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Exercise Vigilant Twilight


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Sequel to the 17th EOS summit

Every year, the Entente runs a joint military exercise.
The joint Air Force will exercise near the Saeida Strait.
How will the OCA and Anglia respond to these moves?


Act 1
Sunday, 31 July 2022
Quorum Chamber, EOS HQ, Deseti, Orioni

As one of the most senior diplomats in the Entente, Mr Robert Wassermann knew there was value in waiting for the right opportunity to interject. That's just what he did during the most recent EOS summit. While the other delegate from Orioni and Mekabiri got to say some welcoming words and introduce the agenda, it was Wassermann who set the tone for what really mattered. The collective defence was important to him. As someone who lived through both the Second Civil War and the Great Europan Collapse, the memories of that horrors were as vivid to him as this morning's breakfast. That's the reason he didn't mince his words. The Tamurine people would not forgive him for showing potential cowardice.

Wassermann also wanted to live up the reputations of his father and grandfather. They had been great statesmen. After more than ten years serving his country at EOS, now came the time to prove his worth.

“The Anglian conflict taught us that the Entente must be prepared for anything,” he began. “We must do everything in our power to avoid such a conflict from spilling over into our countries.” Wassermann stood by those words. And his closing words reaffirmed that commitment to preventing a greater conflict. “We need to continue reacting to those western threats and hostile actions in a united and responsible way.”

The EOS would show OCA who's boss. A joint exercise on their doorstep would prove their strength. Since this year's exercise would focus on Air Force operations, it was only natural for the Tamurine armed forces to take part. They have a small elite special force detachment that sees more action than the other branches. Back home in Alaghon, president Brösch had already approved Wassermann's proposal for his country to take the lead in this exercise. Much like Wassermann, The Tamurin Luftwaffe also had a reputation to uphold.

Act 2
Monday, 1 August 2022
Godstone, Great Anglia

“Thank you, Percy. That will be all.” With a waving hand gesture, the Anglian Minister of Defence told his private secretary to leave the work office. Other staff members might have taken offence to such treatment. But this kind of behaviour was normal when working for Lord Douglas Aberfeldy, a distinguished aristocrat and second cousin to King Creighton III.

The report he held in his hands came as no surprise to the Anglian Minister of Defence. Spies within the EOS had already reported weeks ago on the two possible choices for the annual military exercise. And last night's public press bulleting on Wittier revealed just as of what the Entente of Oriental States was up to. When it came to big decisions like that, the easterners were pretty much an open book.

But even an open book can still turn out to be pretty scary. Estimates from another branch within the Anglian espionage agency indicated the EOS has spent years and billions to enhance their fleet with new ships, submarines, warplanes, and missiles. So many EOS forces massing along the Azanian borer was certainly a risk. If they decide to move west, they could strike the OCA’s defenders and leaders.

Aberfeldy, lost in thought, twirled his stylish moustache. A moment later, he decisively picked up the secure telephone on his desk.

“This is Aberfeldy. Get me Captain Andersson at Azanian Fleet Command.”

A few electronic beeps and whistles indicated the line was secure, and his call was being forwarded to the correct naval station. Aberfeldy didn't have to wait long. After less than half a minute, a person answered on the other end of the line. “This is Captain Nicholas Andersson speaking.”

“Ah Andersson, you old sea dog. This is Dougie, your old buddy from Stancaster U.” On the other end of the line, the Captain grunted in recognition. “Listen, Nicky, I have a special mission that's right up your alley.”

Act 3
Friday, 14 October 2022
EOS Naval Station, Balas, Miiros

More than 15,000 soldiers are headed towards the western Meteorolas. Once there, they will take part in a combat training exercise across the islands of Ayubi and Damak Var. The exercise is described as a test of the Entente's nighttime operations capabilities. But everyone involved, from Air Marshall all the way down the ranks to airmen, knows this training exercise is actually designed to maintain an effective forward placement of Air Forces. Nobody is saying it, but everyone expects there will be confrontation with the OCA.

The main force, Tamurin 2nd Wing, will take on a geared-up opposition force from the Ide Jiman Wing starting next weekend. They will prepare to run drills from November 1st until the 10th, EOS officials said. They will be doing simulations to project a regional conflict far beyond the training rounds. EOS airmen will be joined by Orinese Naval and Miirosi Marine assets, including a Deltan Littoral Combat Regiment, as well as partner forces in the form of two companies, one each from Ayubi and Damak Var.

Air Marshall Karl Rotschopf is ranking commander of the EOS Tamurine Wing. In his younger years, he was a Luftwaffe fighter ace during the war. That was fun. Nowadays, his job description included some less interesting tasks like informing the press about the upcoming exercise. Nothing too detailed. Just enough to prevent a panic. This morning, he got to talk to reporters during a conference call. “Look, this exercise allows our forces to build readiness in theatre. The exercise allows for simulations to be used in training. That combination can help recreate theatre-level operations.” He added: “In 2019, the EOS ran another multinational Air Force training exercise. Exercise Touchdown, as it was called, took place on the Sunset Sea Islands in Thalassa. It used island-based units and other units to run large-scale combat operations training in a tropical weather environment.”

A commander on the ground in the tropical jungle can communicate with partner forces on other islands or across the sea. Officers in the command centres can then react to developments outside the training zone, much like they would in actual large-scale combat. The Blue Team Wing commanders will also experiment with commercial communications platforms during the training event, he said. “By distributing our forces over multiple islands, we intend to really put some stress on their sustainment and their command and control,” Rotschopf added. The commander noted how logistically challenging it can be to operation across many small tropical islands.

The opposing forces have free-range to go off script and challenge, thwart, harass and basically mess up the game plan for conducting combat and seizing objectives. The Red Team Wing will be running and gunning as if they were an Azanian unit. “This includes using small drones, jamming and other means to get inside the heads of their opponents,” Rotschopf concluded.

(OOC. Act 1 is a brief repeat of the 17 EOS summit, focussed on the POV of Wassermann. Act 2 includes a couple of references to information available on the Great Anglia page on IIWiki, such as the existence of Lord Aberfeldy and the University of Stancaster. Act 3 describes the diversity of EOS forces, as told from the POV of a fictional Air Marshall as I believe @Tamurin would have RP'ed the character.)

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Act 4
Monday, 24 October 2022
Roiters News


EOS and Meteorolan warplanes set to begin air drills

Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

ALHAFA, Ayubi -- The Entente of Oriental States and its Meteorolan partners are set to begin one of their largest combined military air drills on November 1st. The exercise is said to include hundreds of warplanes, staging mock attacks 24 hours a day for nearly two weeks.

