to the map, which will mean some changes might be necessary to your nation. With 2 points in land area, Cashar can have an area between 260,000km^2 to less than 350,000km^2.

I'll skip all the point stuff and just get straight into offers for your (re)location as I think that works for everyone. Below I have proposed 3 locations for your country. Once you've chosen one (or none) of the proposed locations, I will request consent from your would-be neighbours, and afterwards we can tweak borders and add your cities in Discord.


Proposal 1 - Original Location (Retroactivity & History Focused)
image.png image.png
I can't give you your entire old land as its over 500,000km^2, however I can give you the western half. This proposal will give you an area of 349,550km^2, however since you were removed due to inactivity (and not notifying us with a leave of absence) there have been changes to the area. Not all of your country would be desert, with the eastern half being a mix of arid steppe and humid subtropical climate (think southern China). There are also now existing cultural compatibility issues, as Florentia (your southern neighbour) is an Amerindian-French state (its Amerindian population coming from Aurelia/Mesothalassa) however I'm sure you two can discuss the historic & present ethnic make-up together.

Proposal 2 - Western Cashari Shore (Climate, History, & Retroactivity Focused)
With an area of 344,890km^2 your country would be almost entirely desert within the rainshadow of the highlands to the east that make up your nation's natural borders. All the cultural issues from before still pop up, but at least climate isn't an issue anymore!

Proposal 3 - Western Alharun Shore (Culture, Climate, & History Focused)
With 343,660km^2 your country will be almost entirely desert, with fringe steppe to the north. You would also be right next to Hemahat (an Afro-Asiatic country). Still within proximity for Iverican colonisation. The only weirdness is that Cashar wouldn't be on Cashari island. Some geohistory funkiness would need to be figured out to explain it (maybe something akin to Europeans labelling all of interior Africa 'Aethiopia'?).

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Yes, I'm sorry about my inactivity and not notifying of my absence. I dunno why I have a tendency to disappear sometimes. I was kind of struggling through a lot. Anyway! I understand that things will need to change. And I appreciate you working with me. It sounds like my old place won't be the best place unless I want to redo a lot more than just the history. For sake of easing back into the RP, I think Proposal #3 will be the best place overall. 

Maybe confused Ivericans were the ones who named Cashari Island. LOL Or maybe Cashar itself tried to colonize the island and was just going to name it after themselves before it became an abandoned project or something. I dunno. 

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Happy to see you back in town !

About the name of the Cashari Island, I think I got something. If I understood well, you was colonized by Iverica. One of my states, the Duchy of Lasoda, is a former Iverican colony. So Lasoda and Cashar could have been the same colony (named Cashar, which would explain why the island is also named Cashar). When Lysia bought insular Cashar to Iverica, they just renamed it Lasoda to make the difference with continental Cashar. What do you think about that ?

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Beforeyou start coming up with ideas, I first need to consent of @Hemahat for the new location. Hemahat has 5 days to provide consent (with or without requests of changes) or deny Cashar's location otherwise consent will be implied through apathy.

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