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The Shfakien War (Advocatian and Ionian Expansion IC)


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The Shfakien War

War strikes all across the Aurelian continent. In the Shfakien region, the Imperial State of Tengrolhan seeks the reformation of its long-lost Empire. It aligns themselves with Anglia, causing tensions to rise, and sparking a war the region has not seen for decades.

Duration: 4 December 2022—Present


  • Several towns in southern Advocatius are invaded by Tengrolhan
  • Ionio declares a state of emergency
  • Tengrolhan declares war on Ionio
  • Advocatius initiates Operation Excelsior
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Zannud, Southeastern Advocatius, 19:00 4/12/2022

Along the top-half of the river Bana was the small town of only 1200 people called Zannud. They were directly next to the Tengrolhan border. It was no wonder the military had set up a garrison close to the bridge leading to the town. Next to the river below was a small fishing hut which Altasain's father built. Despite is obviously being used for her father's fishing, she herself had used it as a quiet place to relax and study, hoping to become smart enough to move to a city with a University, perhaps Hovd.

Within the moonlight, she had sat on her desk reading history books of the revolution before a bang. She initially thought it was fireworks coming from the town, until another from a different direction. From then on, she could hear more and more, before a few dozen yells could be heard from both sides of the bridge. She tried to go outside, but her father came in.

"What are those noises?"

"Get under your desk, now!"

They both scurried under the desks as the noise got louder. She could hear faint shouts as she attempted to look out the window next to a bookshelf to try and see what was going on. Soldiers retreated further uphill, looking through a crack in the wall. She got the faintest view of a vehicle travelling across the bridge carrying. They were Anglian soldiers…


Emergency Broadcast

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program with an extremely important message. 15 minutes ago, forces of the Imperial State of Tengrolhan, struck several towns in Advocatius' southern border. This has been identified by personnel of the Defence force. According to reports, they have seen soldiers of Anglia. As with many of our Aurelian allies, Advocatius has officially entered a state of war. This next message is being broadcasted directly from the Premier office of Victoires.

"My fellow Advocatians. I speak to you now as your Premier. In this hour, armed forced of Tengrolhan with the aid of Great Anglia, have launched an invasion of our southern border. I say this with a heavy heart. Advocatius for the first time in decades is declaring a state of war. I have faith that no matter what, our Republic will live on. Long live Advocatius."

As stated by the Defence Ministry, we heavily advise evacuation for those who live near the southern border. The following list is of towns that have been struck by Tengrolhan forces.

  • Zannud
  • Iltan
  • Hasun
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A secret meeting of the Ionian government with the current military forces was taking place in the bunker under the presidential house. Everyone was worried about a war that was now inevitable. The first person to speak was the head of the Ionian intelligence agency. 

"From our information, we have Tengrolhan and OCA are assembling the 'army along the Ionian border. We know that Anglian military ships are coming to help Tengrolhan's forces. National security is in danger."

Immediately, the army chief of staff spoke.

"With the satellite images provided to us by our friends at Anatea, we can strike preemptively. "

Immediately a verbal brawl broke out among the various people, but they calmed down when the president began to speak

“Let us all calm down. Ionian is at war, but not officially. Let us help our Advocatian friends, but we must prepare for the worst. First, I order an emergency evacuation of people living within 400 km of the Tengrolhan border. Call up the reservists and start compulsory military conscription for all those eligible people who are not attending college.”

Defense minister begins speaking:

"I'm in favor with compulsory military conscription, but respecting people who go to 'university because we would need people with degrees for war, also for reconstruction. We have to take into consideration that it takes more or less 1 month. We have logistical problems in moving people between east and west of the country. I require help. My ministry cannot do everything alone."

"You anticipated the speech I was giving."

President John Colucci shows everyone a signed paper

"This paper here is a presidential 'emergency law that I created. From now on, the bureaucracy is minimized. Any national defense project is automatically approved and does not have to go through environmental sustainability legislation. So I want all ministries, even the most insignificant one, to cooperate with each other. In addition, I have issued the directive that all activities that must be carried out in the various anti-aircraft bunkers as a precautionary measure"

Everyone was shocked by the president's words but could understand the gravity of the situation

"The whole area near the river must be mined, and the highways must be converted into makeshift airports. It is only a matter of time before Ionian enters the war, and that is why we must fortify the territory along the border as best we can. Most likely there will be a naval battle and that is why I want all military departments to be on high alert. "

Chief of defense staff start speaking

"President. We can do what we can since it may be a matter of days or minutes before they hit us, but I think we also have to establish a whole new military strategy"

"What do you propose?"

