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A trip with a special friend

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Arrival in San Foca


In the skies of Ionio was flying the Gardner 747-8 of Gotaish Airlines that was going in the direction of San Foca. Because of bad weather, it suffered a detour to the International Airport of Taranto. The flight attendant Aoibheann Asgeirsdottír or Eve who was preparing for the landing of the plane. When all the preparations were completed, she sat in the chair and talked to her friend Johanna Adalbjorgdottír.


“Too bad we have to land in Taranto. I had planned a week off with my friend Antonio.”


"Gotaish Airlines and Ionian Airlines operate this flight together because of the ‘agreement’ they made. The Ionian company has an agreement with one of the rail companies, and they are certainly already printing rail tickets."


"I know the trains, but they say that the railway companies of the Aurelia are very efficient."


"Yes they are, but now get ready because we are landing and not scare of the atmosphere of Taranto. "


Flight GO 17 landed at Taranto International Airport. After about twenty minutes, everyone had exited the airplane, and Eve was officially on vacation. She sent a message to her friend Ionico Antonio Veltri:

“Hey Antonio. My flight was diverted. I’m taking the train to reach San Foca.”




The International Airport of Taranto was connected with the Ionian railway network and was connected with the High Speed Railway Network of Ionio allowing to connect San Foca with Taranto in less than 2 hours. When she arrived at the platform, he could see the high-speed train on platform 1 ready to go and get on car 3. She sat by the window with her friends and could hear that the train was leaving. When the train left the station, he could see the panorama of Taranto, which was a very artificial panorama. White lights alternated with orange lights, with red lights flashing at the chimneys. Fumes came out of many chimneys, and he could see large semi-circular sheds.


"First time in Taranto?"


"Yes. This landscape is very strange."


"It's a very artificial landscape, but it doesn't surprise me much. Now enjoy the ride will be fun and fast"


The trip to San Foca was fast and fun thanks to his friends, and as they were approaching San Foca the rain was diminishing in intensity. She sometimes looked out the window and could see some places she saw through advertising such as the Torre Canne Lighthouse and after two hours of travel she could see the train that reached the central station of San Foca. All the people were getting ready while a pre-recorded voice said that they had arrived at their destination she greeted her and her friends and when the doors opened she got off the train. She could see that Anthony was waiting and went towards her.


"Hello Eve. How was the trip?"


"It was a very interesting trip. Today is the first time I take the High Speed Train, and it was great fun, although it was night and raining"


"High-speed trains are a habit if you want to move to the most important areas of the Ionian. This station could all kinds of trains that exist."


She looked at the architecture of the station and could see neoclassical elements with modern and almost futuristic elements. 


"I have my car parked in the parking lot, and we have to hurry if we want to eat something and rest"


"You're just right that I feel like I'm living in the future."


"This is just the beginning"


Antonio laughed and helped Eve carry her suitcases and when they left the station Eve was amazed by the skyscrapers and all those neon lights that illuminated the Downtown 



"This city is very beautiful at night. It looks like a city that came out of a cyberpunk novel"


"Yes, I know. But this cyberpunk atmosphere is tiring after a while but always better to live here than in Taranto"


"Why does everyone speak ill of Taranto? I saw that it looks like an alien city by my standards"


"Taranto is the most polluted and dangerous city of the Ionian. Steel, oil and other toxic industries are concentrated there. No wonder it is a neglected city, but the other places in the Republic of Taranto are very beautiful"


The two of them went to the parking lot of the station. After a few minutes, they arrived at the car. They placed the suitcases in the trunk, left the parking lot, and headed towards the Rio Alto neighborhood. The journey by car was a bit slow because of the traffic and after 10 minutes they arrived at the pizzeria Lussy and after a wait of 5 minutes Antonio returned to the car with the pizzas and went to his house.


Antonio's house was a modest modern apartment with all amenities. When they entered, they immediately settled down on the table and started eating pizza and watching television.


"This pizza is very good. In my area you have to go to the pizzerias of Ionian immigrants or Cristinese or Mantellan if you want to taste a good pizza, and it costs a lot. How much did you pay?"


"I only paid 6 Auro. Here pizzas are very cheap and pizzerias are widespread instead of using those fast food chains that make pizza of dubious quality"


"You're right. Anyway, what program is this?"


