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Request: GDP Increase NAU

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For those needing to recall what the NAU is: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/North_Adlantic_Union

To start this request only applies to the countries in the NAU that are NOT Seylos and Corinium.

This includes the countries of:

  • Ashington
  • Astaria
  • Atrya
  • Cenia
  • Egris
  • Esnos
  • Ostros
  • Seskoaburg

Due to the effects of the Sentist War and the devastation that followed the average GDP per capita of these nations during this time sat around $7,772. These countries (on the current IIWiki stats for the NAU) made up $206 billion of the GDP of the NAU, or only 13% of it. I want to increase this amount to "pre war" levels of 14,000 per capita. This would $343.4 billion. Overall the GDP of the entire North Adlantic Union would go from 1587.2 billion to $1724.6 billion. The GDP per capita of the entire Union would be $28,338.


It's been a long and hard road for the people of Ceris, and the nations of the North Adlantic Union are no exception. While they were not hit as hard as their Central Ceriser (See Hodrea) siblings, they bore the brunt of the assault for the then Ceris Coalition during the Sentist War. However during the waning days of the war, the Treaty of Selbourne was signed, which created the North Adlantic Union and brought East Ceris and Seylos into a supranational union together. While the nations of East Ceris were hardly destroyed, they still had a toll put upon them and a massive loss of economic output from even their unstable pre-war days. As a result, after the ending of the war, Seylos poured billions of Seylosian Pounds into reconstruction efforts across the island the hopes of rebuilding the economies of these nations and strengthening the bonds of union they had all forged together.

For the first time in many decades the island of Ceris is actually at peace, and while even places like the Sentist State still exist, conflict does not exist on the island between nations. Peaceful commerce can flourish in abundance, and with the introduction of a single market, the industrial desirability of Ceriser nations has never been higher. Industrial opportunities previously reserved for cheap wages outside of Seylos have found new life within the bounds of the Union as, while Ceriser nations pay higher wages, the absence of tariffs has allowed them to compete much easier in the Seylosian market. On top of this these Ceriser nations have gained access to the markets of the Eastern Argis Trade Zone heavily expanding their reach.

Stability of governance has also stabilized the economies of these nations. Now the North Adlantic Union council creates policy which effects all the nations within the Union. These policies include strong enforceable fiscal regulation, preventing much of the financial corruption that plagued Ceriser governments pre-war. On top of this, the Union as a whole has adopted much of the Seylosian egalitarian ideals, even exceeding them in many places. This has created a strong social safety net for the people of the Union: allowing even the poorest of Union citizens to spend more money into the economy, of course at the cost of more government spending.


As an aside it's been over a year and a half since I have directly addressed the financial state of the nations within the NAU. It's been a long time coming to finally reflect the effects of this time (well in Eurth time that is) on the state of the people in the NAU.

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