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The Desert Spear


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It has been a few months since the Parliament had officially declared that Gallambria was in a state of war with Great Anglia and her Allies, and they had started to hear murmurs from the international community about whether or not Gallambria was going to follow through with it.

While the Prime Minister had been aware of this comments, she shrugged them off as "Simplistic and Idiotic Ignorance..." - This war is to be her first foray into leading the country into a major conflict. A conflict which will be the nations first major conflict since the 2nd Argic War, and for some Gallambrians, a third major conflict that they would've experienced in their lifetime. Yesterday, in a closed session with her therapist, she disclosed her discomfort about sending the future of the nation to war, with many of them young, and many of them probably will not return. Dr Hoftstader, her therapist, reminded her, that while the sacrifice may be great, and many people will be grieving for their lost ones, their sacrifice will not be in vain, their sacrifice will be made in order to guarantee a future of peace in the region.

After a restless night, Nadia made her way to the Cabinet Offices, to meet with Cabinet and the Defence Chiefs before the war kicked off, to confirm final plans and objectives.

0900h 02JUL2023

In the briefing rooms at JCOC, a group of officers and senior enlisted members of the three services, sat around the conference table, where Brigadier Lachlan McDowell the commander of the Joint Cyber Force, was briefing them about the up coming operations against Anglian cyber and electronic assets.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we have just received word from the Cabinet Office, that the Initial Phase of Op Lear will be kicking off today at 1000hrs Local.

The Situation as it stands is that Great Anglian and their aligned forces, occupy much of the Suverin peninsula, and large areas of the Lysian mainland. Our objective today, is to provide, cyber and electro-magnetic activities in support of coordinated naval and air strikes against the Suverin cities of Hincesti, Frunzivka, and Chisinau, Air Defence Installations and, Military Bases and Encampments, throughout the Suverin Peninsula.

Today's CME activities, will be supported by elements of the Space Command's CME team, who will be exploiting Suverin and Anglian communication assets in LEO, and the Air Force's Information Warfare Directorate, who will be hijacking civilian and government broadcast services, and broadcasting material developed by our friends at the Psych Warfare team.

Team, It's paramount that we succeed today. Our efforts today, will have a flow on effect, and will determine whether or not, on-going actions will be successful.

Our planned activities have been delineated in each sections separate briefing package, Captain Geraldine Ettinghouse will be the immediate commander for this phase of the operation, as I will be held up at Strategic Command, so any issues, please consult with her in the first instance.

Questions? None? Good. Go and brief your teams...

The various teams break up and go to their separate briefings...

Moments later, a scouring of people started on the Ops Centre floor, keyboards started clacking, and people began talking amongst themselves.

For Gallambria, the War Has Begun.

This was the point in time, where bits, bytes and lines of code were the opening salvo, not bombs, bullets and missiles.

A few hours later, and the Ops Centre started to go quiet ... the racket of keyboard strokes, and chatter had started to wane, people were running around, doing their final checks.

Captain Ettinghouse walked over to her console and picks up her telephone. Can you patch me through to Strat Com? she asked the operator on the other end.

She talks for a bit with Brigadier McDowell, about their mission... From our end Sir, for all intents and purposes, it's been a success. Space Command are reporting they've managed to intercept TX from their satellites and IWD are reporting that the broadcasts have been successfully dispatched - however we are still waiting confirmation of that from MO-9 and HUMINT sources in the region.

She hangs up the phone and starts to address the teams. Ladies and Gentlemen - Mission Successful. Let's keep an eye on our various taskings, and ensure they're still active, with reports back to me every half hour.




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1152hrs UTC 03JUL2023
28°25' N 75°56' E - Somewhere in the Amnalos Sea
D26 HMGS Abbotsleigh




Commander Louis Hamlin-Jones, Captain of the Abbotsleigh, had just laid his head down after completing the forenoon watch, when the PA sounded, and the comms printer in his wardroom started to printed a message.

He tears off the paper, and starts to read the message.

TO   HQ JTF-311, JTF-311.1





Commander Hamlin-Jones, picks up the telephone and buzzes the Officer of the Watch.

Bridge, Captain. Sound General Alarm, Bring the Ship to 1 SQ, All Division Chiefs to my Wardroom in 5 minutes.

A few moments had past, and one by one the Division Chiefs start making their way to the Captains wardroom.

