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The Belleville Conference - building a Lysian alliance

ILO founding vote  

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  1. 1. Do you agree to create and be part of a military (only defensive, at least for now) and economic alliance based on the Lysian language, and named the International Lysian Organization (ILO) ? (The name can still be changed later.) Inactive countries will be by default set to members. The siege of this alliance will be in Belleville (Florentia), and will move to Lyrie (Lysia) after the defeat of Great Anglia.

    • Yes, I agree to be part of the ILO.
    • Yes, I agree to be part of the ILO under a special status (DM kitty_ocatingston on discord to discuss it).
    • No, I don't agree to be part of the ILO.

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OOC. After an initiative from the Emperor Ambroise III, the Florentian government hosts a conference in Belleville, inviting all members of the Lysophonie except Côte-de-Fourrure.



Delegates (inactive members will be present but counted as abstaining) : @Advocatius, @Delamaria, @Fleur de Lys, @Florentia, @Fravina, @Galahinda, @Gotneska, @Louvier, Saint Francoisbourg ( @Iverica ), @Zaxar

Observers: N/A

If you have questions/requests, asks in the thread “Lysian alliance” in #wurldbuilding on Discord.



This conference will discuss the possibility of creating a military and economic alliance based on Lysian language. The delegations will vote (one vote per delegation) for the main subjects which include but are not limited to :

  • economic ties between the members
  • nature of the military aspect (defensive/active, etc)
  • define the status of collaborator for Zaxar and St. Francoisbourg
  • location of the headquarters
  • organisation (how it works)
  • (- maybe a chart guaranteeing human rights, but it wouldn’t seem very coherent with the Florentian membership)

Date : Sunday 4th December 2022 (we can still change it)

Location : the Laguer steamer, Belleville, Florentia

(I thank the second assembly of the ATARA (and more particularly Ivy) that I completely copied for this post.)

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Just a little post to remind members of the Lysophonie that this topic exists, and that the conference will begin in 5 days (not counting today) ! If it is too soon, just tell me on discord, in the Lysian alliance thread, in wurldbuilding.

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7am, 4 December, 2022
International Airport Nicolas de Granhardit
Bousiôle-les-Prés, near Belleville, Florentia


Charles Brisquet is one of those distinguished yet uncomplicated men. Coming from the merchant petty bourgeoisie of Vimbe, he spent a long time in liberal circles before fleeing Tyronia because of the military Coup d'Etat of the generals that put an end to local democracy and started the military junta still in place. Appointed Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs in 2020, he has since tried to pursue a policy of appeasement, knowing the heavy impact of slavery on international relations.


Calm and tireless, he is a man who combines a sense of morality with pragmatism. Charles is perfectly serene. Around him, his team is checking the final details but the Secretary of State is certain that he has organised everything as well as possible. The B2 terminal, requisitioned for the occasion, is decorated with a red carpet along which hangs the flag of each country represented, including that of Florentia. Charles pulls out a pocket mirror to replace his tie with exemplary precision, a peaceful assurance on his lips. His beige suit and slicked-back hair, a fashionable Florentine aesthetic, would easily make him look, in the eye of a foreigner, like a movie actor straight out of the 1950s. In fact, this impression could easily apply to any man in Javiosia.

In the distance, at the other side of the airstrip, a few alligators are enjoying the rare winter sunshine and sunbathing on the tarmac. This is far from exceptional and, unless they get too close, nobody dares to intervene to make them leave. The employees have become accustomed to the regular presence of these reptilians. Sometimes tourists even ask to come closer. Other, more agitated reptiles crowd into the terminal: the press from all over the world is preparing to take its best photos. At the same time, in the shadows, the Imperial Guard and the Confederate Senate Guard, normally rivals, combine their efforts to ensure security.

The delegations will be warmly welcomed by Charles and the diplomatic corps, while maintaining the exemplary professionalism necessary in such circumstances. They will be taken to a cafeteria for breakfast before being escorted to the Laguer steamer in downtown Belleville.

Despite his optimism, Charles fears that the human rights issue in Florentia will be a serious impediment to the creation of the alliance. Here's one more reason to pull out all the stops.



- 8-10am: Delegations arrive at the airport and have breakfast in terminal B2.
- 10am: Delegations are taken to the Laguer steam room (serving as an assembly and hotel), where they will be properly received.

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