The exercise, called Vigilant Twilight, will run until November 10th, and will include about 300 aircraft (including airplanes and helicopters) conducting about 2,000 sorties, the EOS Joint Air Force said during a press conference last week. That number of missions is the highest ever for this annual event.

The Occidental-Azanian Pact has condemned this joint exercise as a rehearsal for invasion and proof of hostile policies by O'polis. In protest to the upcoming, several Azanian countries have announced they will be holding their own drills. The Entente say such drills are needed to counter potential threats from Great Anglia.

Vigilant Twilight will involve aircraft from multiple countries and include aerial refuelling aircraft. "Meteorolan and Entente Air Forces will work together with the joint services to perform major air missions," said Tamurin Air Marshall Karl Rotschopf. “This will include close air support, defensive counter air, and emergency air operations 24 hours a day during the training period. Support forces on the ground will also train their base defence procedures and survivability in case of attack.”

Last year, the Imperial Orinese Navy carried out a naval demonstration west of the Saeida Strait. This included the firings of many anti-ship missiles, and featured mock amphibious landings and river crossings as part of the unannounced Exercise Taming Trouble. Fifteen ships, 75 aircraft and two submarines took part in the exercise.

(OOC. Act 4 serves as a bridge between the exercise announcement and when it actually begins. Some logistics need to happen. Since military realism is not one of my specialities, I'm very open to your criticism and hearing which parts need to be fixed. Feel free to send me a private message, or let me know via Discord. Thank you very much.)

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Act 5
Tuesday, 25 October 2022
Thornbrook News


EOS missile-armed warship heads for Azanian waters

WENGIABOOK, Yien -- An Orinese Navy Atifi-class guided-missile destroyer, the HMS Duke Killion, has been deployed to the Konstantinopoli Sea. The provocative mission comes amid heightened EOS activity in the region, with other warships set to arrive in the area next week. 

The EOS Navy provided a brief warning on Thursday about this aggressive deployment of naval forces. “HMS Duke Killion began its westbound transit to the Konstantinopoli Sea to operate with our EOS allies and partners in the region,” the Entente declared in a statement by Air Marshall Rotschopf. The mission is its first movement since it switched its home port from Perseus to a naval base near Balas, Miiros. The intrusive warship with its destructive payload was spotted passing by Red Iberos' southernmost islands. 

The HMS Duke Killion deployment appears to be a precursor of further EOS naval incursions in these East-Azanian waters. More ships appear on the way, including a helicopter-carrying amphibious assault ship.

The ramped-up Entente activities in the area have been repeatedly criticized by Godstone, which regards them as overtly hostile acts. Earlier this month, Anglian Foreign Minister Sir Algernon Edgeyton condemned the “increasingly aggressive behaviour of outsiders towards Great Anglia's allies,” while also noting the “unusual amount of the military naval vessels sailing in the region.” Edgeyton urged countries along the disputed Saeida Strait not to use or threaten to use force and to “jointly resist” the Entente – though he did not refer to the EOS by name – provoking tensions. 

During his speech, Edgeyton insisted that any maritime conflict should be resolved through peaceful methods. He called on other national leaders to publicly reject any maritime hegemony. “Some countries refuse to abide by the Assembled Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. These same countries also invent an Anti-Azanian strategy, engage in maritime provocations, show off forces, endanger the peace and tranquillity of the sea. This should be jointly resisted,” Edgeyton said.

Later that same day, Anglian Defence Minister Lord Aberfeldy called the EOS out on its hegemonic agenda, led by the perfidious Orioni, to blockade Azania by using Meteorolan countries as pawns. He suggested there would be “a measured response.”

(OOC. Act 5 was written by Orioni. With this news story, I wanted Anglia to make EOS look like the bad guys. I'd also like to thank @Seylos for the creation of Thronbrook News, which will serve the role of describing Anglia's POV.)

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Act 6
Friday, 28 October 2022
Roiters News

Roiters News

Orinese Foreign Councillor meets Anglian ambassador to Orioni

Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

O'POLIS -- Orinese Foreign Councillor Anna Hackney met with the Anglian ambassador to Orioni Melissa Cooke on Thursday. Mrs Hackney, also a member of the Hayili and former permanent representative to the Entente of Oriental States, briefed Mrs Cooke on the major achievements and significance of the 17th EOS Summit.

Hackney noted that Orioni-Anglia relations are at a critical juncture. “Orinese Awidefale Chairlady Rezovi has pointed out that Orioni and Great Anglia should respect each other, coexist peacefully and aim to forge a win-win cooperation.” Hackney stressed these are the fundamental principles for the two countries to develop their relations.

“Neither Great Anglia nor Orioni can change the other,” Cooke said. “Orioni should stop trying to deal with Great Anglia from a position of strength and stop trying to suppress and contain Azania's development. Azanian growth is an important factor for global stability. In the process of this development,” Cooke noted.

She said that Great Anglia will continue to provide assistance to Azania, and that Godstone is ready to work with O'polis to promote the high-quality development of the Occidental-Azanian Economic Area.

Hackney said the Orioni is willing to strengthen communication with Great Anglia, manage differences, and advance cooperation.

Act 7
Sunday, 30 October 2022
Roiters News

Roiters News

Anglian Navy enters Konstantinopoli Sea

Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

AVANTINE, Damak Var -- On Saturday, three Anglian navy ships entered the Konstantinopoli Sea for a patrol to allegedly test the reactiveness and monitor signal response of EOS ships.

In an interview with Roiters, the Orinese Grand Admiral Mario Ramius, said the Anglian ships included a Godstone-class cruiser HAMS Farnham, Buzzard-class destroyer HAMS Tribute, and an intelligence gathering ship. A frigate, Admiral Fitzgregor, remained outside the entrance into the Konstantinopoli Sea. The Farnham too remained close to the Strait of Saeida.

As the Orinese LHA Dunos was also in the Konstantinopoli at the time, the media have blown the entire thing out of proportion, saying Anglians were trying to block the helicopter carrier from exiting the Konstantinopoli Sea. It was the first time the Anglian navy patrolled the Konstantinopoli since the start of their war of imperialism.

According to Ramius, the Orinese Navy monitored Anglian movements. LHA Dunos wasn't affected by the patrol. Two EOS maritime patrol aircraft were part of the operation, shadowing the Anglian ships and analysing their moves. And the Miirosi navy also scrambled three frigates and the submarine.

According to Ramius, the Anglian ships have already left the Konstantinopoli Sea and are currently sailing in the Rivdon Bay.

Act 8
Monday, 31 October 2022
Roiters News

Roiters News

Godstone views EOS exercise as escalation

Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

GODSTONE, Great Anglia -- Anglia perceives EOS's military preparations in the Meteorolas as an escalation of tensions in the region, the Anglian Foreign Minister Sir Algernon Edgeyton said at a briefing this Monday morning.