The Captain gets up from his desk and retrieves an envelope from his safe, he then opens it and reads it contents.

Gentlemen, oh and lady, As you've heard we just received a CBM. Here it is, have a read and pass it around.

The DC's read the CBM, and pass it to the next.

This envelope I have in my hand, is the strike package. My best guess is that this is a task force wide order, so other ships and subs will have different taskings to us.

Nav - I want you to take the coordinates and verify that they're executable.

Weapons - Bring up the WLAMs to 1 SQ and report status.

Comms & Ops - Ensure comms with JTF HQ and the Flag Ship are open, keep an ear out for civilian traffic.

AYE SIR! - they all respond.

A few moments have passed, and Lieutenant Harris, the Weapons DC, has returned back to divisions area, and he hands one of the console operators, the envelope.

Wilkins, punch these coordinates in and await for my command.

One by one, the various division chiefs, have reported back to the Captain of their divisions readiness, and await for their commands. Commander Hamlin-Jones, starts to watch the clock, 11:59:45.

He picks up the PA mic. Weapons, Captain. Ready, Fire on my Command.

11:59:50 ...

He continues to watch the clock, pushing the PTT switch on the handset, 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... FIRE!

The first salvo of cruise missiles, fly away from the launchers towards their designated targets.

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Over the last few days, The RGN had been systematically had been targeting military and civilian targets of interest, with ranging levels of success, the strikes had managed to either completely remove or severely limit capabilities that the Suverin and Anglian forces will rely upon when the Coalition mount their invasion of the Suverin peninsula. Over the coming weeks, the strikes will continue, slowly including coordinated airstrikes on embedded air defence installations, continued naval strikes, and CEM activity.

1130 (UTC+6) 08JUL23
Cafe Gerbeaud,
Downtown Orhei, Suverina

A group of young apparently-Suverins were sitting at a table at the Cafe Gerbeaud, when a man walked up to them, obviously looking like a tourist, and asked them, "What is the time?" - one of the young people at the table responded, "Depends if you like green apples or red..." - knowing that the counter-challenge was for an older challenge used, the gentlemen responded, "Would it help if Anglian blood was flowing through your furrows?" - They all nodded sheepishly, in agreement.

He then proceeded to sit down with them, trying to blend in, which was a bit challenging - considering he was ten to fifteen years their senior, he introduces himself, "I guess an introduction would be called for - I'm Peter Macklin from the Gallambrian Government. I understand you guys had tried to contact our office in Bashan about a starting a possible resistance movement?"

They all nod cautiously.

Peter, continues - "So what's going to happen is, at 12:30 this afternoon, go to Central Station, and go to locker C136." - He slides them a paper slip with a four digit code on it - "Inside the locker, you'll find an envelope - The envelope will have detailed instructions on how to contact us in the future, and also a list of people in Orhei that you'll be able to contact for assistance. - Keep note of this code as we'll be using it to drop you guys information and intelligence, that you can use in your operations - Also, over the next couple of weeks, we will be organising some equipment and supplies for you guys, so after you pick up the first package tomorrow, you are to leave a list of what you need, and we will see that you guys get what you need."

After discussing what they were planning to do, Peter excuses himself - "I'm afraid I have to go - Remember 12:30 this afternoon. If we go back and check that the contents haven't been retrieved, we will assume our assistance isn't required, and all bets are off. Understood?" - They all nod.

Peter walks off.

Later that day...

Peter was sitting in cafe, across the road from the train station, with a clearview of the lockers that he had directed the Suverins to go to, when he noticed them walk up to the console to unlock the locker.

After they had managed to unlock the locker, they removed an envelope from the locker that only had a sheet of white paper with some handwritten text written across the middle of it.

"Go Fuck Yourselves."

They looked at each other, confused and frustrated, knowing they'd been made. When one of them notices a faint beeping coming from another locker. A few seconds later, an explosion rips through the concourse of the train station, killing them instantly.

Peter, knowing his job is done, walks off from the cafe. Smirking, he says to himself, "Fucking dipshits. No wonder they're losing the war."

Peter pulls his phone out of his pocket, and calls into his handler - "Caveman - Clear."

Little did they know, that MO-9 had picked up that the Anglian's were trying to infiltrate and disrupt Gallambrian and Suverin resistance operations and that this was only the start.

