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2022 Thransältzer legislative elections ends with the status quo

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Thsi fall, the State Council of Thransaltz was once again elected, after three years, in the autumn edition of the Thransältzer Postillon. After the votes were counted, the results are as follows:

It is the first election ever, in which a single seat change happened, hinting at satisfaction with the status quo in Thransaltz.

The voting, as every year, happened through special ballot voting in the Thransältzer Posillon, a newspaper published as a form of direct democracy ballot newsreel, a main form of the Thransältzer Acameralism. Besides the elections themselves, 117 bills were discussed. 88 of those bills were accepted, 26 were rejected and 3 were returned to the Council to rephrase and amend them.

The most important of those bills is the bill "In regards to the self-government of Rückenwitz", which guarantees a local autonomous decisionmaking power to the municipal council of Rückenwitz, a municipality located in an exclave.

Next voting would take place in the winter edition of the Postillon next year.

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