“The temporary military bases in Damak Var actually appear to be becoming permanent. The corresponding infrastructure is being modernized, and modern equipment is being purchased. Avantine is now among the most active supporters of the Entente's involvement in the archipelago,” he said.

Edgeyton stressed that: “We consider the developments near Azanian borders as a deliberate pursuit of a destructive course toward escalation of tensions in the Azano-Oriental region.” He described the move as “the final destruction of Azano-Oriental relations.”

Edgeyton added that this was not Godstone's choice. "Great Anglia is always open to honest and mutually respectful dialogue. But any unfriendly actions will be followed by a timely and adequate response," the chief diplomat said.

(OOC. Act 6 describes a minor diplomatic escalation. The tension needs to be ramped up slowly. Acts 7 and 8 are a lovely example of the pot calling the kettle black. Tensions are increasing. And the exercise hasn't even started yet.)

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Act 9
Monday, 31 October 2022
Thornbrook News


Diviner Mohan reveals Entente will attack Yien

WENGABIOOK, Yien -- The Yienite Diviner Alier Mohan I, an ally of the Occidental-Azanian Pact, revealed on Monday that the Entente of Oriental States is preparing an attack on his country’s territory. “The Entente is not only discussing but planning strikes on the territory of Yien,” the state news agency quoted Mohan as saying during a meeting with security officials.

“We have agreed to deploy a regional grouping of the Occidental-Azanian Pact and the Spiritual Republic of Yien,” he added. Mohan allowed Anglian troops into the country under the pretext of military education. Mohan did not specify where the troops would be deployed. Yien relies financially and politically on its key ally Great Anglia.

“Without escalating the situation, I want you to understand: if you want peace, you need to prepare for war. Always,” Mohan said. He added that “There should be no war on the territory of Yien. But we must have plans in advance to counter all kinds of scoundrels who are trying to drag us into a fight.” He detailed that the deployment of these troops began two weeks ago, as a response to a public confession by Tamurine Air Marshall Karl Rotschopf, notorious for his role in the Second Tamurin Civil War.

When reached for comment, the Orinese ambassador to Yien refused to acknowledge these revelations. “This information is not accurate. We don't agree with the claims made by the Yienite government. We don't rule out the possibility that these statements are part of the Pact's plan to provoke the Entente and blame them. Furthermore, we don't want the people of Yien to fall for provocations,” the Orinese ambassador deflected.

Currently, several separatist groups in Yien are campaigning and protesting for the eastern region to break away as their own federal republic called Reelium. These separatists are said to receive significant support across the eastern coastline. If Reelium were to gain independence, much of the Rek clan’s control over the tropical plantations would be lost and almost certainly lead to the economic destruction of western Yien. Military presence is often used to pacify protestors and rioters.

Act 10
Monday, 31 October 2022
Thornbrook News


Ayubids claim Pact will attack

ALHAFA, Ayubi -- Sources high in the Ayubid government are spreading rumours to EOS officials that suggest Yien could be preparing for an imminent attack on the kingdom. These false concerns about a potential attack on Ayubi come at a time when the Entente itself is about to launch its military manoeuvres to intimidate Yien and Azanian allies of Great Anglia.

Yien’s mission to the Assembled Nations immediately denied the claims as absolutely false and not in line with the country's peaceful policies. “Anti-Azanian regimes spread biased news aimed at creating a negative mood towards the Spiritual Republic of Yien. They want to destroy the current positive development of our countries.”

“We are concerned about the threat picture, and we remain in constant contact through military and intelligence channels with the Ayubids,” the OCA said in a statement. “We will not hesitate to act in the defence of our interests and those of our partners in the region.”

One of the officials who confirmed the intelligence described it as a credible threat of an attack “soon or within 48 hours.” The officials were not authorized to comment publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity. Ayubid prime minister Sulayem Bin Omeguy was very conveniently unavailable for comment.

So far, no Entente-aligned embassy or consulate in the region has issued alerts or guidance to civilians in Ayubi or elsewhere in Azania. Asked about reports of the intelligence shared by the Ayubids, the EOS press secretary, said military officials “are concerned about the threat situation in the region.”

(OOC. Act 9 and 10 include some last verbal fireworks before the silver birds fly. Earlier acts described the reactions from faraway Great Anglia. This time, I wanted to describe how a neighbouring Azanian country might see the situation. The reference to a Rek clan in eastern Yien was found on the IIWiki page of Yien, as detailed earlier by @Xio when creating the NPC in July 2021.)

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Act 10
Tuesday, 1 November 2022
Roiters News

Roiters News

EOS, Meteorolans hold Vigilant Twilight exercise

Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

AVANTINE, Damak Var -- Hundreds of warplanes from EOS and Meteorolan partners are staging mock attacks 24 hours a day. The Vigilant Storm drills will run around the clock from today to November 10th. EOS fighter jets stationed in Tamurin will be deployed to a Varian base for the first time for the Vigilant Twilight exercise, joining Deltan jets. The EOS will also field electronic warfare and reconnaissance aircraft. One Miirosi tanker transport will join the exercise to practice aerial refuelling.

Tamurine Air Marshall Karl Rotschopf is overseeing the exercise. He thanked the Entente for their support to the Meteorolan partners. “EOS and Meteorolan units have begun Exercise Vigilant Twilight yesterday. This year's event was long-scheduled. It is a training event that will enhance combat readiness and interoperability for all units involved. Approximately 300 aircraft and thousands of service members will participate in this training. The exercise will strengthen the operational and tactical capabilities, combined air operations and support our strong, combined defence posture.”

When asked about claims by Diviner Alier Mohan I that EOS was poised to carry out attacks on Yien, the Air Marshall said: “These claims are meant to distract from the domestic protests by the oppressed Rek people in Eastern Yien. I can say that we do remain concerned about the threat situation in the region. We're in regular contact with our Meteorolan partners in terms of what information they may have to provide on that front.” He also repeated that: “EOS has a responsibility to project civilian population from human rights violations, and reserves the right to defend its forces wherever they are serving.”

Act 11
Tuesday, 1 November 2022
Roiters News

Roiters News

Norrium warns Damak Var of ugly fallout

Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

HAKBAR, Norrium -- Norrium’s foreign ministry has promised to deliver “a timely and adequate response” to what it describes as mounting provocations from the Meteorolan country.

Norrium announced Wednesday that it views Damak Var’s cooperation with other countries in the Entente of Oriental States as provocative. The foreign ministry warned that the Varian efforts to bolster its military in response to the Pact's actions will likely be the death knell for Hakbar-Avantine relations moving forward.

