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The Littish National Television Service or NFS for short, is Littlands public service broadcaster originally founded in 1922.
It reports on the largest news stories as well as conducting investigative journalism.


BravoNews is the news oriented channel of the larger Bravo Broadcasting company, the main competitor to the NFS.
Launched in 2002, BravoNews covers breaking news, speculative pieces, rumors, analyses and so much more.


Orientering is the largest independent newspaper in Littland and is known for its critical stances towards large organizations and the political establishment.

It was rated the most trustworthy newspaper in Littland in 2020.

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Latest opinion poll shows Labour recovery - Initiative out of parliament

While the next parliamentary election is at most, 2 years away, that doesn't mean Littish politics stay still, that's well and truly shown in the latest poll by WePoll.

According to the poll, the Labour Party has recovered somewhat from their dramatic loss back in the 2020 election where they lost the title of second largest party, a first in Littish history as both Labour and the Christian Democratic League has always been the two top parties, with the League only taking a slight decrease in the poll. Labour ended up in 4th place with only 18,46% of all votes and saw Madsen Aakjær replaced with current party leader Sofie Bødker. The Liberals and New Center also see some gains with over 2% increase to both parties. Green Future, the Freedom Party, and especially the Initiative see loses around the 2% mark. The Initiative seems to totally lose out and disappear from parliament, going under the 4% threshold they barely managed to reach in 2020. Whether these hold true for an election is another story.


Poll was conducted by WePoll for BravoNews - sample size was 2,003 people made from a proportional group of Littish voters

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Labour proposes "New Democracy Act" – drastic change to Littish democracy

During the Folkekammer meeting today, MF Jakob Albertsen of the Labour Party proposed the so-called "Act to make appropriate changes to the electoral institutions to increase voter participation in Littish democracy", or New Democracy Act for short. It's a bit of a mouthful to say, but so is the act itself. It will completely change Littish democracy and how the next election may turn out.

A few key points from the New Democracy Act are:

  • A total reorganization of the constituencies as well as redrawing them every 15 years to account for population changes
  • Voters will be required to have a photo ID when voting
  • Restrictions are now in place on third-party donations for campaign funding (and increase the tax money pool for parties to use)
  • Greater digitalization of election materials
  • and finally the most important: lowers the electoral threshold from 4% to 1%

No doubt some HUGE changes to how Littish democracy is structured. Labour is doing well in recent polling, but the New Democracy Act has been underway since 2020, where Labour campaigned for electoral reform. Then Labour leader Madsen Aakjær said: "We last had changes in 1986. We are a whole generation overdue for improvements, because that's what it will be, not changes, improvements." The biggest change back then, as well as now, is the Constitution's rules on changing the electoral system. It requires 227 out of 325 votes of the Folkekammer to agree or else it will have to be sent to the people in a national referendum – where chances were very grim in 2020 with only 38% supporting new reforms. Public support is much higher nowadays, but the 227 barrier is still the largest hurdle to overcome.

Shortly after the New Democracy Act was proposed, Green Future showed its support as well as New Center. The Freedom Party has flat out rejected any chance they will support the act. NFS could not get a comment from party leader Morten Aadal. Other sceptics include The Initiative and the Liberals. Prime Minister Albert Simonsen and his Christian Democratic League have been silent on the issue, and speculations about backroom negotiations aren't unfounded. The Folkekammer will process the New Democracy Act during next week, and a vote on the act is likely to happen next Thursday or Friday.


MF Jakob Albertsen was first elected to the Folkekammer in 2012

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