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Miss Europa 2005 election

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So: who would you vote for?


Meet the candidates,


user posted image


and cast your vote.




Gere are ze votez from ze European zury:

    Finland: 5 points (Orioni, Byzantium Nova, Argenland, Paranoid schizo, Empire Francais)


    Portugal: 3 points (Pot, Tamurin, Argenland)

    Romania: 3 points (Phil IV, Nevareion, Sage)

    Sage: 3 point (Karpathos, Paranoid shizo, Niederoestereich)

    Ukraine: 3 points (Phil IV, Kant, Europa)


    Greece: 2 point (Nevareion, Sage)


    Croatie: 1 point (Paranoid schizo)

    Czech Rep.: 1 point (Europa)

    Danmark: 1 point (Pot)

    France: 1 point (Sage)

    Germany: 1 point (Koku)

    Gibraltar: 1 point (Koku)

    Iceland: 1 point (Jaihu)

    Ireland: 1 point (Haken)

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ohh ohh ohh grrr... hmmm where to start?


ok, call me dumb but im high and cant really think but the chick from BELARprobably something else is hot as hell! woot! has my vote.


DENMARK!!! WOW! very nice... dang... also my vote...


PORTUGAL! shes kinda chunky and i like the girls with some junk in the trunk!!! also my vote...


man i cant choose... blink.gif

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