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[Expansion] The Free Cashari Federation

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Here we go, time for Florentia to go brrr.

I would like to create an NPC which will serv for an expansion thread.

Full name : The Free Cashari Federation
Common name : "Cashar" or "The Federation"
Demonym : Cashari
Culture : Several amerindian tribes (Caddoans, Creeks, Choctaws, Chitimacha and Cherokee), with a large louisianian creole minority (around 20%, they were in majority but they are being chased by the natives taking back their former lands).
Flag :
Map : The Federation occupie three quarters of the Republic of Narizonia and small parts of a few other states. Their capital and biggest city is Libreville, and their second biggest city is Pavec.
History :
Before the Lysian setlers, Florentia was divided between five main tribes : the Aniyunya (Cherokee), the biggest one, followed by the Dagvan (Choctaws), the Agali (Caddoans), the Tsunadad (Chitimacha) and the Udyevdi (Creeks). Then the setlers came and enslaved them and a lot of them were deported in the east of the country, in the actual Narizonia, where, now, 70% of the population are natives.

In 2019, in Narizonia, the owner of an HBCS bar ("Hommes Blancs Catholiques Seulement", « White Catholic Men Only » in Lysian) opened fire on a group of freed natives in front of his establishment, claiming that they were "making too much noise". When the local court refused to investigate, claiming it was a 'legitimate act of self-defence', the local natives revolted. The local army was called in, which only made the situation worse. The revolt was successfully organised and the natives proclaimed their independance under the name of the Free Cashari Federation. The Florentine army was called in and made some minor advances before stagnating. After a year of latent war, Florentia and the Federation signed an armistice in 2020. Since then, the two countries are still officially at war, although neither has dared to break the armistice.

In the internal side, because of the war context, tribes put aside their grudges and rivalries. Great fraternity is regning among the country. At least for the natives, because it is another story for the descendants of the Lysian selters. Indeed, most of them are chased from their lands and houses to give them to homeless native families.

Because of the armistice, the Federation have led their first elections, and it is the descendant of a former Aniyunyan chief, Tsula Passereau (Tsula meaning fox in Cherokee), who has been elected. She is advocating equal rights for every natives and dreams of reuniting all the tribes in the Island of Cashar under a great tribal federation, even if it means chasing all the former setlers. Indeed, she is particularly resentful against them and have a hunger for vengeance, which makes her pretty popular among most of the natives, angered by several centuries of slavery.

Stats :
GDP : [1] 8000 ESU per inhabitant
Land : [0] around 20000-21000 km2
Population : [0] 4 millions

How it will happen :

There will be a border skirmish which will escalate. Each side will put the responsability of the other side. Then, Florentia will send a declaration of war and start its well-prepared offensive. But, drama ! the declaration arrive only a few hours after the Florentian attacked. Then, the Federation will think that Florentia did this on purpose and the last will the seen as the baddie of the story.

After a failed assassination by a Dagvan nationalist (the Dagvan and the Aniyunya would have been rivals in the past), Tsula will slowly begin to fall into paranoïa. She will begin to appoint only members from her tribe, using old grudges to divide the other tribes and turn them against the Dagvan, tightening her and her tribe's grip on power. Some Dagvan populations will even be deported.

During this time, with Valeharian showing sympathy to the regime (and maybe some other socialist/communist countries), Tsula will begin to identify her authoritarian regime to "Tribal socialism", a socialist doctrine based on equality among all natives (officially) and rurality, with also a spiritual aspect (praying the spirits of nature, religious ceremonies, etc). Then, there will be the creation of the Cashari Socialist Party of the Revolution, which will work as a vanguard party.

During this time, after some troubles, Florentie will finally take the capital city (Libreville) in a bloody battle, obliging the governemnt of the Federation to retraet to Pavec. Libreville will the captured by the State army of Narizonia, ravaging the city and uselessly doing huge atrocities. In reaction, the central governemnt and most of the States will condemn the action, and the Senate will order immediate retreat of the Narizonian army. The local government will refuse, so a detachment of the central army and some local armies will march on the capital city of Narizonia, forcing the white supremacist government to leave. The King of Abalavier, the only support of the Narizonian government, will condemn this action, declaring secession, but the people will protest and the army refuse to shoot, even forcing the King to abdiquate, placing his son on the throne of Abalavier.

After that, some representants of the Dagvans will secretly seek Florentian cooperation, helping them beating the Federation if they promise to force abolition of slavery in Narizonia and guarantee equality between natives and former setlers in the State. The Senate, tired of the war, will accept.

The last push on Pavec is very harsh and hurtful. Tsula, now plunged into madness, advocates "freedom or death". It is necessary to resist at all costs, even if it means sending his own people to the slaughter. The Aniyunya are completely indoctrinated, while the other tribes have lost hope in the Federation and in Tsula. The Florentian army finally enter Pavec and Tsula is found in her bunker, about to commit suicide with her husband, when Florentian soldiers arrive in time to stop them. She is arrested, tried for her crimes and sentenced to death. The Senate fulfils its promises : slavery is banned in Narizonia and various rights are granted to the natives (notably the right to vote), although this leads to great protest among the Lysians. As the majority of the population of Narizonia is composed of natives, for the first time of the history of Florentia, a native governor is elected.

Here it is. If you have propositions to make it better, don't hesitate ! I'm open to suggestions :D. The thread will take at least 6 month, very probably more. Honestly I don't know I've never been at war so we'll see.

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Heya. Thank you but, finally, I decided to make it part of the territory I already have.

Btw, I have another expansion idea, which will take place in several threads, but it is for later and it isn't the subject of this thread. Slave revolt first !

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