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0015hrs (UTC+7) 14JUL2023 | L-2

Headquarters, No. 30 Wing

RGAF Tubruq

Sitting around their table in the Officers Lounge, one of the pilots look at their watch - "Shit, we're late..." - they all got up from their seats and started to run towards the briefing room.

Along the way, they are stopped by their OC - "You guys didn't get the email did you? The meeting's been moved to the theatre."

They turn around and started walking to the Theatre - "Why the fuck are they having a briefing in the theatre?" - Then they notice some crew, they'd never seen before, walk into the building. "Who are they?" one of the aircrew asks. One of the pilots squints to see if he could identify their patches - "Looks like a mix Pyro - Fuck me... I'm seeing 100, 467, 617, 262, 490..."

Flight Lieutenant Michael "Pyro" Topley - one of the pilots from 302 Squadron, who had recently transferred to 302 Squadron from 490 Squadron, a Jaguar squadron based at RGAF Williamtown - starts to walk over to the aircrew from 490 Squadron, when one of them notices Pyro.

"Pyro! Get the fuck over here!", one of them shouts - It was Flight Lieutenant William "Half-Stroke" Botha, an EWO from 490 Squadron - they were teamed together during their OPCON. Pyro heads over to Half-Stroke and they hug each other - "It's been a while you bastard!" - They continue their conversation for bit, when one of the senior officers, comes out of the theatre and directs everyone in.

Over the next few minutes, a few more groups of aircrew start walking in, a mix and-a-half of different squadrons and aircraft were all represented, Hurricanes, Thunders, Kestrals, Minervas ... The theatre had gone from empty to standing room only in the space of 10 minutes.

All of a sudden, an officer walks up to the lectern -

"Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen, I know it's late - So I'll make this quick.

He plugs his laptop into the project and opens up a targeting plot for the upcoming mission.

"For those who don't know who I am, I'm Air Commodore Stephen Conway, Deputy Commander Near East Air Force. We're currently, hopefully, at L-Day minus 2. We're still waiting on the @Iverican's to get into place. However, we're going to be continuing on with the pre-landing strikes.

The Navy has seen as success rate of about 82-90 percent on the strikes they completed a few days ago. Strategic Command has asked us to go in a clear up some entrenched ground-based air surveillance installations and air-defence systems.

He pulls up a satellite image of the Suverin peninsula, showing the area surrounding Frunzivka, where a majority of the Gallambrian amphibious forces will land.

To continue on with the brief I'll hand over to Wing Commander William Trescothick, from Air Intelligence."

Wing Commander Trescothick walks up to the podium

"Thank you sir, As you can see through out the area surrounding Frunzivka, we can see, what we've determined to be First Generation Nullabor Air Defence Systems, which we can only assume are surplus systems that the Anglians purchased from us in 1997. As you can also see, they've paired the Brolga 75 with what looks like to be, again, the M3A3SPA Racket, another possible hand off from the Anglians."

Trescothick continues on with the intelligence portion of the brief, when Pyro leans forward and whispers in Half-Strokes ear.

"You boys get all the fun..."

Squadron Leader Tammy "SHOCK" Webster, Pyro's XO clips him across the back of his head, gesturing to him to pay attention.

Trescothick wraps up his portion of the brief, outlining priority targets, he then hands back over to Air Cdre Conway.

"Just a quick one from me, before we split the Squadron's up in to task groups for further briefings... Word down from MoD is that the ROE has become tighter. We have Cabinet & PM watching, as well as the general public...

For the record, all attack coordination has taken into consideration our obligation to take all feasible precautions to minimize harm to the civilian population. Remember we're going in to remove the Anglians from Suverina. No ad hoc strikes will be tasked, unless adequate CDE has been carried out, and in the case that there's a TIC tasking, only JTAC directed strikes are to occur.

FAC's from 5 and 17 Squadron will be conducting aerial BDA's and CDR's. So just be wary that there'll be props about. Panther and Jag drivers, you'll have top-cover provided by the Hurricane's and Thunders. Kestral's will be stationed over the Amnalos Sea providing Brass Hat coverage, and Warden's will be providing ISTAR providing up-to-date targeting info.

So before I send the crews back to their sheds, CO's and XO's are to meet up with your relative ATG commander for specific briefings and taskings...

Godspeed Ladies and Gentlmen, Dismissed!"

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