“Avantine is now among the most active supporters of Entente involvement in the Near Azania,” a Norrite Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said, according to Thornbrook News. “We consider such developments near Norrite borders as Avantine's deliberate pursuit of a destructive course toward escalation of tensions in the Near Azanian region and the final destruction of our diplomatic relations.”

To conclude the statement, the spokesperson also warned that any further “unfriendly actions will be followed by a timely and adequate response.” The news from Norrium came just two days after three Pact-allied Anglian navy ships entered the nearby Konstantinopoli Sea. Damak Var raised its military alert level in response to these suspicious sightings.

(OOC. Acts 10 and 11 are the actual kick-off for this exercise. It involves some posturing and propaganda. Over on Discord there was also a relevant question by Seylos: “How much conflict are you wanting to stir with the OCA?” I'll share my answer, so it's clear to everyone. Conflict between Entente and Pact would be bad for everyone, especially Norrium, since they need that sea access. I'm following @Walneria's ladder for "Escalation of Conflict" to decide the next moves. Right now, the script is at level 12 "Demonstration of strength".)

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Act 12
Wednesday, 2 November 2022
Roiters News

Roiters News

Varian air force trains nighttime refuelling with Entente

Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

Air Refueling Squadron pilot

ALESIA, Damak Var -- The task force from a Varian Air Refuelling Squadron teamed up with airmen from the Tamurin Fighter Wing at Alesia Air Force Base in Damak Var to complete a nighttime air refuelling training exercise. During the exercise, several aerial refuelling aircraft refuelled several EOS combat aircraft and Altais-class transport aircraft stationed at Alesia AFB.

“Alesia AFB coordinated the refuelling. We want to incorporate as much training as we can on our side too,” said Air Marshall Karl Rotschopf, ranking commander of the EOS Tamurine Wing. “We sent multiple waves of aircraft, so the airmen have time to debrief and digest their training.”

Refuelling multiple types of aircraft provides a new opportunity for Varian aircrew instructors at Alesia AFB to train on a task they hope to familiarize aircrew with more. “The EOS Air Force stationed at Alesia AFB has created this exercise to familiarise our partner forces with fighter jet refuelling, so they become more experience in the operational field,” said Rotschopf. “With this exercise, we get repetition and continuity.”

This joint training will help show the airmen not only what they can expect for real-wurld situations, but also introduce the Entente-wide military concepts. “The idea is to be able to maintain flexibility and operate out of multiple airfields as required. Local command authority is delegated through mission type orders that allow the team to operate on their own at these airfields,” explained Rotschopf. “EOS also encourages multi-capable airmen who can perform many mission aspects on the ground, from assisting maintenance, to mission execution and airfield operations.”

Rotschopf also expressed his hopes for the future, saying: “I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing how this exercise develops, and where the Entente will go next in helping to encourage and develop better military aviators.”

(OOC. Act 12 is mainly informative. It establishes the existence of aerial refuelling capabilities. That's something needed later, when the Azanian theatre opens up.)

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Act 13
Thursday, 3 November 2022
Alesia AFB, Damak Var

Air Force Base Alesia is an old Varian airbase, with a modern runway, a big control tower, and a lot of military equipment on site. The entrance to the Base is blocked by a big, heavy steel gate. There are cameras and motion detectors everywhere. If you are caught, the consequences for you will be bad. The air force base is brimming with activity, because EOS air forces are using it for an important exercise. Planes are taking off and landing, day and night. Helicopters are flying overhead. Even the small regional airport in the city of Alesia is closed.

Tamurine Squadron Leader Marko Strasburger is a middle-aged man, but he is strong and fit. He has a dark beard, glasses, and wears a black leather jacket. Strasburger has his temporary office in a small house on the base. The office is small, but comfortable. For the last hour he's been sitting at his small wooden table, finishing a mission briefing. The attack plan is complex, and only a handful of people know the details. He'd been working on this plan for a long time. A number of factors affect the planning process, such as tanker availability, unit and base training phases and airspace availability. Strasburger reviews his documents one last time, before heading out to deliver the preflight briefing.

Pilot pre-flight briefing room

The pilots are assembled, leaning back in their comfortable chairs. Flight Lieutenant Rob Böttger is delivering the weather report. "Wind is not a factor for tonight. For takeoff, we've got southeast winds, 8 knots. Moderate turbulence from 2500 m to 4000 m."

“No clouds in sight?” Strasburger asks.

“No, sir. Clear skies above.”

“Any chance of those winds changing during the night?”

“Unlikely, sir. The weatherman assures us we are in for good flying weather.”

“Alright then. Now listen. The mission scenario for tonight will be an attack mission against the fictional country of Vindor. For many years now, they have been adversarial, with frequent unprovoked incursions into our airspace. Your mission is a simulated attack on a high-value target, in this case, three radar installations near the Vindorian capital city.”

  1. Nine aircraft take off, divided between three flights: Red, Gold, and Blue.
  2. Arrive at release point (1° 5'59"S 103°28'45"E).
  3. Each sets course and speeds to their target: Beri (Red), Zenigi (Gold), Shaniyi (Blue).
  4. For redundancy, each aircraft armed with a payload.
  5. Only one aircraft per flight drops its payload.
  6. Return.

“The exercise simulates an air attack without firing actual weapons. Your aircraft are carrying specialized telemetry pods. Those send back telemetry information to our computers. And when you have dropped your payload, the computer figures out whether the target was hit.”

“As you know, night missions have the same elements as daytime ones. But in the dark, everything just seems different. Familiar visual cues disappear, illusions mess with your perceptions, familiar landmarks may be difficult to spot. Finding a target from the air sounds like a no-brainer… until it's nestled among city lights, terrain, and highways. To build skill and confidence, use the instruments and other tools to back up your senses. Entering your destination into the GPS will help you identify your target.”

Strasburger mission

After their briefing, the pilots walk out to the flight line. Maintainers and pilots prepare and inspect the aircraft. Lennart Gessler is one of the more experienced Tamurine pilots. His airplane is located at the far end of the runway. This exercise will be a test of how well his airplane works in an attack scenario. It's a high-performance, advanced aircraft. It is relatively small, but it packs a much bigger punch. It's designed to evade enemy radar systems and other types of detection. The jets taxi down the flight line and take off. Strasburger watches them fly.

Strasburger gets on the radio with Gessler. “Lennart, I've sent you your target location. I need you to fly over the border, get close to the Vindorian target, and drop a few bombs on the target. The bombs are small enough to fit in your bomb bay, but big enough to destroy the entire target. Got it?”

“Got it.”