"This program is about a priest who helps police investigations. It's nice, but there is of higher quality"


Eve and Antonio spent the evening watching television, but around midnight they felt tired and decided to go to sleep

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Visit Martina Franca


The following day, Eve and Antonio decided to visit the city of Martina Franca. After a 4-hour car trip. The town of Martina Franca was located on a hill, and Eve could see the rural landscape that was completely different from the rural landscape of Gotneska. 

She was fascinated by the bright colors of the countryside, but was even more amazed by the buildings in the town that had a white color as well as oddly shaped roofs. Antonio parked the car and they both got out of the car.


"I have never seen a rural landscape with vivid colors."


"Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, but with climate change we are getting a tropical climate."


“Climate change is an ugly story. During the summer, forests are easily set on fire.”


Eve looked around and asked


“Why are we visiting this city?”


“Let's go to the historic center, and I'll show you the beauty of this city.”



Antonio and Eve began to walk and head toward the historic center of Martina Franca. The city was very active despite the day and there were many tourists strolling through the city streets. After a while they arrived at the September 20 square and Eve was amazed at the beauty of the ancient city. 


“Welcome to Martina Franca. In this city I lived my childhood before I went to university and moved to San Foca. This town is very old, and you can see here particular roofs. These structures are called Trulli.”


“Wow. I've never seen these buildings. I'm usually used to living in those gotneskan buildings that are very comfortable during the winter.”


“During winter, the temperatures are very cold. These buildings are built with dry stone, but the new generation of Trulli are instead more comfortable than the old ones.”


“I would be curious to see what a Trullo looks like inside.”


“There is the Grande Trullo, but it is called the Trullo Sovrano because of its large size. It is a museum that shows the various stages of construction and how people lived in antiquity.”


“What are we waiting for? Let's go and see.”



Anthony and Eve spent the morning visiting the Trullo Sovrano. Eve was amazed by the beauty of the Sovereign Trullo and when they went inside she was shocked to see what it looks like inside and all the various historical household objects that are found. When they left the museum, Antony went to look at the clock to see what time it was and realized it was lunchtime.


“It looks like it's lunchtime. I know a nice place we can have lunch.”


“I hope they make good food.”


“They do.“


After they walked through the streets of the old town they arrived at the restaurant called La Locanda del Macellaio. When they etrar, the restaurant manager recognized Anthony and greeted each other, and he immediately took them to a table that had a panoramic view of the city.  When they sat down they took the menus and began to read it.


"I see that the menu of this restaurant is meat-based."


"There are many farms in this town, so there are many butchers producing various kinds of meat. I recommend the Bombette which is very good. But if you want to go thoughtful then I recommend getting Gnummareddi or Fegatini."


“But what are Fegatini made of?”


“They consist if I remember correctly of lamb liver, lung and kidney. They are very heavy”


“I don't know. Everything looks good”


“Let's do one thing. Let's have a mixed grilled meat, and we're all happy.”


“It also seems to me to be a right choice”


They both laughed and ordered the dishes. After lunch, Antony and Eve sat on the table waiting for the bill to arrive and were discussing the lunch.


"I've never had such good grilled meat."


"I always do when I come here. In the evening it's even better. You go to the butcher shops and say which meat they should grill, and after a few hours you get the grilled card and eat it at home."


"That sounds like an interesting thing. Sort of like a meat fast food but with good quality, organic food."


"Yes. This thing is spreading all over the Ionian and in the future maybe it will come to the wurld as well."


"The Bombette were really good. I wonder if there are other variations."



"Yes there are other variations. I personally prefer the breaded variant, which is even better than the 'original.”


“One day we have to come here and have dinner. However, if you come to Gotneska I recommend you try the Elk and Deer meat. They are excellent.”


“Do you eat deer and elk meat?”


"Yes. I recommend you try Hjortfilé med björnbärsås. A very good dish. Venison fillet with blackberry sauce."



“This is very strange to me. Eating deer and elk seems a little exotic to me.”


“Don't forget that there are people who eat bear meat.”


“I think we have to pay the bill.”


“Yes, but next time I come to Martina Franca you have to buy me dinner. This town is lovely, and I would also like to see it at night.”


