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NPC Request: Zekistan.

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Full name : Salamic Republic of Zekistan
Common name : Zekistan
Demonym : Zeki/Zekistani
Culture : Urdu, Hindustani and Punjabi
Flag : spacer.png

Map: Located on the border of Kotowari. spacer.png


Historically home to two main people groups: the Zekistani (Hindustani) and the Punjabi the two have often conflicted throughout their shared history.

WIP: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Zekistan

Stats :
GDP : [1] 8000 ESU per inhabitant
Land : [2] 
Population : [1] 12 millions


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As we spoke on Discord, I have approved your NPC as long as you stick to Urdu/Hindustani/Punjabi naming schemes/writing and avoid Arabic to avoid lore clashes with other nations and the theming of south-east Europa.

For now I'll use the flag you've provided despite Arabic being on it, as you won't be able to see it on the map. In the near future could you please provide a variant with the text edited (or a new flag completely).

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