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Expansion of Littland

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Expansion of the Republic of Littland


I request a small expansion of Littland to the south, on the border with Walneria. As I have started to re-consider parts of my history and especially the relationship with the ethnic Malskic minority of the southern areas, I realised that the current shape of Littland isn't suitable. The proposed areas, to the west, would go into neighboring Littish counties and the south-eastern area will go to further Malskic populations. My population will remain the same, this gives me greater leeway when it comes to my internal politics. This also doesn't collide with a future reappearance of Thransaltz near Stedoria and Walneria.
Also on the map, Frankerup should be replaced with Karlino as a highlighted city as shown. (Since we don't really have "Franks" on Eurth, the name literally doesn't make sense (meaning "Frankish settlement"), so might aswell remove it and redo the city)

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Like all expansions, we do expect RP for them (see the expansion guidelines under map rules). Even super small ones like this. You could do a short historical expansion for the lands (3-5 posts long) but I understand that's wildly inconvenient for something this small and somewhat inconsequential. Perhaps instead it might be worth pursuing a more traditional territorial expansion, then retroactively have those border lands be part of your nation from the start (they're so small I and the staff team have no problems with that).

Regarding your city change of Frankerup to Karlino, I will have that done for the next map update :).

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