“Good. Get over the border quickly and get back here. The Vindorian military is on high alert tonight. Just stay low, and you shouldn't cause any problems. And don't try anything funny! I want that airplane intact when you get back.”

“I understand, sir.”

“I'll see you when you get back.”

“Bye, sir.”

Gessler continues his nighttime mission. The cloudless sky is black and clear. The stars are his backdrop as he flies high above Damak Var. He has the entire universe in front of him. He feels the power of the jet engine beneath him, and focusses on the mission at hand.

(OOC. Act 13 was pretty challenging for me to write. I'm not very familiar with military terminology. That required plenty of research and preparation. Still, I'm not convinced I got it right, so I'll ask the experts for advice.)

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Act 14
Friday, 4 November 2022
Roiters News

Roiters News

Entente, Meteorolans hold Air Force exercise amid heightened tensions

Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

ALESIA, Damak Var -- The Entente of Oriental States and its Meteorolan partners began large-scale combined air force drills Tuesday. This includes plans to carry out simulated strikes on Azanian military positions, anonymous sources have revealed.

Some 200 aircraft are taking part in the exercise, which includes some of the Entente’s most advanced warplanes. The exercise comes less than a week after a Great Anglian fleet entered the Konstantinopoli Sea.

The drills are part of an annual exercise that had been planned months ago, officials said. “The exercise is aimed at enhancing the all-weather, nighttime combined air power operation capabilities of Damak Var, Ayubi, and the EOS,” Tamurine Air Marshal Karl Rotschop said. “The purpose of the exercise is to continue high-end training with EOS Air Forces and partners to counter near-peer threats in the area of responsibility.”

Such drills have drawn vigorous criticism from the Occidental-Azanian Pact, whose state news media said on Monday that the exercise would be “the final destruction of Azano-Oriental relations.” During a meeting with security officials, Yienite leader Mohan I claimed that the Entente of Oriental States was “planning strikes on the territory of Yien.”

Underscoring the tensions, Ayubid prime minister Sulayem Bin Omeguy urged the EOS to increase its troop strength throughout the region. More than 15,000 troops are participating in the exercise, on top of many thousands more who had been deployed in previous years. The exact troop strength is unconfirmed.

The drills are conducted under wartime scenarios that include attacks on mock military, our anonymous sources added.

(OOC. Act 14 is a summary of what's been going on, so the casual reader can catch up. Not much real action today.  For the next days of this exercise, I have a couple more POV's in mind.)

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Act 14
Saturday, 5 November 2022
Roiters News

Roiters News

Activists stage nationwide anti-war protests

Written by Yohana-Ileni Kirichati

ZUIDHAVEN -- This weekend began with about 50,000 people protesting around the country against a possible conflict in Azania. The anti-war protesters disagree with the EOS troops being sent to Damak Var and Ayubi. With the Anglian conflict growing into a wurldwide horror, Orioni remains a dedicated member of the Entente. Mr Adam Brand, the director of Mercy International, claimed: “the presence of Orinese troops in the area is exacerbating the situation.”

In O'polis, a 15,000-strong rally saw activists renaming marched from the Foreign Council building to the embassy of Great Anglia. The protesters carried placards accusing the both parties of encouraging increase militarism. Five people have been arrested after they threw bricks at the Anglian embassy. Video footage on Wittier shows protesters being led away. Police say they were prepared for the arrival of an estimated 100,000-plus demonstrators.

Student activism is providing a base for Orinese opposition to the increased tensions with Azania. University campuses are becoming the scene of anti-war demonstrations, with notable confrontations at ZIT and SBS. Many anti-war activists feel part of an anti-imperialist movement that goes beyond their own borders. Young people, including teenage girls and boys, have been at the centre of the demonstrations. Orinese officials have said the average age of protesters is 16 years.

Chairlady Rezovi attempted to deal with her critics by arguing that her government was in close touch with the Occidental-Azanian Pact, and hinted that she was engaged in secret diplomacy to defuse the dangerous situation. The Chairlady embarked on a series of peace initiatives – some public, some private. These included dispatching Foreign Councillor Anna Hackney to a secret meeting in Red Iberos. Cllr Hackney did not respond to questions about the government’s actions. Sources claim that discussion is considered a lost chance for peace.

Rezovi’s attempts to play an honest broker don't appear to be enough to deal with the public opposition to the conflict. She appears to judge that the alienation of some of her supporters is a price worth paying for Orioni’s membership of the EOS, and the defence and intelligence links this brings. In doing so, she is walking a political tightrope, aiming to balance the benefits of an improved Azano-Oriental relationship against domestic political considerations.

(OOC. Act 14 describes the other side of the coin, back home, among the civilian population. With all the conflicts going on, it's often overlooked that maybe not everyone supports a decision to start shooting.)

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Act 15
Sunday, 6 November 2022
Riqqan AFB, Ayubi

Masood el-Ayoub is a pilot in the Air Defence Force of Ayubi. Ever since the Occidental-Azanian Pact launched its military operations in Azania, his country has been in a heightened state of alert. Pilots from Ayubi are training to take down enemy aircraft. This is an important duty, and Masood is very experienced at his job. His squadron flies the F-4D Phantom jet.

He and his squadron mates are eager for the upcoming EOS exercise. It will be the first time that a large coalition of countries will coordinate air forces to destroy an enemy target in real-time. The goal is to shoot down as many of the enemy aircraft as possible, without causing a catastrophe among the civilian population. This will be a real test for the Ayubid Air Defence Force. And Masood el-Ayoub and his squadron mates are very eager to meet this challenge.

There are two Air Force bases along the country's northern coast: the main base Dibbaihan AFB at Alhafa, and a smaller base Riqqan AFB near the city of Al Falam. Masood's squadron is stationed at Riqqan. This is where the EOS exercise will take place, practising combat skills over the Strait of Saeida.

Masood is on the phone with base commander Ubaida el-Faraj. “We'll be ready for the exercise tonight,” Masood tells him.

“I want you all to be prepared,” the base commander Ubaida replies.

“We'll be ready. Don't worry,” Masood says.

“Our intelligence tells us that there will be a small enemy team at the simulation site. We need to be sure we can take them out,” Ubaida adds.

“That won't be a problem,” Masood answers.

Masood hangs up the phone and turns his attention to the other pilots. “OK, guys, we have an important mission tonight. We'll meet at the F-4 Phantom jet parking area. Take your planes out and park them in the sky.”

“Will you be flying with us tonight?” one of the pilots asks.

“Yes, I'll be flying,” Masood answers.

“Are you ready for this?” another pilot asks.

“Of course,” Masood says.

“Then let's go!” the pilot exclaims.

