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The Iden Project

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An Industrialist's Nightmare

Mahana is home to a wide range of diverse peoples and groups, however most notable of all may be the inhabitants of a village called "Idena" or "Iḍēna". Idena is a small village that lies 40 miles south of the capital city however is notable for being inhabited by a group of people who completely reject modern technology in any form. Cars are not permitted to enter the village and the people living there stick to a lifestyle without any of the "joys" of modern technology. Telephones, computers, internet, motors and electricity are all strictly prohibited by the local sovereign town council.

The village gained a lot of media attention for this reason, however as to follow with the customs of the people living within nothing has been filmed with permission, with existing photographs and videos of life in the village taken illegally. The village, interestingly, acts as a sovereign entity from Mahana in what the government calls "Special Zones" or "SZs". This is in place to allow the village to accustom their own rules to the village.

After going viral online many who wanted to return to nature and get away from modern life began to move into the village, with it being one of the most multi-ethnic areas in the entire country (with around 34% of the population being native Mahanan). Medial jobs and a slow, renewable lifestyle appealed to around 5,600 people who moved since it's surge in notoriety since 2016. Some move for the freedom, others to live a renewable lifestyle, however most agree the village has an incredibly unique form of living.


The appeal to most of the life in Idena is the quiet and humble living. The job system is simple however could potentially produce issue: jobs in the village are not kept, with people doing work depending on what is needed throughout the village on a certain day. One day a man may work as a forgehand and the next as a greengrocer. Money is a concept that doesn't exist within the village, with things being purchased depending on reputation points earned from working or loyalty points to a local business. This could potentially be exploited very easily. 

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