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SIMH: Ministry of Alternate Trade Routes

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From: The Offices of The First Circle [FTA - Ministry of Foreign Trade Affairs], The Third Circle [FAM - Foreign Affairs Ministry], and The Sixth Circle [IOESM - Industrial Oversight and Environmental Services Ministry]
Authorization: Ajax Hur Elemmiire - First Circle

Chel'de Yorn, SIMH., 3rd Year of Karn (2022), K3/22/11/03 — By the hand that holds the pen to Empress Kira'Karn, who symbolizes the unity and continuity of the Haruspex nation, Ajax Hur Elemmiire, Imperial Advisory Councilor, Head of the First Circle, has been authorized by the Divine Authority to make the following statement concerning the creation of a proxy network service to foreign nations concerning trade and negotiations of such.

The Crown has authorized the creation of the Ministry of Alternate Trade Routes. This will serve Haru interests in the wider wurld via channels within allied nations, and or colonial-protectorate holdings within the Imperium sphere of influence. Specific entities, may thus contact Haru/related sources for services, goods, and trade concessions directly through this Ministry's channels.

  • Simon Yanck, Contact for - Kunya Trade Authority - Specialty - Mining and refinement of general and REM. Areas of operation: Northern Territories mainland imperial domain, Greater Kaldana Territories and Frontier zones.
  • Tarte Yars, Contact for - Imperial Merchant Alliance - Specialty - General trade of consumer and industrial goods - Areas of operation: Everywhere within the Haru sphere of influence. From colonial, protectorate to mainland.
  • Tiyu Havsu Bel'la Kyorl, Contact for - Haruspex International Armaments [HIA] - Specialty - Armaments of various natures. Areas of operation: Officinas (Factories) within Kaldana, Northern Territories, Imperial domain (Haru mainland), and in process within North Korinon.
  • Henno Gaius, Contact for - Medical Technology Services Ministry - Specialty - Medical technologies. Areas of operations: Imperial domain, Kaldana and soon North Korinon.

For deals within the Argic territory, SYDN (Ministry of Alternate Trade Routes) is routed to the office serving the First Circle. These deals however will be in regards to safety and oversight of the Ateenian trade authorities for future reference.

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