Masood gets on the plane. His face is flushed, and his eyes are shining. Masood's squadron mates are all excited, too. They have a mission to accomplish.

It is 02:15 hours when Masood and the other pilots fly out of Riqqan AFB in their F-5 Phantom jets. Masood's cockpit lights are dimmed. He switches on his headset and puts on his oxygen mask. Then he pushes the throttle lever forward. The F-4 Phantom jet engine roars to life. Masood takes off and flies over the sea at a low altitude. He flies over the beach, making a complete 360° circle. Masood is very confident. The Air Defence Force is ready for the upcoming EOS exercise. And it is very eager to meet this challenge.

(OOC. Act 15 described the participation of Ayubi, a country that hasn't been in the picture much. The island is pretty small, and I described it as having only a token air force. That's why it seemed realistic to have them fly the F-4D Phantom jet, an old airplane that was introduced in 1961. Nothing that's too overpowering. I presume the Occidental-Azanian Pact neighbours over in Azania are using equally outdated tech.)

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Act 16
Monday, 7 November 2022
Roiters News

Roiters News

Two die during training exercise

AL FALAM, Ayubi -- Two airmen were killed during a nightly training exercise on Sunday in Ayubi, according to military officials. The deaths, involving two training jets, occurred at Riqqan AFB, about 15 kilometres west of Al Falam, the Ayubid Air Defence Force said in a statement.

Air Marshall Karl Rotschopf, the commander for the EOS training exercise, said at a news conference that the accident occurred around 5:10 AM. He called it “an aircraft mishap” that involved two F-4 Phantom jets “during the landing phase” of the training exercise. During the exercise, one Phantom experienced an in-flight engine fire. The Phantom suffered engine and fuselage damage from a blown tire that occurred during landing at Riqqan AFB. “Our biggest priority at this time is caring for the family and friends of the fallen,” Air Marshall Rotschopf said. “Our people take top priority, and we are committed to ensuring their safety and security.”

Emergency responders were on the scene to treat casualties and help with recovery efforts, the Ayubid Air Defence Force said. Base commander Ubaida el-Faraj said the Air Defence Force would release the names of those killed on Tuesday, 24 hours after their families had been notified.

Riqqan’s safety office will conduct an investigation into what happened, a spokesperson for the base said. Ayubid prime minister Sulayem Bin Omeguy said in a statement that law enforcement was prepared to assist the investigation if the military asked it to do so. “Today serves as a reminder that our nation’s military make great sacrifices and put their lives on the line every day to protect our nation,” the prime minister said in his statement. “I spoke with the base commander at Riqqan AFB to communicate the nation will offer support in any possible way during this time.”

The base is home to a squadron of F-4 Phantom jets who are currently involved in a mission to train along with EOS air forces. Riqqan has about 400 active-duty and reserve service members, in addition to more than 300 family members living in the surrounding area, the fact sheet said. In August 2021 of last year, another F-4 Phantom crashed during a training mission at Riqqan. The instructor pilot of that aircraft, Umair al-Shafi, safely ejected and was not seriously injured, the base said at the time.

Act 17
Tuesday, 8 November 2022
Roiters News

Roiters News

Kageni calls for bigger defence budget amid Meteorolan tensions

Written by Yohana-Ileni Kirichati

O'POLIS -- Opposition leader Mr Edric Kageni (PO&N) is calling for a “big boost of the defence budget” by the island nation, saying his country needs to invest three times more in its defence industry. Over his decades-long career in the public eye, Kageni has developed a reputation as a hawk when it comes to national defence and geopolitics.

“If the Orinese government kept up its defence spending at the same level as during the last years of Strupar II, our defence forces would have been ready to tackle today's challenges,” he said. “I think this may come as a surprise to many people, but these days we spend more on public pensions is than on our country's defence.”

Kegeni also took the opportunity to demand the EOS break the tight grip Great Anglia has on the international order. “While Orioni is the host home of EOS and its headquarters, we don't provide nearly as much military support as we should. That's why the exercise over in Damak Var is being led by a Tamurine, instead of someone Orinese. We need to invest more in defence and take the lead.”

He also suggested Orioni could, if it really wanted to, help break Great Anglia's ascendancy.

Act 18
Wednesday, 9 November 2022
Roiters News

Roiters News

HMS Duke Killion transits Saeida Strait

Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

ALHAFA, Ayubi -- Atifi-class guided-missile destroyer the HMS Duke Killion conducted a previously unannounced Saeide Strait transit earlier this week, Air Marshall Karl Rotschopf told reporters on Tuesday evening.

Killion transited the strait on Monday, during the first week of EOS drills in the region. “Orioni has been operating warships near the strait since late October,” Rotschopf told reporters. Killion had previously been deployed to the Konstantinopoli Sea as preparations for Exercise Vigilant Twilight. More ships appear on the way, including the HMS Dunos, a helicopter-carrying amphibious assault ship.

Neither Norrium nor Yien made any public statements in response to Killion's transit. The ramped-up Entente activities in the area have been repeatedly criticized by Godstone, which regards them as overtly hostile acts.

(OOC. Act 16 highlights how this exercise doesn't always go according to plan. I don't want to portray the exercise as invincible. While Varian forces are doing alright, the Ayubid jets are much older. This would be one of the reasons for upgrading their equipment, and perform better during the final phase of the Anglia conflict. Act 17 references a political statement from July, where the opposition wanted higher defence spending. Next year, 2023, will see another general election in Orioni. Act 18 references from early acts, and also builds in the discussion with Seylos about keeping tensions high.)

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Act 19
Wednesday, 9 November 2022
Roiters News

Roiters News

Police abusing Reel people, reveals Mercy Int.

Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

Anti-Suverin protest

WENGABIOOK, Yien -- In a new report, Mercy International says Yienite security forces “used unwarranted lethal force” to disperse peaceful demonstrators in eastern Rek Clan lands. Large protests are rare in Yien, which makes this weekend's rallies in Reelium exceptional and surprising.

According to the international NGO’s analysis of photographs and videos posted Wittier, Yienite police used non-lethal projectiles and grenades against protesters, causing serious wounds. Mercy International says it found evidence of the use of live ammunition by police as well. At least 29 people have died, according to unofficial reports. More than 300 injured people were taken to various hospitals and aid stations.

“Yien owes it to its citizens to properly investigate how this happened and to hold accountable those responsible for serious violations,” said Adam Brand, director of Mercy International. He added that: “it is unrealistic to expect the government to conduct a genuinely independent investigation, especially with respect to the actions of police and security forces.” Mr Brand also reminded the Yienite government of the international laws regarding freedom of assembly. “Governments are obliged, under the Assembled Nations, to protect the right to freedom of peaceful assembly.”

