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President Koch Outlines Sawbrania's Position on the Recent War in Argis: Neutrality
November 26, 2022

This afternoon at an official cabinet meeting and interview of the governmnet of Sawbrania, President Heinrich Koch outlined and made clear the Republic of Sawbrania's position on the recent outbreak of hostilities in south-west Argis between the Empire of Dolchland, and anti-Dolch forces nominally headed by the Kingdom of Seylos. Fears of Sawbrania's involvement in the hostilities have spooked many, politically, socially, and economically. Opposition parties have seemingly aligned themselves in foreign interests by encouraging the government of the Republic of Sawbrania to involve itself in hostilites in which Sawbrania has no direct relation to, whilst investors and stocks have decreased at the prospect of war.

President Koch outlined Sawbrania's main commitment during this period of regional instability: the ensuring of neutrality and non-belligerence of the Republic of Sawbrania. While President Koch highlighted in today's interview the fact that war will mean death, destruction, and devastation throughout south-west Argis, there is no logical reason for which Sawbrania could involve itself in such hostilites. Sawbrania's role in Argis and Eurth as a whole, President Koch stated, must remain one of "neutrality, peace, and development" in order to "foster strong economic relations with every nation that desires to grow, thrive, and prosper".

The government of the Republic of Sawbrania, in pursuing its policy of neutrality, has announced no changes in foreign economic relations or policy for political reasons regarding the Argic War. Business transactions will be permitted to take place on behalf of entreprises registered in Sawbrania in both Dolchland and anti-Dolch affiliated nations, though the Ministry of Economics has recommended that entreprises avoid these nations due to the volatile economic climate caused by warfare and sanctions.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also announced no changes in its foreign policy regarding Dolchland and anti-Dolch affiliated nations; citizens of both Dolchland, and those which are engaged in hostilities with Dolchland will be permitted to apply for visas and receive entry into the Republic of Sawbrania if the standard visa and entry requirements are ensured. Diplomatic representation, including embassies hosted by the Empire of Dolchland, and all nations associated with the self-proclaimed Argic Defence Coalition, will continue to operate and provide diplomatic services in Sawbrania to those in need.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs however was quick to remind citizens of Sawbrania that enlistment in a foreign army by Sawbranian citizens is in violation of Sawbranian law. Citizens are not permitted to join any military, paramilitary, or private mercenary forces affiliated with any nation other than the Republic of Sawbrania; this includes foreign nations not currently involved in any military conflict. Any citizen who is found in violation of this law is liable to enforcement of the law and punishment, including but not limited to jailtime and/or monetary fines.

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