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Jaihu begins work on Military White Paper

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Recognizing the need to aggressively defend the borders of the Jaihuistic Jaihudom of Jaihu and understanding that with the uncertain climate within Europa it is necessary to develop a sustainable defence stategy, Jaihu Jaihu of the Jaihu has requested his Ministry of Defense to develop a Military White Paper.


The Military White Paper will look at a number of subjects including:


1) The purpose and scope of the Jaihuian Military, whether there should be a large standing army or a highly trained core force supplimented with a large system of Reserve Units (Weekend Warriors).


2)Whether the Jaihu should invest in the research and development of space based military systems such as were used against the Jaihu by Sevrun and Byzantium Nova.


3)Should the Jaihu engage in treaty discussions with other nations regarding the forging of Military Alliances or continue to remain a nation unencumbered with the complications that alliances bring.


4)Should the B.A.A. (Bow and Arrow) Missile Defence Shield be abandoned or expanded to be both a defensive and offensive weapon.


5) Should the Jaihuian Doomsday Device be disarmed and distroyed or should it be left in place to ensure the protection that it provides as a deterent against attack.


6) Should the Navy be expanded to include larger battleships, Aircraft Carriers and Destroyers or is the Navy's fleet of highspeed Hydrofoil coastal attack vessels and stealth submarines sufficent in it's current format to provide coastal defence.


7) Should the Royal Imperial Guard be placed under the military command or left a independent body that reports directly to Jaihu Jaihu of the Jaihu.


8) Develop a code of ethics that prevents the sale of arms or the purchase of foreign arms.


The Ministry of Defence has indicated that it has begun the research necessary to produce the Military White Paper and has requested the assistance of several Jaihuian Scholars and has invited members of the public to make presentations to public hearings that will begin immediately.


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