On 8 November, in the wake of the protests, on 8 November, Diviner Alier Mohan I arrived in the region. He announced the retraction of proposed constitutional changes to give the region more autonomy. Wengabiook’s plans for a constitutional referendum have also been delayed. In the immediate aftermath of the protests, Mohan alleged that foreign forces orchestrated the protests. No evidence has been presented to support that claim. Meanwhile, throughout the Reelium region, authorities detained hundreds. Mercy International cites official figures of 735 people detained since 1 November. “There is no updated official information regarding the total number of people still in detention,” Mr Brand said.

At least nine more Rek activists have reportedly been detained in neighbouring Norrium, presumably at the request of Yienite authorities. They are at risk of extradition to Yien.

Act 20
Wednesday, 9 November 2022
Thornbrook News

Thornbrook News

Pact exposes Entene's double entendre

GODSTONE -- As the EOS exercise approaches its final day, Azanian governments have repeatedly accused Orioni of imperialist expansionism, military intimidation, and a host of other hostilities that put the welfare of millions at risk.

Yet there's an increasingly common counter narrative coming from O'polis that argues it is the Pact that intends to subject the masses to misery. This narrative is very much opposed by Prime Minister Spencer Green and other top Pact officials, to defuse an obvious false attack line against the Pact.

There is a cabal of Oriental elites at work to hoard the wurld's wealth and control its resources, leaving the rest of the Eurth with no other choices, to either beg or starve. “The plot for total subjugation by the Oriental elites is unacceptable. Why should these outsiders dominate Azania and impose their rules on us?” Green asked on Wittier. He described the plot as “racist and neocolonial” — a way for the EOS to divide the world into superior and "second-rate" nations.

These rumoured plans to push economic inequality and cut-throat competition for resources are nothing new. However, instead of Orioni & Co. facing international condemnation over their actions in the Meteorolas, their propaganda machine attempts to point the finger at Godstone. Never mind that Orioni likes to think of itself as a glubal hegemon, and routinely abuses its own corrupted network of puppet regimes as a foreign policy sledgehammer.

“This narrative is very useful,” says Bron Urgundy, internationally renowned news anchor for Big Story News. Urgundy has been saying for many years that Orioni presents itself as a wolf in sheep's clothing. “Oriental elites looked hungrily to Azania's vast natural resources in particular, amid their own decline.”

PM Green has long made clear his grievances over the Great Europan Collapse, and how he sees the Pact restoring the Azanian people's strength in the years to come. Similarly, many Azanians have adopted the Pact's narrative that Azanian must “rise from its knees” and put the past humiliations behind it.

(OOC. Act 19 is unrelated to the exercise, and describes the situation of the Reel Clans in eastern Yien. I might use that avenue as a future reason for intervention, under the existing R2P from 2018. Act 20 continues the existing meme of "perfidious Orioni". Plus, it's always nice to tuck in a Bron Urgundy cameo.)

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Act 21
Thursday, 10 November 2022
Roiters News

Roiters News

Yien expands military presence in Rek region

Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

WENGABIOOK - Yien -- The Yienite government is deploying armoured and special units to its eastern Rek region. The objective is to prevent further infiltration of foreign opposition groups, a top commander of the Spiritual Guard said on Wednesday. The action makes it more likely that a conflict will erupt in the volatile region.

Brigadier General Okeyo Lagum, the commander of the Spiritual Guard's ground forces, said the guard was strengthening forces in the region, “following activities of evil and separatist anti-Yienite terrorist groups.” He accused the groups of destabilizing the southeast of the country, according to Yienite news agencies.

Diviner Alier Mohan I said the national security council would meet to discuss the deployment of troops to the region to counter claims that the coastline was open for separatist infiltration. The deployment follows an intensification of protests sweeping the region, particularly the consistent anti-government rallies. Rek people could suffer more violence if Wengiabook amplifies its military confrontations.

Nearly 50 people have been killed since the protests broke out, according to human-rights organisation Mercy International. Reelium has been the main focus in the crackdown by authorities. As Wengiabook’s response to the protests becomes more militarized, the death toll in the Rek region will increase. Hundreds have been arrested, according to rights activists, and Yienite security forces have circled several Rek cities in low-flying military helicopters in the past week.

The Rek region is home to separatist groups that Yien has labelled as terrorists. However, separatist slogans have been absent from recent protests. Since the demonstrations began, Yien has repeatedly targeted Rek clans that it alleges are fomenting unrest in the Spiritual Republic. The EOS quorum proposed the establishment of an independent fact-finding mission to investigate alleged human-rights abuses by Yienite authorities since the eruption of protests.

(OOC. Act 21 mentions a Brig. Gen from Yien. Since I couldn't find a Dinka name generator, another one for the closely related Luo language was used instead. The Spiritual Republican guard of Yien was inspired by the similar Islamic Revolutionary guard in RL Iran.)

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Act 22
Friday, 11 November 2022
Roiters News

Roiters News

EOS concludes joint air exercise, deems it “complete success”

Written by Anidiriwi Weficho

AVANTINE, Damak Var -- In a statement released to the public, the EOS lauded the complete success of all the military operations of high performance on par with planned purposes.

“Vigilant Twilight demonstrates the strong military bonds between participating nations,” said Air Marshall Karl Rotschopf, ranking commander of the EOS Tamurine Wing. “Vigilant Twilight was an opportunity to highlight our shared commitment to protecting the Western Meteorolan waters alongside our allies and partners. It is the second time that we have been able to train with the Varian and Ayubid Armed Forces in the past 18 months.”

“The exercise bolstered interoperability among partner nations and supports EOS military strategic readiness to respond to crises and contingencies in and around the region,” Rotschopf claimed. “Maritime exercises like this provide a critical opportunity to improve interoperability with our partners and prove that we are stronger together. The lessons learned here will help improve our collective capabilities to counter transnational threats and promote maritime security in the region.”

The Entente also notes that it will “continue to take sustained, resolute and overwhelming practical military measures.” To achieve this, several airbases in the Western Meteorolans are being upgraded to better accommodate deployments of EOS aircraft. The changes to the bases will include expanded aprons with space for more aircraft, squadron operations facilities, and maintenance infrastructure. The development includes dedicated facilities that will make regular stationing of these aircraft much more efficient. Once completed, the airbase will also be able to host fighters, bombers, and tankers. Further work may address fuel and munitions storage, and mission planning buildings.

Reports today confirm that Varian and Ayubid government have firmly committed to the modernizations. The plans are clearly directed at Anglia & Allies, although the Meteorolan officials have made efforts to distance the project from simmering tensions with Godstone.

