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[Academy RP] Bump in the night

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Aldurakh Newspaper Transcript, 6-12-18

Local Shop Owner mysteriously disappears

Horror strikes Aldurakh as beloved fruit seller Sarathiel disappears during a trek into the forest. Witnesses describe the shop owner mindlessly walking into the forest, seemingly entranced. Scientists describe this as Sarathiel Syndrome, where the victim is entranced by a pheromone that the trees in the forest secrete. Citizens of Aldurakh are warned not to go near the forest during Spring.

Aldurakh Newspaper Transcript 6-14-18

More people disappear into the Forest

Dread fills Aldurakh as more people with Sarathiel Syndrome wander into the forest to never be seen again. His Majesty Lion El'Jonson announces a state of emergency in Aldurakh due to the syndrome spreading to people who exit the walls of the city. Scientists are currently researching the pheromones and how it activates the 'wanderlust' in people. Stay tuned for more.

Aldurakh Newspaper Transcript, 6-17-18

Hundreds of people found dead in forest

After a team of cavalry searched the forest for the mysterious disappearances, they found a horrible sight; hundreds of bodies in a grove of the forest. The bodies had no entry or exit wounds, so it seems the mysterious pheromone killed them. They were given autopsies, and indeed it is the case. Their veins were full of poisonous fluids from the trees. The state of emergency has entered a Level 2 emergency, and people are ordered to stay in their homes.

Aldurakh Emergency Broadcast, 6-20-18

State of Emergency Level 3

Caliban has entered a state of emergency level 3. Do not leave your homes. The trees excrete a pheromone that makes humans walk into the forest, and soon die by touching poisonous plants in the forest. Repeat: Do not leave your homes. Do not go near the trees.

Aldurakh Newspaper Transcript 7-1-18


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