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Heir to the Empire

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My lords! Would you like to hear a story? This one is about the young woman we know as Maria Teresa de Bergenaria.  Listen how, between great joys and sorrows, was her reign from the beginning to the end.


You will hear a lot of that saying that the spirit of Mío Cid does not abandon us. He continues to come back to help us through difficult times, just as he came to the aid of Enrique II during the perils of the Long March during the Cempasúchil Revolution. He now had taken the form of a young woman named María Teresa de Bergenaria Solís, daughter of King Clement VIII and Queen Dalina.

This first story takes place just after the death of Clement VIII, a father I love so much that it was difficult to let go. Maria Teresa was disturbed by the overwhelming silence that she was breathing. Of course, it wasn't all quiet; the murmurs of her mother and her brothers in front of her father's body came to echo in the small private cathedral, but still, something was missing. Perhaps the song of the birds or the ringtone of her phone always resounding wherever it rang.

Soon her condolences reached him. She already knew that condolences from ordinary people or even wurld leaders were empty and lacking in empathy.

—How are you, Maria?Jonathan, the heir to Aniria's Ascendancy, then asked.

—Not great. I have to mourn my father until he rests with our Lord and Savior—replied the girl, being honest.

A few words with that boy might be enough to warm her heart. If that was what she truly cheered for when she had Jonathan near her. There was no way to be sure. She soon walked out of the small chapel into the huge imperial gardens, to be perfumed with the scents of roses and marigolds. When there was a while and she lay down on her grass, she felt Jonathan's footsteps approaching and soon saw him from under her.

—Maria,—the boy spoke then—can I sit down?

Here Maria replied:

—Of course.

As Jonathan sat down, the Duke of Aniria looked at the future queen of the country his family had taught him to despise. Sirs! Who would have thought that after many years, those in the House of Valdemarín and Aniria's Ascendancy would have a decent talk?

—The other dukes haven't said anything to you?"

—Nothing I know of yet. Their condolences are empty.

—You need not fear them. As much as you think they hate you, at least one of them will be able to support you.

There was silence in the air. They both saw each other, although the boy took the path of a tear from the girl.

—Are you ready to be queen?

—No, but who is born prepared really?

—Fair point.

Soon, the processions would begin.


¡And my lords! Once again there was an air of depression and sadness at having lost our guide! But another one can always rise, and this was just the first tale of our new leader, the one who shall guide us to the shining light and return the glory of the Cid to us.

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