Pact state media channels have quoted defence specialists expressing concerns that the islands could essentially become “overseas air force bases” of the EOS military. Ronald Byrd, foreign editor of the Thornbrook News, wrote in a commentary that the announcement “gravely undermines regional peace and stability” and heralds a “growing pre-war environment.” 

This potentially provocative move comes at a time of significant tensions between the Entente and Pact. It also is widely seen as a deterrent toward the Pact.

(OOC. Act 22 summarises the exercise. Of course, it was always clear that the entire exercise was going to be deemed a success. Even with plenty of things going wrong.)

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Act 23
Monday 14 November 2022
Thornbrook News

Thornbrook News

How the Pact should respond to Entente's arrival near Azania

GODSTONE -- The Occidental-Azanian Pact maintains hundreds of military bases in 9 countries. Great Anglia runs plenty of outposts overseas. Suverin forces are stationed along the border with Qubdi. The Entente deal with the Meteorolan Islands should be a wake-up call.

The Entente wants to change that. Over the past fifteen years, it has amassed a sizeable navy. Lately, it has increased efforts to find foreign berths for them. It is thought to have approached at least five potential host countries. A deal with the Damak Var and Ayubi, signed last week, has raised fears that EOS may establish a military foothold there. And it has deepened concerns that, one day, Orioni will challenge Anglian naval dominance in the Adlantic.

Orioni accuses Great Anglia of being "imperialist" for having foreign military bases, but they say that their own military expansion is not a problem. Its officials argue that they need a strong navy to protect their trade routes and overseas interests. They also say that they need to have friendly ports in other countries because they have a lot of trade by sea.

But the Azanian neighbours are not convinced. The Entente has announced plans to expand landing strips to assert its claims to disputed Saeida Streat in the West Oriental Ocean. It reserves the right to protect the democratic Meteorolan islands with force. Its open ambition to control more territory than it currently does suggest a darker side to this armed diplomacy. Its goal in the Azano-Oriental area is a region made up of individual countries that bow to the regional giant. It wants Great Anglia out of its backyard, and an end to Anglian-led alliances.

The Meteorolan deal is a warning to Great Anglia and its allies. EOS says that they are not planning to build any naval bases, but a draft of the secret agreement was leaked, and it shows that Entente soldiers might be sent there, and Entente ships might visit. This could give EOS a military presence near important shipping routes and between Norrium and its allies.

In response, the Occidental-Azanian Pact should follow Orioni's example and work on building relationships with the Meteorolan Island governments. Great Anglia's involvement in Azanian has decreased since the Godstone Pact was signed.

Great Anglia and its allies should offer the Meteorolan people a better deal. Aid is not the problem. Azanian countries need to offer better terms of trade, open labour markets, and technology and expertise in areas like climate change, education, environmental protection, healthcare, illegal fishing, and internet connectivity.

We should promise to have a discussion with the Meteorolas. It would be even better to create the new position of an OCA ambassador to the Meteorolas, who can be the direct liaison to Godstone. This will help the countries of Great Anglia, Occidental, and Azanian work together on policies for the region, and also with Damak Var, Ayubi and other countries with similar interests there.

Great Anglia and its allies cannot stop EOS everywhere, and they should not try. A few Orinese military forces abroad does not have to be a problem. Instead of trying to stop Entente actions everywhere, Azanian countries should approach this challenge like a game of chess. This means predicting Orinese moves, blocking them when needed, and thinking strategically.

Just don't treat the Meteorolans states like pawns.

(OOC. Act 23 includes the Pact's response to Entente plans for increased cooperation and more permanent military installations. You didn't think this was finished, did you?)

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Act 24
Wednesday, 16 November 2022
Arrabar AFB, Tamurin

The day began early for Captain Markus Schmidt and First lieutenant Gisela Braun. As officers in the Tamurine air force, they were used to rising before the sun, and this morning was no different. They quickly dressed in their uniforms and made their way to the base, where they were greeted by the crisp morning air and the distant hum of aircraft engines.

As they entered the base, Schmidt and Braun were greeted by their commanding officer, who briefed them on the day's activities. After a quick breakfast, Schmidt and Braun headed to their aircraft, where they went over their pre-flight checks and prepared for takeoff.

Two air force officers having a conversation on the apron of an air force base

Capt Markus Schmidt: “Hey, did you hear about the latest Vigilant Twilight exercise?”

1st Lt Braun: “Yeah, I was part of it. It was intense.”

Schmidt: “I heard it focused on air force operations, with a lot of emphasis on nighttime operations.”

Braun: “That's right. It was a real challenge, but also a great opportunity to train and improve our skills. The nighttime operations were tough, but crucial for air force missions. It was a great opportunity to work with units from other countries and improve our interoperability.”

Schmidt: “Any pros or cons that stood out?”

Braun: “On the plus side, we gained valuable experience in conducting amphibious operations at night. But on the downside, it can be risky and challenging. It requires specialized equipment and training, and it can be difficult to coordinate and control.”

Schmidt: “Any recommendations for the future of the exercise?”

Braun: “I think it's important to continue to focus on nighttime operations, but also to invest in providing participating units with necessary training and equipment. Night vision equipment, low-light navigation and communication training, and realistic scenarios would all be helpful.”

Schmidt: “Agreed. Vigilant Twilight was a critical exercise, and its emphasis on nighttime operations was a valuable part of that training.”

Braun: “Absolutely. It's a great opportunity for us to improve our capabilities and prepare for real-world missions.”

Schmidt: “So, what's the next step for the Entente?”

Braun: “I think we'll debrief with our commanding officers and go over what we learned. They'll probably compile a report for higher ranking officers and use that to plan future exercises. It's important for us to share our experiences and insights with decision makers back at HQ, so that they can make informed decisions about how to move forward.”

Schmidt: “I'm sure the report to higher ranking officers will be valuable in shaping the direction of future EOS exercises.”

Braun: “Yeah, I think it will. It's always interesting to see how our feedback and experiences can shape the direction of future training.”

As they lifted off into the awakening sky, they could feel the adrenaline coursing through their veins. As they flew over the Tethys Sea, they felt the power of the jet beneath them. Their aircraft, a sleek and deadly fighter, equipped with upgraded 4th generation technology and state-of-the-art weaponry. They knew that their job was dangerous, but they were prepared for anything. They were a team of highly skilled pilots, hand-picked for from mission. This was what they had trained for, and they were ready to tackle the challenges of the future.

(OOC. Act 24 is the final part in this story. There were plenty of observations and ideas strewn around. Specifically mentioned 4th generation tech, so as not to claim anything unrealistic. The continuation of this story focusses on what EOS needs to do to improve its defence forces, protect the Meteorolas, and how to take on the Pact.)

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