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[Vision Statement] The Kingdom of Caliban

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Caliban was originally divided between different 'Knight Orders'  during the middle ages. The Knight orders were created in order to hunt and kill the large animals that preyed on the people in the forest, which caused the people to have to live in large castles. These Knightly Orders constantly bickered and skirmished until a war erupted between the Knights of Lupus and the simply named 'The Order'. The Order was heavily specialized into cavalry, which gained them the advantage they needed to defeat the Knights of Lupus. 3,000 Cavalrymen attacked the Knights Of Lupus' holding, which soon turned into a full-on siege. The siege ended with mass casualties on both sides, but the holding fell, uniting the Knightly Orders. The leader of the order, Luthor, seeing the state of the orders, declared a 'centralization', uniting the states into one kingdom, called 'Caliban', after the Calibanite god of administration. The new kingdom was heavily unstable, thus multiple riots broke out, and the new kingdom erupted into a civil war, with the knightly orders that united fighting once again. The central government, lead by Luthor, defended against the rebellious orders. He sent a force of 60,000 to Lupus, but were ambushed by guerilla fighter force of 2,100. The ambush failed, but caused massive casualties to the force of 60,000. The Knights of Lupus' main force was stationed in the woods, to destroy the force of Caliban and win the war and their independence. The enemy army hid in the woods, but the force of 60,000 never arrived. Instead, the Calibanite army attacked their main holding, and easily captured it, causing Lupus to surrender. The war quickly devolved, with the other rebelling orders escaping into the trees.

Luthor, first King of Caliban, started reconstruction in their war-torn lands. December 17th is celebrated as the unification day of the Knightly Orders.


Caliban is dominated by thick forests, especially near Aldurakh, where forests surround the castle holding, and there is little free space outside. Caliban has 3 rivers, the most prominent being River Luthor, and the Aldurakh Stream. It is relatively flat, but hills dominate the eastern fringe of Caliban. River Aldurakh is a national monument, which brings many people to the capital city.


The economy of Caliban is mostly fueled by Woodcutting, due to the mass amount of forests in the nation. Coal and Iron mining also fuel the economy, with the mineral deposits in the eastern fringe giving them the ores they sell. Caliban uses fossil fuels, as green energy is hard to come by in the dense forests.


Caliban is an semi-constitutional monarchy, ruled by Lion El'Jonson and the Jonson dynasty. The Prime Minister is elected every 10 years. The current prime minister is Zacharius Adams, leader of the New Kingdom party.


The Calibanite people have British-Nordic ethnicity, with some German influences. Mainly British, with nordic influence.


Population: 13-15 million (1 point)
GDP: 6,000-8,000 (1 point)
Land Area: 312,000-350,000km (2 point)

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