After they paid their bill, they decided to continue to see the city of Martina Franca, with all the various details. For example the Vicolo Stretto which is a very narrow street where only a few people can pass with much difficulty. And the cathedral dedicated to St. Martin, the patron saint of the city.

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Ionian Football Night


After they visited Martina Franca, Eve and Antonio returned to San Foca but instead of going to Antonio's house, they walk to San Foca Stadium.  After they parked their car, they walked toward the stadium entrance.


" Why did we come here?"


" Today there is a special Ionian Football game."




"Not that Football you are thinking of. A much better sport."


After they entered, got something to eat they went to their assigned seats and Eve noticed something familiar


"But this is Rugby."


“It looks like Rugby, but it is not. This is Ionian Football. A derivative of rugby but much better and dynamic.”


"How, it seems too strange to me. I know there were Gonteskan colonies in Ionian, and they brought some traditions like rugby. But never would I have thought that the Ionians twisted rugby to make another sport. "


"I think the ancestors considered that Rugby was too boring and decided to modify it to make a better sport, and Ionian Football was born.“


"I still remain puzzled. But who is playing?"


“Today it's San Foca Commanders versus Torre Canne Buccaneers. A special game they do off-season for charity, and because of that it will be slightly different from traditional Ionian Football.”


“Different? You're confusing me a lot.”


“It is a little different because there is no tackle, but each player has a flag and if this flag is lost the action is stopped.”


“I still can't understand it. But maybe by watching sports I will be able to understand”


During the game, Eve asked many questions about the various phases of the game. She could see the San Foca Commanders offensive players carrying the ball below 20 meters.


"What's going on?"


"Commanders is located in the Redzone. The Redzone is that danger zone where the offense team tend to make a touchdown or if they fail to make a touchdown they can try to make a Field Goal."


Eve was very confused but continued to guard the game and after a few minutes the Commanders managed to score a touchdown causing people in the stadium to cheer


“Let me get this straight. A touchdown is worth 6 points, while the extra point is worth one point. Right?”


“Yes. Field Goal is worth 3 points, while safety is worth 2 points.”


After 17 minutes from the start of the game the first quarter ended and there was a small pause before the second quarter began


“But how long is a game without the pause breaks?”


“A total of 60 minutes of play is divided into 15 minutes for each quarter. Teams may use timeouts, but they are used strategically. Generally, they are used during the end of the second quarter and the fourth quarter. Then between each touchdown field goal there is always that break and the half-time break that make the game last 2 hours or 3 hours maximum. Although if it goes into a tie there is Overtime which is an extra 15 minutes.”


“Interesting. In Rugby, it is 80 minutes of actual play.”


Eve and Antonio continued to watch the game and after 3 hours of play in which San Foca Commanders won against the Torre Canne Buccaneers (27 - 22) they went home to sleep content that they had had a fun day

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Between departures and surprises



The day Eve was to leave to return to Gotneska had arrived. After a road trip, Antonio and Eve found themselves at San Foca International Airport. Inside the airport, there were many people taking domestic and international flights, resulting in very chaotic.  Both were sad because they had to part.


"It looks like we have to part soon."


"Yes but it's not for a few. During the Christmas vacation season, I am coming to Gotneska."


"I advise you to bring very heavy clothes. It will be very cold."


"It won't be a problem. After all, it will be warm when we are together."


Antonio pulled a case out of the pocket of his light jacket and opened it, showing an annello.


"Eve, I know we have known each other for several years, but I wanted to ask you if you would like to be my girlfriend."


Eve was astonished and shocked, but after she thought it over she began to speak


"Antonio. I'm glad you're asking me. In fact, I had brought this gift to ask the same thing.


Eve showed a heavy bear fur jacket made in Gotneska.  They both looked at each other and laughed.


"We seem to have thought the same thing "


“I agree. It seems like a sign of destiny.”


They both kissed each other but could be heard from the autoparts that they were calling Eve's flight and stopped kissing


"Time is up."


" But at least it was good"


"Then I'll see you at the Christmas vacations in your country"


"Yes. It will be nice because we are engaged now"


Antony and Eve hugged each other, and Eve went to the gate to enter the plane while Antony watched the plane and then went to the exit to head to his car singing because he was happy.

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