"We need to have a hybrid war.  On the one hand, we use conventional tactics and indiscriminate bombing of civilian and military targets. If we hit civilian targets, we can incite people to rebel against their government and foster a path to peace. But on the 'other hand, we can use targeted cyberattacks against civilian and military infrastructure and completely cripple them. In addition, we can use civilian drones and convert them into military drones that can be used for targeted and specific attacks"

"This is a very interesting idea. Sure it may ruin the reputation of the government on the issue of human rights, but we are at war, and I was elected to protect my nation. So it has been decided. I want these things to be implemented immediately, and we attack only if Ionio is attacked."

Everyone nodded and went to carry out the orders the president gave

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  • 3 weeks later...


Tengrolhan attacks the Ionian. The situation at the border is critical


Tengrolhan military army as it enters the village of Tonda

It was a foregone conclusion that Tengrolhan would attack Ionio. But the real question was: when would it happen? In the end, the question was answered today. At 7:00 a.m. on December 23, Tengrolhan declared war on Ionia. And with the complicity of OCA aid, it invaded the northern territory of Ionio.  

Ionio's first line of defense was the Cervaro River. There, defensive works were built to stall the invaders. In fact, casualties were recorded in the invading forces caused by mines.  Because of this alarm, preventive measures have been adopted. People living up to 400 kilometers from the border were ordered to evacuate and were preventively relocated to other cities. 

The Ionian military's chief of staff stated that the situation is very critical, and a long war is on the horizon. The cities most at risk are the towns of Monterosso and Tropea where a defensive line is being built, and it is anticipated that there will be a major battle on this front.  

Tonight there will be the president's emergency speech for the critical situation Ionian is facing.  Ionio's financial market has collapsed because of the war, and prices of solar panels and microchips have increased by 50% because of the closure of quartzite mines located in the territory invaded by Tengrolhan forces. Quartzite ores along with sand are used to obtain silicon and consequently the production of solar panels and microchips.

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  • 3 weeks later...



Tengrolhan invades Ionio

Just today, Tengrolhan has begun an invasion of our staunch ally Ionio, in an attack reminiscent of the one against us just only a few weeks ago now. A statement from our Premier Louis Monet has been given. He stated that: "Both Ionio and Advocatius are being attacked by an imperialistic regime under the guise and order of the tyrannical Anglia. Now we shall do is strike back, together this threat shall be neutralised, and to hope peace can be restored within our region, and that is my firm belief, long live Advocatius, and long live Ionio."

Strikes against Advocatian energy and military Infrastructure

Today, forces of Tengrolhan conducted numerous simultaneous air raids against energy and military infrastructure, which have been reported. Several nearby towns were hit as well. Tengrolhan continues its advances by striking targets vital to Advocatian defense. Civilians have unfortunately come in the cross fire, with an estimated 16 deaths and many more injuries alongside. The Advocatian military has begun a fierce defense of our homeland, and it is that we must hope that we can prevail in these trying times, against the imperialist threats of Aurelia and beyond.

Operation Excelsior, 75 km South of Hovd, 12/01/2023

The 21st Aerial Drop Shock Trooper (ADST) Battalion was referred to as "the tip of the spear" by former Field Marshal Christopher Cooper. It is the most potent and tactically mobile of the Advocatian Defense Force's battalions. It is part of the ADST Regiment, the most elite of all of Advocatius' military forces, as a showcase of the nations' strength. They are a key part in its defensive operations against the invading forces of Tengrolhan.

Operation Excelsior's objectives were simple, strike hard at Tengrolhan's main battle group in the centre to slow down future advances. The 21st was to drop into the airfield south of the captured city of Tasun and secure it to allow helicopters to drop in more squads. Then head north and take out Tengrolhan defensive positions and seize them to give way to the 3rd and 18th Infantry battalions as they would push into the city, hopefully managing to recapture the city and hurt any strategic advance towards Hovd.

The hatch door creaked open. The green light flashed as the jump masters yelled: "Go, go, go!". Simultaneously, a sea of soldiers leaped from the sky's and pulled their parachutes, coordinating where to land under the indiscriminate fire of Tengrolhan forces. The gust of winds feeling like bullets on their own. Some soldiers had been shot down but as they would descend, they would find cover in the nearby woods, landing feet first into hell.

They soon after secured defensive positions alongside the treeline. A flood of bullets hailed from the base. As soldiers found safe spots they fired back, the conscripts of Tengrolhan were useful in numbers. But against the 21st, they were cannon fodder. Still, they held up their positions for quite some time, taking down as many soldiers as possible. As they scrambled, it became clear that despite even in number. This was a losing fight. As they fled north, the sounds of bullets halted. Half of the platoon were either dead or wounded. But they still completed their objective, and sent the “all clear” for the rest of the Battalion to land. Now they headed north.

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