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[Map Application] Roqoo (round 2)

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Hello all,

I've recently had conversations with Xio about returning. With the changes to both Alharu and the climate map accordingly, the current position of Marenai no longer really fits the linguistic or climate concepts I initially set out for. So I decided to heed his advice and resubmit a map application, since I am still invested in my initial RP idea for Roqoo. 




Roqoo, formally the Divine Realm of Roqoo


Capital: Bellamy

Capital location: more or less central (strongly depends on map location)

Starter Stats: Pop 0 // GDP 2 // Land 2

Culture: Same as before, the culture is a blend metaconcept of !Finnish and native Alharu and as such is sort of "self-built" in that regard. The language is primarily based on !Finnish/Urgic. 

Climate and geography: Geographically, Roqoo is a nation with at least some coastline and some mountainous terrain, which coupled with historical and cultural ruins, draw tourists to the nation. Climate-wise, Roqoo fits well in the northern portion of Alharu based on map v5.13 and its associated climate map, as the climate is fairly mild but includes warm summers and lower (not freezing) temps in the winters. 

History: This part is the least fleshed out part as I feel it really depends on final map location. What I can say is that at least a large portion of the Roquan culture descends from natives to the area (kind of where the Azano-Marenesian (!Polynesian) culture comes in) and at some point a group of refugees arrived on what they thought was uninhabited territory and eventually the two cultures "blended" (and this is sort of where the !Finnish influence comes in). Fast forward a "few dozen decades," the first formal government of Roqoo beyond the tribal chieftains was established in the late 18th century (1780ish). This first government eventually gave way to the immediate past "commonwealth" government headed by the First Minister. Due to a growing religious community and influence of the Solleu Livot faith, during a period of rather bad weather/national disasters/epidemic and a slowing economy, the people repeatedly turned to the Livoti leaders for guidance. As the tribulations continued, the commonwealth government continued loosing support (mainly through lack of voter turnout) and in rather a "quiet revolution", the Livoti leaders took control of the government, installing the Candar as head of state in the early 20th century. 


Desired location: I can see any of these three ideas working. Additionally, depending on lore and location of Urgic, I could also see a western coast area. 







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Hi, sorry for being so late to respond. Been a wild week.

With 2 points in land that gives you a range of areas from 260,000km^2 to just under 350,000km^2. Double checking your desired locations, their areas come to estimates of 346,300km^2, 387,400km^2, and 357,800km^2 respectfully. Only the first one is within the range, though the third could easily be fixed. The second I would caution you, as you would be pretty isolated (though you do have the ability for river travel out from the central lake).

The location of the Ugric people haven't been pinned out exactly, however your locations work as others in Argis occasionally mention small Finnish minorities.

Below I have proposed 4 locations for your country. Once you've chosen one (or none) of the proposed locations, I will request consent from your would-be neighbours, and afterwards we can tweak borders and add your cities in Discord.

1) Desired Location #1
With a land area of 325,620km^2, the climate varies from a warm temperate akin to Wyoming in the south up to central European temperatures in the north. Your country would be primarily a river valley, enclosed by highlands to the west and east. Iverica to your west has a small enclave that has a Boreaurelian (Austronesian) culture, so Polynesian in small doses in Northern Alharu are not unheard of. I'd recommend swapping the origins of your people groups (!Finnish being the natives to the land, and the !Polynesians the settlers) just to make history easier for yourself and future neighbours.

2) Desired Location #3
An area of 348,220km^2, the climate is homogenously temperate, similar to central and eastern Europe with mountains and rivers on all sides. Like Location 1, some Polynesian influence is possible.

3) Southern Alharu
A land area of 322,770km^2, this would put you next to Kertosono (another Boreaurelian culture) and Porto Greco. Your climate would be tropical (your temperature would almost never drop below freezing) with tropical savanna to your east and the tail-end of the Alharun tropical rainforest to the west. it would solve your Polynesian migration quite well, as they would be part of the wider Austronesian migration into southern Alharu (like with Kertosono) making them natives to the land very early onto into world history. Your Finnish group could have migrated from northern Alharu for numerous reasons, like as early colonists following trade routes, escaping a threat from up north, et cetera. You would have highlands in the middle of your country with a couple small mountain ranges in the centre.

4) Western Alharu
Lastly, with 349,000km^2, your climate would be Mediterranean with a very flat geography close to sea level, gradually raising up to highlands in the east as a protective shield for Roqoo. Polynesian/Finnish culture issues from Locations 1 & 2 apply here as well.

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My my. Decisions. Decisions. I am really drawn to #1 as it spans from central Alharu to the sea. I think there is something intriguing about the central, navigable river. Although #2 and #4 are interesting prospects.

Thank you for the multiple suggestions, but, yeah... I think I'll move forward with suggestion #1!

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14 hours ago, Roqoo said:

My my. Decisions. Decisions. I am really drawn to #1 as it spans from central Alharu to the sea. I think there is something intriguing about the central, navigable river. Although #2 and #4 are interesting prospects.

Thank you for the multiple suggestions, but, yeah... I think I'll move forward with suggestion #1!

As you'd have no neighbours, there is no need to wait for any consenting members.

Welcome back to Eurth :)!

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